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César de Missy (1703–1775), theologian, chaplain to George III, scholar of the New Testament, and book collector.

De Missy was a Prussian critic and book collector, who owned many of the volumes in this collection. He spent his life collecting manuscripts for the new edition of the New Testament. Some manuscripts he brought from Mount Athos (e.g. British Library, MS Add. 4949).

He was married (as a widower) to Elizabeth Hollis at St John Clerkenwell on 5 July 1771.

To his collection belonged the manuscripts of the New Testament 449, 483, 560, 561, 38, 162, 239, 240, 241, and other. Afterwards the collection belonged to William Hunter, then to Matthew Baillie (1761–1823), and finally it came to the Glasgow University in 1807.[1]

  • Les Larmes Du Refuge: Ou Sermon Sur Le Pseaume CXXXVII (1735)


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