C'est pas sorcier

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C'est pas sorcier
Genre Children's television series/Education
Presented by Jamy Gourmaud, Frédéric Courant, Sabine Quindou
Narrated by Valérie Guerlain
Country of origin France
Original language(s) French
No. of seasons 20
No. of episodes 599
Executive producer(s) Elizabeth Cornali
Producer(s) Philippe Molins (delegate)
Location(s) Variable
Running time 26 minutes
Production company(s) Multimédia France Productions (France Télévisions)
Distributor France 3
Original network France 3
Original release September 19, 1993 (1993-09-19)
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Website c-est-pas-sorcier.france3.fr

C'est pas sorcier (French for It's Not Rocket Science) is a French educational television program that originally aired from September 19, 1993 to February 1, 2014 which had a lot of success. In all, 559 episodes have been produced.

All episodes can be watched legally on the YouTube channel.

The presenters[edit]

Sabine Quindou and Fred Courant are in the field. They visit places, interview specialists and introduce questions that Jamy answers. Before 2011, Jamy Gourmaud was in a laboratory truck. Now, he goes to symbolic locations relevant to the topic with a mobile laboratory equipped with touch screens, computer graphics and of course the models that made the success of the show from the beginning.

Valérie Guerlain is la petite voix (the little voice) who doesn't show her face but does commentary during the show.


The programmes can be classified into six categories:

  • La Terre et l'Univers - (The earth and universe) (71 programmes) including: l'Espace et l'astronomie (space and astronomy) (18), la géologie (geology) (21), la géographie (geography), les découvertes (discovery) (32)
  • La biodiversité, l'agronomie et l'environnement (biodiversity, agronomy and environment) (138) including la faune (fauna) (67), la botanique (botany) (14), l'alimentation et l'agronomie (food and agriculture) (25), l'écologie et le climat (ecology and climate) (32)
  • Le sport et la santé (sport and health) (72) including le corps humain (human body) (26), la médecine (medicine) (27), le sport (sport) (19)
  • Les technologies, la physique et la chimie (communication technology, physics and chemistry) (142) including physique et chimie (physics and chemistry) (13), énergie (energy) (16), les technologies et l'industrie (technology and industry) (23), les transports (transport) (44), la Défense (defence) (10), les grands travaux et l'architecture (big works and architecture) (14), la communication (communications) (23)
  • L'histoire, la culture et la société (history, culture and society) (89) including l'histoire et l'archéologie (history and archeology) (44), Arts et spectacles (arts and shows) (18), économie et société (economy and society) (27)
  • Les émissions spéciales (14) (special editions)


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