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Logo chalate.png
Full name Asociación Deportiva Chalatenango
Nickname(s) Los Duros del Norte (The hard north)
Los Alacranes (The Scorpions)


1930; 87 years ago (1930), as C.D. Alacranes
1950; 67 years ago (1950), as Club Deportivo Chalatenango
2009; 8 years ago (2009), as Alacranes Del Norte
2012; 5 years ago (2012), as Clube Deportivo Chalatenango-Vendaval
2013; 4 years ago (2013), as Club Deportivos Chalatenango
10 July 2017; 3 months ago (10 July 2017) as Asociación Deportiva Chalatenango
Ground Estadio José Gregorio Martínez,
Chalatenango, El Salvador
Ground Capacity 15,000
Chairman El Salvador Rigoberto Mejía
Manager Argentina Ricardo Serrano
League El Salvador Primera División
Apertura 2016 Primera División 8th

Asociacion Deportiva Chalatenango is an Salvadoran professional football club based in Chalatenango, El Salvador, currently playing in the Salvadoran Premier League, El Salvador's top tier of football.[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

The club was founded in 1950 as CD Alacranes, and reformed in 1975 as Club Deportivo Chalatenango.[11] [12] [13] [14]

In 1975 the club relocated to their current Estadio José Gregorio Martínez stadium.[15]

They initially competed in the regional and national competition before eventually joining the full Salvadoran Second Division in 1960s, and subsequently enjoyed promotion to the top flight for the 1979 season.

Since its formation in 1950, the club has won three Segunda División Salvadoreño titles (1979, 1990, 2003) and one Tercera División Salvadoreño (2013 Clausura).

Its emblem and mascot is a Scorpion.


C.D. Alacranes[edit]

The club was founded in the early 1930s under the name of CD Alacranes, at a time where the giants of El Salvador soccer, Quequeisque of Santa Tecla, became defunct and were replaced by a new generation of clubs. The football club was formed by Don Jose Gregorio Martinez and a group of chalatecos whose purpose was to create a team that represented Chalatenango and the north of El Salvador. The team name, Alacranes, is Spanish for "Scorpions".

CD Alacranes acquired the license to participate and after many years of competition they demonstrated their quality in the inferior divisions by winning four championships. The team reached to the national finals in 1937, losing to CD 33 by a score of 3–1.[16] However its economic situation was in a terrible state putting its existence in danger. During that period, Colonel Oscar René Serrano accepted the leadership of the club, and with his experience, undertook the task of giving new life to the "Scorpions". The club ascended to the Salvadoran Second Division in the 1950s, changing their name from CD Alacranes to Club Deportivo Chalatenango.

Club Deportivo Chalatenango Success and insolvency (1979–2009)[edit]

In 1979, Club Deportivo Chalatenango obtained promotion to the Primera División de Fútbol Profesional and managed to stay there for ten years.

In 1990, CD Chalatenango were relegated to the Segunda División. They stayed in the Segunda División battling promotion for 13 years until they won promotion in 2003, but a year later they were relegated again.

However they were able to quickly return to the Primera División de Fútbol Professional by purchasing the spot of Coca-Cola for $250,000. [17]

In the 2008 Apertura, Chalatenango reached the final for the first time in the club's history under the direction of Carlos Melendez. After a 3–3 draw in normal time, they lost 4–3 on penalties, which allowed Isidro Metapán to become champions for the second time.

The team qualified for the 2009–10 CONCACAF Champions league knockout phase based on their record in apertura and clausura. On 26 June 2009, due to financial trouble, sold their spot in the Primera División de Fútbol Profesional to Municipal Limeño. Because the club failed to fill out the necessary paperwork to compete in the Second Division before the 7/23/09 deadline, CD Chalatenango did not compete during the 2009–10 season.

At the time, the club owed its former players $17,000 in unpaid salaries, and it owed CONCACAF $7,500 for pulling out of the CONCACAF Champions League [18]

Merger Years (2009–2013)[edit]

At the end of 2009, some of Chalatenango's former players created a new team, merging it with Nejapa FC to establish Alacranes Del Norte.

In 2010, the club filed the necessary paperwork to be able to compete in the Second Division.[19]

In 2012, The club merged with Vendaval to form Chalatenango-Vendaval and they played in the second division. However, after one season, in 2013, the partnership between Chalatenango and Vendaval ended and they split into two teams again, with Vendaval remaining in the Second Division while Chalatenango descending down a level to play in the third division.

Rebirth and another bankruptcy (2013–2017)[edit]

Chalatenango as asole entity for the first time in five years, they were able to win promotion to the sgeunda division via promotion playoff and they continued several attempts to gain promotion to the first division, they were unsuccessful

However, on 18 June 2015 the team purchased a franchise license in the new expansion of the Primera Division and will able to compete in the Primera Division for the Apertura 2015 season. [20]

Financial troubles precipitated a succession of ownership changes and the club's eventual bankruptcy in June 2017 with total liabilities of €218 thousand dollars and months of unpaid salaries. The club was allowed to finish the season but finished bottom of the league in th[clarification needed] place. They had License stripped and owner Francisco Perraza were suspended.

Another rebirth (2017–present)[edit]

The re-founded club, A.D. Chalatenango, was formed in July 2017, taking its name from the predecessor club and beating off competition from rival clubs to secure a place in the 2017-2018 season as the representative of Chalatenango.[21] Rigoberto Mejia was appointed as president and former coach Ricardo Serrano was chosen as head coach.


Chalatenango plays its home games at Estadio José Gregorio Martínez in Chalatenango. The Estadio José Gregorio Martínez is a 15,000-seat soccer-specific stadium.


Chalatenango's current biggest rivalry was with fellow Chalatenango based team Atlético Comalapa, against whom they contest the derby chalateco.

Another of Chalatenango's rivalry was with fellow Chalatenango based but now defunct team Alacranes Del Norte, against whom they contest the derby chalateco. The rivalry stems from Alacranes Del Norte 's relocation from Nejapa to Chalatenango and using the same colours and stadium as Chalatenango


Companies that Chalatenango currently has sponsorship deals with include:

  • Milan – Official Kit Suppliers
  • Alcadia Municipal Chalatenango – Official sponsors
  • MC San Antonio – Official sponsors
  • Canal 4 – Official sponsors
  • Lemus – Official sponsors



Men's section[edit]

International Tournament Titles[edit]

Current squad[edit]

As of March 2017: [22] Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 El Salvador GK Rafael Lucha
2 Colombia DF Yohalin Palacios
3 El Salvador DF Joel Arteaga
4 El Salvador DF Israel Landaverde
5 Colombia DF Carlos Angulo
6 El Salvador MF Melvin Escobar
7 El Salvador FW Manuel Otero
8 El Salvador MF Erick Molina
9 Colombia FW Bladimir Diaz Lesionado
10 El Salvador FW Víctor Dubón Captain
11 Honduras FW Williams Reyes
12 El Salvador FW Gustavo López
13 El Salvador DF Cristian Esnal
No. Position Player
15 El Salvador MF Henry Reyes
16 El Salvador MF Anibal Parada
17 El Salvador DF Ronald Pérez
19 El Salvador MF Henry Alvarenga
20 El Salvador DF Luis Ascensio
21 El Salvador GK Dennis Salinas
22 El Salvador GK Ismael Valladares
23 El Salvador DF Francisco Granados
24 Colombia MF Élder Figueroa
27 El Salvador FW Carlos Zamora
28 El Salvador MF Raúl Cruz
29 El Salvador MF Fran Medrano
99 El Salvador FW Walter Soto


Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
El Salvador MF Anibal Parada (From Juventud Independiente)
Colombia MF Yohalin Palacios (From Atlético Comalapa)
El Salvador DF Cristian Esnal (From Free Agent)
Colombia DF Carlos Angulo (From Free Agent)
Colombia FW Bladimir Diaz (From Free Agent)
El Salvador FW Williams Reyes (From Free Agent)
No. Position Player
El Salvador MF Erick Molina (From Atlético Marte)
El Salvador MF Gustavo Lopez (From Free Agent)
El Salvador MF Francisco Granados (From Free Agent)
El Salvador FW Walter Soto (From Free Agent)


Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
El Salvador GK Kevin Carabantes (to Municipal Limeño)
No. Position Player
Uruguay FW Rodrigo Martín Cubilla (to Petapa)

Players with dual citizenship[edit]

Reserve League squad[edit]

Chalatenango's Reserve squad plays in the twelve-team Primera División Reserves (El Salvador). Current members of the squad are:[23]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
41 El Salvador GK Kevin Carabantes
42 El Salvador MF Carlos Martínez
43 El Salvador MF Óscar Rodríguez
44 El Salvador MF Rónald Pérez
45 El Salvador José Ortega
46 El Salvador Yonatán Guardado
47 El Salvador Dennis Menjívar
48 El Salvador MF Carlos Zamora
No. Position Player
49 El Salvador Alexander Pérez
50 El Salvador Alexis Hernández
51 El Salvador Xavier Zelaya
52 El Salvador Javier Martínez
53 El Salvador Juan Carlos Rivera
54 El Salvador Francisco Posada
55 El Salvador Leonel Beltrán
56 El Salvador Francisco Posada


Coaching staff[edit]

Position Staff
Manager Argentina Ricardo Serrano
Assistant Managers El Salvador Geovanni Portillo
Reserve Manager El Salvador Omar Pimentel
Under 17 Manager El Salvador Mark Mrtinez
Sports Director Netherlands Frank Villela
Goalkeeper Coach El Salvador Carlos Funes
Fitness Coach El Salvador José Luis Guerra
Team Doctor El Salvador Wilfredo Guerra
Knesliogiocal El Salvador Josè Isaac Rodriguez
Utlity El Salvador Joselito Galdámez


Position Staff
Owner El Salvador Asociación Deportiva Municipal de Chalatenango
President El Salvador Rigoberto Mejía
Vice President El Salvador Josúe Echeverriia
Management Representative El Salvador Alberto Fernandez
Assistant Representative El Salvador Omar Peraza Alvarenga
Administrative Manager El Salvador Candelario Cruz Godoy
Administrative Assistant Manager El Salvador Rosa Alas
Sports Manager El Salvador Kevin Rivera

Presidential history[edit]

Name Year
El Salvador Humberto Romero 1984–??
El Salvador Jesús Navas ????–03
El Salvador José Elías Romero 2003–04
El Salvador José Salvador Cardoza 2005–06
El Salvador Lisandro Pohl 2006–08
El Salvador José Salvador Cardoza 2008–09
El Salvador Rigoberto Mejía 2009–15
El Salvador Reynaldo Cardoza 2015–16
El Salvador Francisco Peraza 2016
El Salvador Fernando Alas 2017
El Salvador Rigoberto Mejía 2017-


The following managers have all led Chalatenango to at least one of the following achievements whilst in charge of the club: winning a major trophy or reaching the final, winning promotion or reaching the quarter-finals of a major CONCACAF competition.

Name Period Trophies
El Salvador TBD 1979–1980 Segunda Division (Champion)
El Salvador TBD 1990 Segunda Division (Champion)
Argentina Raúl Héctor Cocherari 2002–2003 Segunda Division (Champion)
El Salvador Carlos Antonio Meléndez 2008 Primera Division 2008 Apertura (Runner up)
Honduras German Pérez 2013 Tercera division (Champion)

Table of top scorers in our history[edit]

Position Player Season Goals Scored
Soccer ball animated.svg 1 Colombia El Salvador Bladimir Diaz 2017 11
  • Current players


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