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C-drík Fermont
Birth name Cedrik Fermont
Also known as Kirdec
Origin Lubumbashi, Katanga, Zaire
Genres Alternative hip hop, ambient, breakcore, digital hardcore, drone, electro, electroacoustic, electronic, electronica, experimental, industrial, minimal wave, noise, power electronics, power noise, sound art
Occupation(s) Audio Mastering Engineer, Archivist, Composer, Dj, Lecturer, Musician, Producer
Instruments Drums, Sampling, Computer
Years active 1989 – present
Labels Ad Noiseam, Ant-Zen, Disques Hushush, Flyco, Hymen Records, Independenza Records, Klanggalerie, Mad Monkey Records, Mirex, Old Europa Cafe, PuZZling Rec., Sépulkrales Katakombes, Syrphe, Textolux, Vaccum
Associated acts 9E Phalanx, Ambre, Ammo, Axiome, Dead Hollywood Stars, Črno Klank, Elekore, Globuleux, Logatomistes, M.E.3, Moonsanto, Tetra Plok, The Klank Of Črno Migs, xhm² (Xingu Hill & ), Xøn. Xêkhäl
Website www.syrphe.com

C-drík (aka Kirdec) is a vegan artist, academically trained musician, dj, singer, composer and drummer. He is a former student of electro-acoustic composer Annette Vande Gorne (Royal Conservatory of Mons, Belgium). [1]


Of Greek, Zairian and Belgian descent,[2] born in Congo (former Zaire) C-drík grew up in Belgium and also lived in the Netherlands. He is an eternal voyager and performed in numerous countries across North America, Europe, the Middle-East, Africa and Asia.[2]

He started his first project in 1989 and juggles in between many projects and electronic genres.

He is also a label manager and gig organizer who produces his own projects and experimental artists who predominantly originate from Asia and Africa on the labels Syrphe and Textolux .[3]


C-drík collaborated or still works together with the following artists [live and or studio] : Mick Harris, Mark Spybey, Mathis Mootz, David Thrussel, Planet Aldol, Sato Yukie, Nakamura Yuji, Yan Jun, Wu Quan, Itta, Daytripper, Mimetic, Ha Jane, Lee Han Joo, One Man Nation, Mindfuckingboy (Shaun Sankaran), Cliquetpar, B6, 718, Contagious Orgasm, Naofumi Ishimaru, Goh Lee Kwang, Lau Mun Leng, Li Chin Sung, Xavier Depienne, Le diktat, Error, Gisèle Pape, Gregory Durez, Tri Minh, Hùng Nguyễn Mạnh, Nguyễn Van Cuong, The Seventeen Migs of Spring, Olivier Moreau, John Sellekaers, Hervé Thomas, Gabriel Séverin, Marc Medea, Szkieve, Pei, Stereo warfare, Aluviana, Xabec.

Visual arts[edit]

Connected to visual arts (he has also learnt declamation, theater and improvisations), he composes soundtracks for theater, exhibitions, sound installations, fashion shows and short movies (Blanc murmure, 3point5, RTBF, Télésambre, Babel Q Compagnie, Charleroi Danse / Frédéric Flamand, Giovani Guzzo, Les théâtres du mercredi in Belgium, Wim Reiff Gallery, B52, Kunsttour, in the Netherlands, Ðào Anh Khánh Studio in Vietnam, the Guangdong Modern Dance Company in China).[4]

He composed and performed live two musical scores for the Sergei Eisenstein's mute films The strike in Riga, Latvia (at the festival Baltā Nakts) in 2006[5] and The Battlefield Potemkin in Dresden, Germany together with Xabec in 2009.[6]


In 2006 he won the best soundtrack prize at the film festival Côté court in Montreuil, France.[7] The movie was directed by Gisèle Pape and edited on DVD by Ad Noiseam.


Between the years 2000 and 2002 C-drík used variations of his moniker for various compilation, increased by one letter of the alphabet for each new compilation. Aliases such as D-Drik, F-Drik, H-drík, J-drík, Kirdec, O-drik, Q-drík, R-Drik, V-drík, Y-drík are therefore variations of C-drík main alias.


  • Axiome, Črno klank - Théorie et progression, 1991, Tape
  • Črno klank, M.E.3, Globuleux - Cloportes, 1992, Tape
  • M.E.3 - Sombre novembre, 1992, Tape
  • M.E.3 - Wat is vrijheid ? / Dada is(s)t Gott, 1993, Tape
  • Črno klank - Actividad sonora 1994, Tape (split tape with M. Nomized)
  • Deleted/C-drík - Hopeless dreams, 1994, Tape
  • Deleted/C-drík - Hopeless dreams, 1998, Tape (split tape with Al & Del)
  • Ambre - Enclave, 1998, CD
  • Axiome - Rictus, 1999, CD
  • Ambre & Mark Spybey - Sfumato, 2000, CD
  • Moonsanto - Dogme, 2000, CD
  • Ammo - The age of terminal irony, 2000 CD
  • Ammo - The age of terminal irony, 2000, CD
  • Ammo - The age of terminal irony, 2000, 12"
  • Dead Hollywood Stars - Gone west, 2000, CD
  • Dead Hollywood Stars - Wagon of miracles, 2000, 12"
  • Mick Harris & Ambre - Dys, 2001 CD
  • Ammo - Kaleinoiscope, 2001, CD
  • Ammo - Beautiful People, 2001, 7"
  • XHM² - This anxious space, 2001, CD
  • Moonsanto - Fraud, Hell, Dope, 2001, CD
  • Moonsanto - Pesticide for ever kit, 2001, CD + C10
  • Axiome - Ça ne nous rendra pas le Congo, 2002, CD
  • C-drík - Dissolution, 2002' CD
  • Ammo - Perturbacée / Terra Amata, 2002, 12" (split with Szkieve)
  • Logatomistes - Ke-re-kö-kö-kokex, 2002, CD
  • The Forsaken Odes Conglomarate - Tonal Tutorial, 2002, CD
  • Martiens Go Home - Une occasion de chute, 2002, CD
  • Dead Hollywood Stars - Junctions, 2002, CD
  • Dead Hollywood Stars - Junctions / Gone West, 2002, CD
  • Axiome - Va-t-il faire beau ?, 2002, 12"
  • Ambre - Nebka / Térébrant, 2003, 7"
  • Ambre - Le mensonge, 2003, CD
  • Tetra Plok - Future marker, 2003, 7"
  • Kirdec - Stadskantoor zero, 2003, 12"
  • Črno Klank - État des lieux, 2003, CD
  • Axiome - Il pleut des cordes, 2005, 12"
  • Kirdec - Death to the macho, 2006, 12"
  • Črno klank - Chéngyì, 2006, mp3
  • Tetra plok - Fear of a blind date, 2007, 10"
  • Kirdec - Killed by a coconut, 2007, CD
  • Elekore - Voluntary human extinction, 2007, CD
  • C-drík / Aluviana - Moje čelo, 2008, CD
  • The klank of črno migs - Disturbing perceptions, 2008, CD
  • Contagious Orgasm & C-drík - Journeys into time and space, 2008, CD
  • Kirdec - Das Gemeinsame Schicksal, 2008, mini CD

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