C'est la vie (J. C. Schütz album)

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C'est La Vie
Jcschutz cestlavie.jpg
Studio album by J. C. Schütz
Released 2009
Recorded 2008
Genre Jazz pop, acoustic, world music
Length 52:34
Label Terrinha
Producer J. C. Schütz
J. C. Schütz chronology
Blissa Nova
C'est La Vie
Alternative cover
Japanese edition:
C'est La Vie

C'est La Vie is the third studio album by Swedish singer and songwriter Johan Christher Schütz, released in May 2009 worldwide, with a pre-release in Japan in December 2008 accompanied by a second Japan tour.[1]

All songs are written, arranged and produced by Schütz. This international edition of C'est La Vie has five of the songs in English, whereas the original Swedish version, C'est La Vie - 11 sånger på svenska (11 songs in Swedish), has all songs performed in Swedish.

The musicians playing on C'est La Vie include awarded Swedish instrumentalists such as Olle Linder (bass, drums and percussion), Roman Andrén (rhodes & keyboards), Karin Hammar (trombone), Stefan Persson (trumpet), and a pandeiro loop originally played by Sebastian Notini.[2]

Along with the recording in 2008, Terrinha Records also made a documentary about the recordings, also including a part with Schütz singing acoustic versions of the songs. The subtitled documentary is now again available on Video on YouTube.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "C'est la vie"
  2. "Hey it's gonna be ok"
  3. "Kan vi hjälpa att vi älskar att dansa"
  4. "As if it's never taken place"
  5. "Skuggor"
  6. "Jabuticaba"
  7. "Allt har sin tid"
  8. "Balans"
  9. "Hur ska man glömma"
  10. "Svar"
  11. "I guess it's ok"
  12. "Quintessencia (club edit)" - bonus track
  13. "As if it's never taken place (acoustic edit)" - bonus track


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