Cơm rượu

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Cơm rượu
Plastic containers of cơm rượu
TypeRice pudding
Place of originVietnam
Region or stateSouthern Vietnam
Main ingredientsGlutinous rice, yeast

Cơm rượu (Vietnamese pronunciation: [kəːm ʐɨə̌ˀw]) also known as rượu nếp cái is a traditional Vietnamese dessert from Southern Vietnam, made from glutinous rice.

To prepare cơm rượu, glutinous rice is cooked, mixed with yeast, and rolled into small balls. The balls are served in a slightly alcoholic milky, white liquid which is essentially a form of rice wine, and which also contains small amounts of sugar and salt. The dish is eaten with a spoon.

In Northern Vietnam, a similar dessert (which is thicker, with no liquid, and not made into balls) is called rượu nếp.

In Chinese cuisine, a very similar dish, often flavored with sweet osmanthus, is called jiǔniàng (酒酿) or guìhuā jiǔniàng (桂花酒酿).

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