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C-Media Electronics, Inc.
Industry Computer
Founded 1991
Headquarters Taipei, Taiwan
Products Sound cards
Website www.cmedia.com.tw

C-Media Electronics, Inc. (Chinese: 驊訊電子; pinyin: Huáxùn Diànzǐ) is a Taiwan computer hardware company that manufactures processors for PC audio and USB storage, and wireless audio devices.


A C-media Soundcard PCI 7.1 OEM (M-CMI8768-8CH)

ISA audio[edit]

  • CMI8328
  • CMI8330

PCI audio[edit]

C-Media Oxygen HD CMI8787 sound processor on a PCI soundcard.

AC'97 audio[edit]

  • CMI9738
  • CMI9739
  • CMI9761
  • CMI9780

HD Audio[edit]

  • CMI9880 (some of them have Dolby Master Studio certification)

USB audio[edit]

  • CM101S+
  • CM6501
  • CM102-A+/S+
  • CM103+
  • CM106-L/F
  • CM106-L+/F+
  • CM108 Used in Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset.
  • CM109
  • CM119
  • Nitrogen D2

Wi-Sonic network audio[edit]

  • CMWS-01: Uses CMI8769 for audio.
  • WS-011
  • WS-012
  • WS-021
  • WS-022
  • WS-101

USB storage[edit]

  • CM120 (Support For this product does NOT Exist in C-Media.tw)
  • CM220
    • CM220F
    • CM220L
    • CM220S
  • CM320
    • CM320L
    • CM320S

Sensaura licence expiry[edit]

C-Media's Sensaura licence expired on 23 September 2008. While there is an article promoting new Xear3D EX with OpenAL support, replacement drivers are not available at the current time.

As of 26 September 2011, drivers are now available for some PCI chipset models.

  • CMI 8738
  • CMI 8768
  • CMI 8768+
  • CMI 8770
  • CMI 8787
  • CMI 8788

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