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C.D. Águila
Club Deportivo Águila logo.svg
Full nameClub Deportivo Águila
FoundedFebruary 15, 1926; 93 years ago (1926-02-15)
GroundEstadio Juan Francisco Barraza,
San Miguel, El Salvador
PresidentEl Salvador Alexander Menjívar
ManagerEl Salvador Carlos Romero

Club Deportivo Águila, commonly known as Águila, is a Salvadoran football club based in San Miguel, San Miguel, El Salvador. The club currently plays in the Primera División, the top tier of the El Salvador football league system.[1] The team is currently managed by Salvadoran Carlos Romero and captained by the current Salvadoran international Benji Villalobos. Águila is one of the most successful clubs in El Salvador football history.[2] C.D. Águila have won fifteen Primera División championships, one Copa Presidente, and one CONCACAF Champions' Cup 1976. Their CONCACAF Champions' Cup 1976 win in 1976 made them the second Salvadoran team to win a CONCACAF title. Since 1956, Águila have played their home games at Estadio Juan Francisco Barraza. The stadium is one of the biggest stadiums in El Salvador. Águila holds a long-standing rivalry with neighbours Dragón, known as the San Miguel derby. Águila also has a rivalry with FAS, known as El Clásico (English: The Classic).[3]


Foundation and early years[edit]

Club Deportivo Águila was founded on 15 February 1926, in the City of San Miguel, by a group of young people.[4] The first club President was Victor Vanegas. The major goal of the club was first to establish a baseball team, and later develop football and basketball teams. At the beginning, baseball and football were not as successful as basketball with the team dominating in both El Salvador as in neighbouring countries.

In 1956, a group met in San Miguel and decided to form a football team named Club Deportivo Águila. Early players included Juan Francisco Barraza, Esteban Blanco, Salvador Hernández, Juan Merthem, Atilio Pineda, Manuel Larios, and Rodolfo Fuentes.

During its time in the lower leagues, it fought for the affections of the San Miguel people alongside rival Dragón, but when they were promoted to the Liga, it attracted a following not only from San Miguel but also from the entire country. Proof of this was demonstrated by the fact that the teams sold more tickets when the local club played against Águila.


C.D. Águila ranks second in the number of championships won in El Salvador with fifteen titles. The two most successful managers in the club history are Conrado Miranda (1959, 1975, 1976) and Argentinian Hugo Coria (Apertura 1999, Apertura 2000, Clausura 2001) with three titles each, Juan Francisco Barraza (1972, 1983) and Victor Manuel Ochoa (1963, 1964) with two titles each, while Honduran Carlos Padilla (1960), Brazilian Zózimo (1968), Chilean Hernán Carrasco Vivanco (1986) and Serbian-Salvadoran Vladan Vićević (Clausura 2006) won one title each. They were also winners of the Copa President in 2000 and won the CONCACAF Champions League.

The members of the team that conquered the first championship in 1959 were Luis Alberto López, Rodolfo Fuentes, Justiniano Jiménez, Manuel Larios, Raúl Vásquez, Raúl Bonilla, Raúl Lizano, Juan Francisco Barraza, Juan Antonio Merlos,[5] and Saúl Molina.[6]


Companies that Águila currently has sponsorship deals with include:

  • Maca – Official Kit Suppliers
  • Pilsener – Official sponsors
  • Mister donut – Official sponsors
  • Canal 4 – Official sponsors


Águila plays its home games at Estadio Juan Francisco Barraza located in San Miguel. The stadium has a capacity of 10,000 people.

Colours and crest[edit]

Since the club foundation the clubs have always played in orange with black stripes shirt, black shorts and orange socks.
While the club alternative kit is Black with Orange stripes.

  • Home
Football kit
Football kit
Football kit
Football kit
Football kit
Football kit
  • Away
Football kit

Statistics and records[edit]

TBD holds the record for most Águila appearances, having played TBD first-team matches from TBD to TBD. The record for Águila's most capped international player is Rudis Corrales with 77 caps (33 while at the club), Arnold Cruz of Honduras is Águila's most capped foreign international player.

Luis Ramírez Zapata is Águila's all-time top goalscorer, with 184 goals. other players have also scored over 100 goals for Águila: Hugo Coria and the previous goalscoring record-holder Félix Pineda (1971–1983).


Águila's biggest rivalries are with Alianza, Luis Ángel Firpo and FAS. Together, these teams form the "Big Four" of Salvadoran football, and are the primary title contenders each season.

The rivalry stems not only from their competitiveness, but from the economic, political, and cultural clashes between the cities of San Miguel, Santa Ana and San Salvador, where the other three clubs are based.

Of those rivalries, Águila's rivalry with FAS is the strongest and most passionate. That rivalry is traditionally referred to as El Clásico. The first in the series took place on 17 May 1959, and ended in a 1-1 draw. As of the end of the 2016 Clausura season, the clubs have faced each other in 224 competitive matches, which have resulted in 68 wins for Águila, 87 for FAS and 68 draws.

The club's other major rivalry is with Dragón, their city rivals. This is sometimes called El Derbi Migueleño.


Águila is historically the second most successful team in El Salvador football, as they have won the second most championships. They are also one of El Salvador's most successful team in international competitions, having won one trophy. Águila is one of only three clubs to have won the CONCACAF Champions' Cup.

Domestic honours[edit]




Current squad[edit]

[8] Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
2 El Salvador DF Eduardo Vigil
3 El Salvador DF Ronald Rodríguez
4 El Salvador DF Fredy Espinoza
5 El Salvador DF Wilson Rugama
6 El Salvador DF Walter Ayala
7 Ecuador FW Richard Mercado
8 El Salvador MF Kevin Sagastizado
9 Uruguay FW Waldemar Acosta
10 Uruguay MF Joaquín Vergés [9]
12 El Salvador MF José Ortíz
14 El Salvador GK Walter López
17 El Salvador MF Jefferson Polío
No. Position Player
19 El Salvador MF Diego Coca
16 El Salvador MF Edwin Lazo
21 El Salvador MF Marlon Trejo
22 El Salvador GK Benji Villalobos
24 El Salvador MF Franklin Campos
28 Colombia DF Andrés Quejada
29 El Salvador FW Mártir Contreras
30 El Salvador FW Ricardo Guevara
33 El Salvador FW Brayan Paz
El Salvador FW Aldair Rivera
El Salvador MF Kevin Reyes

Out on loan[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
El Salvador FW TBD (at TBD for the 2018–19 season)
El Salvador MF TBD (at TBD for the 2018–19 season)
No. Position Player
El Salvador MF TBD (at TBD for the 2018–19 season)
El Salvador DF TBD (at TBD for the 2018–19 season)


Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
El Salvador DF Walter Ayala Chiguila (From FAS)
Ecuador FW Richard Mercado (From Portovijeo)
Colombia DF Andres Quejada (From Orense S.C.)
No. Position Player
El Salvador MF Aldair Rivera (From Santa Tecla F.C. )
El Salvador MF Kevin Reyes (From Santa Tecla F.C.)
El Salvador FW (From TBA)


Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
El Salvador MF Bryan Landaverde (To FAS)
El Salvador Miguel Lemus (To Chalatenango)
El Salvador Edwin Sanchez (To Chalatenango)
El Salvador MF Victor Garcia (To FAS)
El Salvador Alvaro Lizama (To Pasaquina)
No. Position Player
Colombia Jose Ramirez (To TBA)
Colombia Jimmy Valoyes (To TBA)
El Salvador Marvin Ramos (To Limeno)
El Salvador David Diaz (To TBA)

Youth League squad[edit]

Águila's youth squad plays in the ten-team Primera División Reserves (El Salvador). Current members of the squad are:

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
31 El Salvador MF Herbert Gómez
32 El Salvador MF Marvin Garmendia
33 El Salvador FW Brayan Paz
34 El Salvador DF Adrián Girón
36 El Salvador DF Kevin Berríos
40 El Salvador DF Carlos Chávez
42 El Salvador FW Edgar Castillo
44 El Salvador DF Melvin Cruz
45 El Salvador FW Bryan Galdámez
46 El Salvador GK Carlos Benítez
47 El Salvador MF Roberto Martínez
48 El Salvador MF Víctor Hernández
No. Position Player
49 El Salvador DF Luis Alvarenga
50 El Salvador DF Leopoldo Torres
51 El Salvador MF Joel Turcios Mendoza
52 El Salvador MF Carlos Ortíz
53 El Salvador MF Emmanuel Hernández
54 El Salvador FW Enrique Rivas
55 El Salvador MF Diego Henríquez
56 El Salvador FW Herbert Flores
57 El Salvador MF Hugo Martínez
58 El Salvador MF Charly Argueta
59 El Salvador MF Luis Pineda Alejo
60 El Salvador GK Brandon Hernández


Coaching staff[edit]

Position Staff
Manager El Salvador Carlos Romero
Assistant Managers El Salvador Victor Manuel Fuentes
Reserve Manager El Salvador Hector Manuel Acevedo
Under 17 Manager El Salvador
Fitness Coach Colombia Luis Medina
Goalkeeper Coach El Salvador Oscar Buruca
Sport Director El Salvador Óscar Emigdio Benítez
Team Doctor
General Physician El Salvador Dr. Salvador Beltrán
Knesliogiocal El Salvador Dr. Antonio Platero
Utility El Salvador Rene Salinas
Sub-Utility El Salvador Ricardo Morreira
Sub-Utility El Salvador Franklin Villatoro and Rorig Sigaran


Position Staff
Owner El Salvador Menjivar clinical investments
President El Salvador Dr. José Alexander Menjivar
Vice President El Salvador Jose Guerrero
General Manager El Salvador Óscar Hassin
Secretary El Salvador Raúl Diaz
General Representative El Salvador Arturo Espinoza
Managing Director El Salvador José Argueta
Executive Manager El Salvador Miguel Chahin
Press Manager El Salvador Óskar Cruz
Manager Of The Academy El Salvador Roberto Montoya
Scout Manager

Presidential history[edit]

Aguila have had numerous presidents over the course of their history, some of which have been the owners of the club, others have been honorary presidents, here is a complete list of them.

Name Years
El Salvador Miguel Charlaix F. 1959–66
El Salvador Federico Garcia Prieto H. 1967–68
El Salvador Enrique Garcia-Prieto H. 1969–70
El Salvador Carlos Garcia-Prieto H. 1971–74
El Salvador Saturnino Durlen Vargas 1975–77
El Salvador Federico Garcia-Prieto H. 1977–78
El Salvador Ernesto Muyshondt Parker 1979–81
Name Years
El Salvador Federico Garcia-Prieto N. 1982
El Salvador Carlos Garcia-Prieto Hirleman 1983–84
El Salvador Reynaldo López Nuila 1985–89
El Salvador Carlos Garcia-Prieto Hirleman 1989–98
El Salvador Alejandro González Arguello 1998–05
El Salvador Lisandro Pohl 2005–06
El Salvador Salvador Galeas 2006–09
Name Years
El Salvador Will Salgado 2009–10
El Salvador Julio Sosa 2010–13
El Salvador Pedro Fausto Arieta 2014–2016
El Salvador Pedro Arieta Iglesias 2016–2018
El Salvador Óskar Cruz (interim) 2018
El Salvador Doctor José Victorino Villatoro 2018–

Team captains[edit]

Name Years
El Salvador Luis Rivas 1975
El Salvador Mario Castillo 1987
Argentina Hugo Coria 1991–1992
El Salvador Wilfredo Figueroa 1994–1999
El Salvador Mario Mayén Meza 1999–2000
El Salvador José Alexander Amaya 2001–2004
El Salvador Jorge Humberto Rodriguez 2005–2006
Honduras Fabio Ulloa 2006–2007
El Salvador Victor Velasquez 2008
Colombia Hermes Martinez Misal 2009
El Salvador William Torres Alegria 2010
El Salvador Luis Anaya 2011–2012
El Salvador Deris Umanzor 2013–2016
El Salvador Henry Romero 2016–2017
El Salvador Deris Umanzor 2017
El Salvador Benji Villalobos 2018-

Notable players[edit]

World Cup winners[edit]

Players that have played for Águila in their career and won a World Cup:

World Cup Players[edit]

Players that have played for Águila in their career and played in a World Cup:

Head coaches[edit]

In 1956, Gregorio Bundio Núñez became the club's first full-time head coach. In 1976, Conrado Miranda led his side to the CONCACAF Champions' Cup 1976, the second team to win a CONCACAF trophy.

* Caretaker manager
No. Nationality Head coach from until Honours
1 Argentina Gregorio Bundio Núñez 1956 1957
2 Argentina Agustín Vicente Noriega 1957 1958
3 El Salvador Conrado Miranda July 1959 May 1960 1 Championship
4 Honduras Carlos Padilla 1960 unknown 1 Championship
6 El Salvador Alfredo Ruano unknown unknown
7 El Salvador Victor Manuel Ochoa 1963 1964 2 Championship
8 Argentina Rodolfo Orlandini 1965 1965
9 Brazil Arnaldo Da Silva 1966 1966
10 Brazil Zózimo 1968 1968 1 Championship
Brazil Silas Da Silva 1968 1969
11 El Salvador Juan Francisco Barraza 1970 1973 1 Championship
12 Chile Hernán Carrasco Vivanco 1974 1974
13 El Salvador Conrado Miranda 1975 1978 2 Championship, 1 CONCACAF Champions' Cup
14 Chile Calos Javier Mascaró 1978 1979
15 El Salvador Conrado Miranda 1980 1981
16 El Salvador René Mena 1981 1981
17 El Salvador Saúl Molina 1981 1981
18 El Salvador Juan Francisco Barraza 1981 1983 1 Championship
19 Chile Julio Escobar 1985 1985
20 Argentina Omar Muraco 1985 1985
21 Chile Hernán Carrasco Vivanco 1986 1988 1 Championship
El Salvador Ricardo Guardado TBD TBD
22 Chile Néstor Matamala 1990 1991
23 Argentina Juan Quarterone 1992 1992
24 El Salvador Oscar Emigdio Benítez 1993 1994
25 El Salvador Juan Ramón Paredes 1995 1995
26 Serbia Milovan Đorić 1996 1996
5 Argentina Mario Carlos Rey Salgueiro 1996 1997
27 Serbia Mladen Stefanović 1997 1997
28 Serbia Miloš Miljanić 1998 1999
29 Brazil Carlos Vieira 1999 1999
30 Argentina Hugo Coria 1999 December 2000 2 Championship
31 Uruguay Saul Lorenzo Rivero January 2001 December 2001 1 Championship
32 Argentina Hugo Coria January 2002 September 2002
33 El Salvador Rubén Guevara September 2002 December 2002
34 Honduras Ramón Maradiaga February 2003 June 2003
35 Argentina Hugo Coria June 2003 April 2004
36 Uruguay Julio César Cortés June 2004 October 2004
37 Argentina Carlos Alberto de Toro October 2004 December 2004
38 Argentina Jorge Alberto García December 2004 December 2005
39 Serbia Vladan Vićević February 2006 December 2006 1 Championship
40 Panama Gary Stempel January 2007 June 2007
41 El Salvador Luis Ramírez Zapata July 2007 November 2007
42 Peru Agustín Castillo December 2007 December 2008
43 Argentina Pablo Centrone December 2008 April 2009
44 Brazil Eraldo Correia April 2009 December 2009
45 El Salvador Nelson Ancheta December 2009 March 2010
46 Uruguay Rubén Alonso March 2010 May 2010
47 Guatemala Carlos Mijangos June 2010 August 2010
48 Brazil Eraldo Correia September 2010 December 2010
49 Argentina Hugo Coria January 2011 September 2011
50 El Salvador Omar David Sevilla* October 2011 December 2011
51 Brazil Eraldo Correia * December 2011 January 2012
52 El Salvador Víctor Coreas January 2012 April 2013 1 Championship
53 El Salvador Omar David Sevilla * April 2013 June 2013
54 Serbia Vladan Vićević June 2013 September 2013
55 Honduras Raúl Martínez Sambulá September 2013 February 2014
56 El Salvador Edwin Portillo February 2014 March 2014
57 Colombia Jairo Ríos Rendón March 2014 May 2014
58 Argentina Daniel Messina June 2014 December 2014
59 Panama Julio Dely Valdés December 2014 May 2015
60 Brazil Eraldo Correia * May 2015 December 2015
61 El Salvador Juan Ramón Sánchez December 2015 June 2016
62 Argentina Edgardo Malvestiti June 2016 November 2016
5 Uruguay Darío Larrosa * November 2016 December 2016
56 Uruguay Jorge Daniel Casanova December 2016 August 2017
57 Argentina Osvaldo Escudero[10][11][12][13] August 2017 February 2018
58 El Salvador Marvin Benítez (interim) February 2018 March 2018
59 El Salvador Miguel Aguilar Obando[14][15] March 2018 June 2018
60 El Salvador Carlos Romero July 2018 Present

Kit makers[edit]

Years Kit manufacturers
1985–1986 Pony
1997–2000 Joma
2001–02 Galaxia
2003–04 Umbro
2004–07 Diadora
2007–09 Joma
2010 Nike
2011–12 Galaxia
2013 Diadora
2014–2018 Joma
2018– Maca

Ranking of CONCACAF clubs 2015[edit]

As of 25 April 2015[16]
Rank Country Team Points
23 Mexico Santos 79.768
24 El Salvador Águila 75.833
25 Mexico Morelia 73.992


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