Córdoba Synagogue

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Córdoba Synagogue
West wall of the Synagogue of Córdoba.JPG
Basic information
Location Historic centre of Córdoba, Spain
Geographic coordinates 37°52′47″N 4°47′0″W / 37.87972°N 4.78333°W / 37.87972; -4.78333
Affiliation Orthodox Judaism
Rite Sephardi
Status Museum
Architectural description
Architectural type Synagogue
Architectural style Moorish
Completed 1315

Córdoba Synagogue (Spanish: Sinagoga de Córdoba) is a historic edifice in the Jewish Quarter of Córdoba, Spain built in 1315.

The synagogue was built in Mudéjar style by architects led by Isaac Moheb. It consists of a courtyard, accessed from the street, which leads to a hallway, followed by the prayer room. On the eastern side of the hall is a staircase that leads to the women's gallery. The gallery overlooks the prayer room through three decorative arches. The prayer room measures 6.95 x 6.37 m.

After the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492, the building was devoted to various functions including a Hydrophobic hospital, a chapel for shoemakers and nursery school. It was declared a National Monument in 1885. Since then it has undergone several phases of the restoration including that of Felix Hernandez in 1929 and one started in 1977 for the reopening of the building in 1985 to celebrate the 850th anniversary of birth of Maimonides.

Other well-preserved, pre-expulsion synagogues can be found in Híjar, Toledo, and Tomar.

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Coordinates: 37°52′47″N 4°47′0″W / 37.87972°N 4.78333°W / 37.87972; -4.78333