C'mon Midffîld!

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C'mon Midffild
Opening credits.png
Opening credits
Created by Mei Jones
Alun Ffred Jones
Starring John Pierce Jones
Mei Jones
Llion Williams
Bryn Fôn
Gwenno Elis Hodgkins
Country of origin Wales
No. of series 6
No. of episodes 32
Running time 30 mins
Original network S4C
Original release 18 November 1988 (1988-11-18) – 1994

C'mon Midffîld! is one of the most successful comedy series ever broadcast on Welsh channel S4C. Created by Mei Jones and Alun Ffred Jones, the show started life on BBC Radio Cymru before being adapted for the screen by Ffilmiau'r Nant in 1988.

The show won a BAFTA Cymru for Best Drama Series in 1992, and despite coming to an end in 1994 is still repeated regularly on S4C.

Main cast[edit]


The show mainly revolves around the misadventures of Bryn Coch United, a fictional village football team. The running of the team is handled by the least capable committee imaginable: Arthur Picton (the team's stubborn, arrogant manager), Wali Tomos (the slightly dim-witted linesman), and Tecwyn Parri (the team's goalie, and arguably the most normal on the committee).

Most plots were derived from the team's attempts to win their weekly games, as well as from other events held in the village, and the main characters' relationships with their families. The many long-running jokes included Wali's intolerance of his mother, Tecwyn's constantly angry wife, and the fact that Arthur's wife, Elsi, was almost never seen on screen - with many excuses being made for her absence. One ongoing sub-plot was Arthur Picton's dislike of his daughter's relationship with George Huws. However, Sandra (Mr Picton's daughter, who was re-cast in series 6, after the original actress left to pursue a teaching career) was the only one who could put both her father and her boyfriend (later husband) in their place whenever she was unwittingly caught up in their feuds and ambitions.

Reunion movie[edit]

Following a trend set by the BBC when they resurrected Only Fools and Horses, C'mon Midffîld! returned to the screens after a 10-year absence on Christmas Day, 2004, with a feature-length special - Midffîld a Rasbrijam. The epic plot saw Sandra fall into a coma, prompting the rest of the original team (joined by George and Sandra's children) to set off to Azerbaijan to fulfill her dream of helping an orphanage there.

It was met with mixed reviews, and no further episodes have been announced, although some of the actors still occasionally make appearances as their characters on chat shows or for charity events.

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