Cēsu Alus

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Cēsu Alus
Industry Light alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
Founded 1995 (roots 1590)
Headquarters Aldaru laukums 1, Cēsis, Latvia
Key people
Eva Sietiņsone Zatlere
Products Beer, cider, kvass, energy drink
Website http://www.cesualus.lv/en
Beer Cēsu

Cēsu Alus is a brewery and alcohol beverage producer in Cēsis, Latvia. As the roots of the brewery dates back in 1590, Cēsu Alus is considered to be the oldest brewery in Baltic and Nordic countries.[1]


In 1590 brewing of beer is referred for the first time in the Cēsis Castle audit. The first brewery was located in the castle itself. In the first half of 17th century the brewery was relocated to the third forecastle. In 1878 the historic brewery buildings were built and the brewery was established in the ownership of count Emanuel Sievers. In 1922 several entrepreneurs from Cēsis repurchased the brewery from Sievers and established the joint-stock company Augļu dārzs (English: Fruit Garden). In 1940 SC Augļu dārzs was nationalised. In 1976 Industrial beer producer Cēsu Alus was established which also incorporated breweries in Naukšēni and Gulbene. In 1995 Cēsu Alus was privatised and once again became a joint stock company. In 1999 Cēsu Alus was bought by the Finnish beer and non-alcoholic drinks producer Olvi. On July 2001 the new brewery plant was opened in Cēsis with a filling capacity of 20 million litres of beer. In 2003 Cēsu Alus became the second largest beer producer in Latvia.[2]