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Anthony John Confessore[1] (1969[2]–2012), better known as C.C. Banana, was a music personality, known for conducting interviews for Metal Sludge while wearing a large yellow banana costume.[3] Banana was profiled by such publications as Classic Rock Magazine,[4] The Aquarian[5] and the New York Press[6] and was a recurring guest on Sirius satellite radio.[7]


The name "C.C. Banana" was inspired by Poison guitarist C.C. DeVille, who was charging fans money for autographs, photos, and handshakes at a 2001 Poison concert Confessore attended. At the concert Confessore, then unknown, decided to do the same, while wearing a banana costume that was in the back of his friend's car.[8]

He continued wearing the banana costume, sometimes modifying it. For interviews with Star Wars personalities, C.C. Banana donned a Jedi robe and calls himself "Bananakin Skywalker."[9] When conducting himself within the Kiss community, he often dressed as original Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley and referred to himself as "Ace Peeley."[10]

In 2007, he appeared on the Sci Fi Channel reality series "Who Wants to Be a Superhero?." In 2008, he was a featured guest on the weekly Fuse TV series "Talking Metal On Fuse."[11] Later in 2008, he appeared on the Kiss tribute album "KISS MY ANKH: A Tribute To Vinnie Vincent," for which he recorded a parody of the Kiss song "Unholy," rewritten as a roast of Danger Danger vocalist Ted Poley.[12] The parody also featured a guitar solo by Chris Caffery of Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra.


Confessore committed suicide at his New Jersey home on May 21, 2012. He was reportedly in financial trouble as a result of his extensive investment in the tribute album Whole Lotta Love—an All-Star Tribute to Fat Chicks. He left a suicide note on his Facebook page.[13]


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