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Municipal Limeño
Escudo del C.D. Municipal Limeño.png
Full nameClub Deportivo Municipal Limeño
Nickname(s)Los Chancheros
Founded11 September 1949
GroundEstadio Jose Ramon Flores,[1]
Santa Rosa de Lima
ChairmanEl Salvador Samuel Gálvez
ManagerEl Salvador Nelson Mauricio Ancheta
LeagueEl Salvador Primera División
2020 AperturaOverall: 5th
Playoffs: Quarterfinal

Club Deportivo Municipal Limeño is a professional Salvadoran football Primera División side based in Santa Rosa de Lima, La Unión, El Salvador.[2] Their home stadium is Estadio Jose Ramon Flores, with a capacity of 5,000.

Limeño have won five Segunda División titles. Municipal Limeño have lost two Primera División finals in 1999 and 2001.


The club was founded on 11 September 1949 and started and continue to be based in the town of Santa Rosa de Lima in the department of La Union. The club began playing in the second division and spent almost twenty years there until in 1971 Municipal Limeño got promoted to the top flight at the expense of UCA.

First tenure in the first division (1972–1975)[edit]

Municipal Limeño campaign of the 1972 season was exceptional one for a newly promoted team with them coming in sixth place with sixteen points their team was led strongly by the Guatemalan Tomas Gambo, who scored five goals (the team leading goalscorer) and enabled the club to qualify to the semi-final group. However their experience was an unhappy one with the team losing all their games and bowing out of championship contention. Limeño 1973 and 1974 season were unhappy campaign with the team struggling and finishing in the relegation group, however both time the team managed to survive relegation at the expense of Excelsior and Sonsonate. But after several near relegation, Municipal Limeño finally were relegated in the 1975 season after only earning 16 points from 33 games. The club were forced to play a promotion-relegation battle against Once Municipal in which the team lost and were relegated to the second division along with Juventud Olímpico.

Second Tenure in the first division (1993–2005)[edit]

It would not be until 1993, 18 years after getting relegated, that they would make a return to the first division. during their second tenure (1993–05) in the first division they reached the semi-finals six times, including reaching the grand final in the Apertura 1999 and Apertura 2000 under the coaching off Óscar Emigdio Benítez however both time the club lost in the grand final against Águila. They were once again relegated in 2005, after they lost a promotion-relegation match against Coca-Cola of Soyapango.

Third Tenure in the first division (2009–2010)[edit]

On 26 June 2009, Chalatenango going through financial troubles, sold their spot in the top flight Primera División to side Limeño. This resulted Municipal Limeño's return to the First Division after a four-year hiatus. However their campaign was an unhappy one with them finishing second last and forcing them to play a promotion/relegation match against Once Municipal which they lost and were relegated to the Second Division and that's where the club has remained ever since.

Recent Events[edit]

The club spent the next few seasons trying to regain promotion to the First Division, they made several second division semi-finals and grand finals but always falling short, however the club finally succeeded when they won the Apertura 2015 title defeating Fuerte San Francisco, then winning the Clausura 2016 title defeating Atlético Comalapa of Chalatenango 5–4 in penalties, after tying on aggregate 3–3, the club were promoted back to the Primera Division.


Municipal Limeño plays their home matches on the Estadio Jose Ramon Flores in the suburb of Santa Rosa de Lima in La Union. The Estadio Jose Ramon Flores has been Municipal Limeño's home stadium since its creation 1963.[3][4]

Home stadiums[edit]


Municipal Limeño have rivalries with several clubs, including local rivalries with Atlético Balboa. A rivalry with Águila was created when Águila and Limeño, faced each other twice in grand finals (Both falling in the way of Águila). When former Limeño player Rudis Corrales moved to Águila, it caused uproar with Águila supporters.

Limeno has supported a long rivalry with Pasaquina for geographical reasons, since both are from the province of La Union; this clash is called the "Derby Unionense."


Domestic honours[edit]

Current squad[edit]

[5] Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK El Salvador SLV Abiel Aguilera
2 DF El Salvador SLV Meyson Ascensio
3 DF El Salvador SLV Mario Machado
4 DF El Salvador SLV Walter Guevara
5 DF El Salvador SLV Rómulo Villalobos
6 MF El Salvador SLV Raúl Guzmán
7 FW El Salvador SLV Harold Alas
8 MF El Salvador SLV Willian Canales (captain)
9 FW Paraguay PAR Hugo Oviedo
FW Colombia COL Eisner Loboa
12 DF El Salvador SLV Ramón Viera
14 MF El Salvador SLV F Méndez
No. Pos. Nation Player
15 MF El Salvador SLV Blas Lizama
16 FW El Salvador SLV Ramón Rodríguez
17 El Salvador SLV Carlos Garcia
19 MF El Salvador SLV Fabricio Torres
22 GK El Salvador SLV William Ernesto Torres
24 Colombia COL Robinson Aponzá
26 El Salvador SLV Joel Turcios
27 DF El Salvador SLV Ever Acosta
30 Colombia COL Yosimar Quinones
MF El Salvador SLV Luis Méndez
MF El Salvador SLV Ever Rodriguez
FW El Salvador SLV Kevin Oviedo


Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
MF Mexico MEX Felipe Ponce (From TBD)
GK El Salvador SLV Gustavo Vega (From C.D. Sonsonate)
FW Colombia COL Oswal Álvarez (From TBD)
El Salvador SLV Jose Angel Pena (From TBD)
El Salvador SLV Wilfredo Cienfuegos (From TBD)
No. Pos. Nation Player
El Salvador SLV Roberto Quintanilla (From Platense)
El Salvador SLV Rene Gomez (From Santa Tecla F.C.)
El Salvador SLV TBD (From TBD)
El Salvador SLV TBD (From TBD)


Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
- GK El Salvador SLV William Ernesto Torres (To Once Deportivo de Ahuachapan)
- Colombia COL Robinson Aponzá (To TBD)
- El Salvador SLV William Canales (To C.D. Luis Angel Firpo)
- El Salvador SLV (To TBD)
No. Pos. Nation Player
- Colombia COL Eisner Loboa (To TBD)
- El Salvador SLV (To TBD)
- El Salvador SLV (To TBD)
- El Salvador SLV (To TBD)

Players with dual citizenship[edit]

  • El Salvador United States TBD

Current technical staff of Municipal Limeño 2020/2023[edit]

Coaching staff[edit]

Position Staff
Manager Mexico Bruno Martinez
Assistant Manager El Salvador Jose Tobar
Reserve Manager El Salvador Jose Romero
Under 17 Manager El Salvador José Dagoberto Sosa
Ladies Manager El Salvador TBD
Goalkeeper Coach El Salvador Mauricio Vargas
Under 15 Manager El Salvador Rudys Corrales
Fitness Coach El Salvador Carlos Eduardo Solito
Team Doctor El Salvador Raul Juarez
Kinesiologist El Salvador Salmon Blanco
Utility El Salvador Manuel Torres

Reserve Municipal Limeño 2020/2021[edit]

Reserve squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
31 MF El Salvador SLV Delwin Hernández
32 MF El Salvador SLV Vicente Hernández
33 FW El Salvador SLV Luis Blanco
34 FW El Salvador SLV Nelson Escobar
36 MF El Salvador SLV Cristian Alvarado
37 FW El Salvador SLV Erick Espinoza
40 DF El Salvador SLV José Canales
41 MF El Salvador SLV Luis Rivera
42 DF El Salvador SLV Ramón Velásquez
No. Pos. Nation Player
43 MF El Salvador SLV Erick Santos
44 MF El Salvador SLV Carlos Ábrego
46 MF El Salvador SLV Ericsson Chávez
47 MF El Salvador SLV Paul Cedillos
49 FW El Salvador SLV Kevin Majano
53 DF El Salvador SLV Douglas Vásquez
55 GK El Salvador SLV Marcos Hernández
60 DF El Salvador SLV Josué Ramírez

Management Municipal Limeño 2020/2023[edit]

Board of Directors[edit]

Position Staff
Owner El Salvador Soccer Association of Limeño
President El Salvador Samuel Gálvez
Vice-President El Salvador Rómulo Gómez
Alternate Vice-President El Salvador Eduardo Chávez
Secretary El Salvador Benjamín Lazo
Administrative Manager El Salvador Pablo Cruz
Representative El Salvador Mártir Herrera
Sports Manager El Salvador Alejandro González
Club Administrative Manager El Salvador Carlos Cruz


League history[edit]



Internationals who have played at Limeño[edit]

Players marked in bold gained their caps while playing at Limeno.


  • Only captains in competitive matches are included.
  • Players marked in bold are still playing in the professional team.
Captain Nationality Years Notes
Mario Ruiz  El Salvador 1994
Omar Sevilla  El Salvador 1994-1995
Ivan Nolasco  Honduras 1996
Elmer Martinez  El Salvador -2001
Victorino Arcadio Velásquez  El Salvador 2003
Víctor Velásquez  El Salvador 2010
Pastor Melgar  El Salvador 2016
Jefferson Viveros  Colombia 2016
Francisco Jovel Álvarez  El Salvador 2017-2017
Carlos del Giorno  Argentina 2017-2017
Diego Coca  El Salvador 2018-2018
Francisco Jovel Álvarez  El Salvador 2018-2018
Mario Machado  El Salvador 2019-2020
William Canales  El Salvador 2021

Personnel honours[edit]


  • Debut in the primera division: 2–3 FAS, Estadio Santaneco, 7 May 1972
  • Highest league position: 1st in the Primera division (Apertura 1999, Apertura 2000)
  • Best post season finish: Runners up (Apertura 1999, Apertura 2000)
  • Record League victory: 8–3 vs. Dragón (Primera Division, May 2003)
  • Largest Home victory, Primera División: 4-1 v TBD, 2 February 2020
  • Largest Away victory, Primera División: 3-0 v TBD, 29 October 2018
  • Largest Home loss, Primera División: 1–3 v TBD, 4 November 2018
  • Largest Away loss, Primera División: 1-4 v TBD, 7 April 2019
  • Record attendance at Estadio Jose Ramon Flores : 25,133 v TBD, Primera Division (TBD)
  • Most League appearances: 317, TBD (TBD)
  • Most League goals scored: total, Tbd, TBD (1998–2003)
  • Most League goals scored, season: 13,
  • Worst season: TBD 2002-2003: 0 win, 0 draws and 0 losses (0 points)
  • Debut in Concacaf Competition:
  • First CONCACAF Champions League match: Municipal Limeño 1–2 Forge FC; Estadio Cuscatlan; 23 October 2020.

Individual records[edit]

  • Record appearances (all competitions): TBD, 822 from 1957 to 1975
  • Record appearances (Primera Division): Paraguayan TBD, 64 from 2018 to 2019
  • Most capped player for El Salvador: 76 (17 whilst at Limeno), Rudis Corrales
  • Most international caps for El Salvador while a Limeno player: 17, Rudis Corrales
  • Most caps won whilst at Limeno: 17, Rudis Corrales.
  • Record scorer in league: Rudis Corrales, 77
  • First goal scorer in International competition: Kevin Oviedo (v. Forge FC; Estadio Cuscatlan; 23 October 2020)
  • Most goals in a season (all competitions): TBD, 62 (1927/28) (47 in League, 15 in Cup competitions)
  • Most goals in a season (Primera Division): Rudis Corrales (Clausura 2001) and Jefferson Viveros (Apertura 2016), 13
  • Longest streak without conceding a goal: Abiel Aguilera 495 minutes (Apertura 2017) [13]
  • First international to play for Limeno – Jorge Vásquez, 1973 (El Salvador 1967-1972)
  • First Limeno international – Magdonio Corrales (for El Salvador v Guatemala, 19 March 1999)

Top goalscorers (Apertura/Clausura season games only)[edit]

No. Player period Goals
1 El Salvador Rudis Corrales 1997-2003 77
2 El Salvador Josué Galdámez 1999-2004, 2008 28
3 El Salvador Magdonio Corrales 1993-2002, 2004 27
4 Honduras Clayvin Zuniga 2016-2020 26
5 El Salvador Deris Umanzor 1998-2004 26
6 Colombia Carlos Villarreal 2000 18
7 Colombia Jefferson Viveros 2017 13
8 Colombia Jorge Sandoval 2002 13
9 Paraguay Gabriel Garcete 2004, 2009 12
10 Uruguay Raul Falero 2000-2001 10
10 Uruguay Ruben Alonso 1995 10

Note: Players in bold text are still active with Municipal Limeno

Other departments[edit]


Reserve team[edit]

The reserve team serves mainly as the final stepping stone for promising young players under the age of 21 before being promoted to the main team. The second team is coached by Eduardo Castillo. the team played in the Primera División Reserves, their greatest successes were winning the Reserve championships in Clausura 2001, Apertura 2008. It plays its home matches at TBD, adjacent to the first team's ground, and it is coached by José Romero.

Junior teams[edit]

The youth team (under 17 and under 15) has produced some of El Salvador's top football players, including TBD and TBD. It plays its home matches at TBD, adjacent to the first team's ground, and it is coached by José Dagoberto Sosa.

Women's team[edit]

The women's first team, which is led by head coach TBD, features several members of the El Salvador national ladies team. Their greatest successes were reaching the Clausura 2019 final which they ended up losing 7-1 to FAS Ladies team. The women's team was created in 2018 and will first participate in 2019[14]


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