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Place of originVietnam
Main ingredientsRice kernels
VariationsBánh cốm

Cốm, or green rice, is a dish in Vietnamese cuisine. It is not dyed green, as can be done with pandan, but is immature rice kernels roasted over very low heat then pounded in a mortar and pestle until flattened.[1] Cốm is seasonal dish associated with autumn. It can be eaten plain or with coconut. The taste is slightly sweet with a nutty flavor. It is a popular seasonal dessert across Vietnam, especially in Northern delta food cuisine.

A traditional pastry, bánh cốm (green rice cake) is made using cốm with mung bean filling. Cốm is often offered to worship the ancestors in the Mid Autumn Festival. The green rice can also be used in sweet soup, chè cốm. Cốm is called com dep among the Khmer people. A similar dessert is known as pinipig in the Philippines.


  1. ^ Fermented Foods: Naturally Enzymatic Therapy T. H. Yellowdawn - 2008 "Un-ripe rice is the grain of rice was just almost finished its forming the grains. Un-ripe rice was called “Cốm” in Vietnam, The grain is still soft and then start to ripe ..."