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This article is about the Brazilian band. For the village in spain, see Colera, Girona. For the disease, see Cholera.
Origin São Paulo, Brazil
Genres Punk rock
Hardcore punk
Years active 1979–present
Labels Ataque Frontal
A. Indie Records
Devil Discos
Website Cólera Official Website
Members Cacá Saffiotti
Wendel Barros
Past members Anselmo
Fábio Bossi
Josué Correia

Cólera is a Brazilian punk rock band formed in October 1979 in São Paulo, by the brothers Redson (guitar and lead vocals) and Pierre (drums) and their friend Val (bass guitar) [1]. They are currently the most important punk rock band in Brazil and also one of the oldest punk bands in activity in Brazil, with a career that spans almost 30 years. Although they have never achieved any mainstream success, Cólera is also one of the most influential acts in the Brazilian punk scene, with many fans inside and outside their country. Their sound is fast, sometimes melodic, and the lyrics aim to subjects like peace, liberty, animal liberation,love, politics and environmentalism. They have toured Europe three times, in 1987, 2004 and 2008.

On September 28th, 2011, Redson died from stomach bleeding at the age of 49 years.

Cólera continues to play with a new formation: Wendel Barros on vocals and Cacá Saffiotti on guitar.



  • Tente Mudar o Amanhã (1985) - Ataque Frontal
  • Pela Paz Em Todo o Mundo (1986) - Ataque Frontal
  • Cólera European Tour '87 (1988) - A. Indie Records
  • Verde, Não Devaste! (1989) - Devil Discos
  • Mundo Mecânico, Mundo Eletrônico (1991) - Devil Discos
  • Caos Mental Geral (1998) - Devil Discos
  • 20 Anos ao Vivo (2002) - Devil Discos
  • Deixe a Terra em Paz! (2004) - Devil Discos
  • The Best Of - Alemanha (2004) - Dirty Faces
  • Primeiros Sintomas (2006)


  • Dê o Fora (1986) - Hageland Records
  • É Natal!!? (1987) - Ataque Frontal


  • Grito Suburbano (1982) - Punk Rock Discos
  • SUB (1983) - Estúdios Vermelhos (LP), Devil Discos (CD)
  • O Começo do Fim do Mundo (1983) - SESC
  • Beating The Meat (1984) - Excentric Noise Records
  • Ataque Sonoro (1985) - Ataque Frontal
  • Empty Skulls Vol.2 (1986) - Fart Blossom Enterprises
  • Bunker (1987) - Bunker Musyk
  • 1984, The Third Sonic World War (1988) - New Wave Records
  • Tributo ao Olho Seco (2000) - Redstar Records
  • Compilação Beneficente PEA (2005)


  • Ratos de Porão/Cólera ao vivo (1985) - Ataque Frontal

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