C-10 (Cercanías Madrid)

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Cercanías C10.svg
Príncipe Pío Cercanías 4.jpg
A Civia train on a C-10 service towards Villalba pulling int Príncipe Pío station in 2017.
LocaleCommunity of Madrid, Spain
Stations19 or 21(to Aeropuerto T4)
TypeCommuter rail
SystemCercanías Madrid
ServicesMadrid-Hendaye railway
Madrid-Príncipe Pío-Pinar railway
Madrid-Barcelona railway
Madrid-Barajas Airport railway
Operator(s)Renfe Operadora
Rolling stockCivia 446 Series, 447 Series and 450 Series EMUs
Line length71.6 km (44.5 mi)
Number of tracksDouble
Track gauge1,668 mm (5 ft 5+2132 in) Iberian gauge
Electrification3kV AC overhead line
Route map

Aeropuerto T4 Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport
Las Rozas
El Barrial-Centro
Comercial Pozuelo
Fuente de la Mora
Madrid MetroLigero1.svg
Madrid MetroLigero2.svg
Madrid-MetroRENFE.svg Madrid-MetroLinea1.svg Madrid-MetroLinea10.svg
Madrid-MetroLinea6.svg Madrid-MetroLinea10.svg Madrid-MetroRamal.svg
Príncipe Pío
Nuevos Ministerios
Madrid-MetroLinea6.svg Madrid-MetroLinea8.svg Madrid-MetroLinea10.svg
Madrid-MetroRENFE.svg Madrid-MetroLinea1.svg
Méndez Álvaro

The C-10 is a line and rail service of Cercanías Madrid commuter rail network, operated by Renfe Operadora. It runs from Villalba northwest Madrid to Fuente de la Mora, through the city center of Madrid,[1][2] while trains can continue onwards to Madrid Barajas Airport. The C-10 shares tracks for the majority of its length with Madrid commuter rail service lines C-3, C-7 and C-8 while it also shares parts with C-1, and C-2. The line has been in operation since 2001.


Like the rest of Cercanías Madrid lines, the C-10 runs on the Iberian gauge mainline railway system, which is owned by Adif, an agency of the Spanish government. All of the railway lines carrying Cercanías services are electrified at 3,000 volts (V) direct current (DC) using overhead lines. The C-10 operates on a total line length of 71.6 kilometres (44.5 mi),[citation needed] which is entirely double-track. The trains on the line call at up to 21 stations, using the following railway lines, in order from west to east:[3]

From To Railway line Route number
Villalba (PK 37.8) Pinar (PK 20.4) Madrid−Hendaye 100
Pinar (PK 20.4) Madrid Atocha (PK 0.0) Madrid-Príncipe Pío-Pinar 910
Madrid Atocha (PK 0.0) Madrid Chamartín (PK 7.0) Risa Tunnel 900
Madrid Chamartín (PK 0.0) Fuente de la Mora (PK 2.8) Madrid-Barcelona 200
Fuente de la Mora (PK 0.0) Aeropuerto T4 (PK 5.3) Madrid-Barajas Airport 908

List of stations[edit]

The following table lists the name of each station served by line C-10 in order from northwest to east; the station's service pattern offered by C-10 trains; the transfers to other Cercanías Madrid lines; remarkable transfers to other transport systems; the municipality in which each station is located; and the fare zone each station belongs to according to the Madrid Metro fare zone system.

# Terminal of a service
* Transfer station to other transport systems
#* Transfer station and terminal
Station served by all trains running through it
Limited service station
Station Service Cercanías Madrid transfers Other transfers Municipality Fare zone
Regular CIVIS
Villalba#* C-3, C-8 Renfe Operadora-operated rail services
National and international coach services
Collado Villalba Madrid-MetroZonaB3.svg
Galapagar-La Navata C-3, C-8 Galapagar Madrid-MetroZonaB3.svg
Torrelodones C-3, C-8 Torrelodones Madrid-MetroZonaB3.svg
Las Matas C-3, C-8 Las Rozas de Madrid Madrid-MetroZonaB2.svg
Pinar C-3, C-8 Las Rozas de Madrid Madrid-MetroZonaB2.svg
Las Rozas C-7 Las Rozas de Madrid Madrid-MetroZonaB2.svg
Majadahonda C-7 Majadahonda Madrid-MetroZonaB2.svg
El Barrial-Centro Comercial Pozuelo C-7 Madrid Madrid-MetroZonaB1.svg
Pozuelo C-7 Pozuelo de Alarcón Madrid-MetroZonaB1.svg
Aravaca* C-7 Madrid Metro Ligero line ML-2 at Estación de Aravaca station Madrid Madrid-MetroZonaA.svg
Príncipe Pío* C-1 Madrid Metro lines 6, 10 and Ramal
National coach services
Madrid Madrid-MetroZonaA.svg
Pirámides* C-1 Madrid Metro line 5 Madrid Madrid-MetroZonaA.svg
Delicias C-1 Madrid Madrid-MetroZonaA.svg
Méndez Álvaro* C-1, C-5 Madrid Metro line 6 Madrid Madrid-MetroZonaA.svg
Atocha* C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4, C-5, C-7, C-8 Renfe Operadora-operated high-speed and long-distance rail services
Madrid Metro line 1 at Atocha Renfe station
National and international coach services
Madrid Madrid-MetroZonaA.svg
Recoletos C-1, C-2, C-7, C-8 Madrid Madrid-MetroZonaA.svg
Nuevos Ministerios* C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4, C-7, C-8 Madrid Metro lines 6, 8 and 10 Madrid Madrid-MetroZonaA.svg
Chamartín#* C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4, C-7, C-8 Renfe Operadora-operated high-speed and long-distance rail services
Madrid Metro lines 1 and 10
National and international coach services
Madrid Madrid-MetroZonaA.svg
Fuente de la Mora* C-1, C-2 Madrid Metro Ligero line ML-1 Madrid Madrid-MetroZonaA.svg
Valdebebas C-1 Madrid Madrid-MetroZonaA.svg
Aeropuerto T4#* C-1 Madrid Metro line 8 Madrid Madrid-MetroZonaB2.svg


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