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C. Douglas Payne
Born (1949-07-05) July 5, 1949 (age 70)
Akron, Ohio, United States
Pen nameC. D. Payne
OccupationAuthor, playwright, portable museum curator
GenreAbsurdist fiction, humor, plays
Notable worksYouth in Revolt (1993)

C. D. Payne (born C. Douglas Payne; July 5, 1949) is an American writer of absurdist fiction who is best known for his series of novels about fictional teenager Nick Twisp. They are called the "Youth in Revolt" series or "The Journals of Nick Twisp."

In the novels the protagonist, Nick, strives to balance out his budding sexual urges while remaining an intellectual teenager in a world of moronic adults.

Along with the "Youth" series he is the author of several other novels including Frisco Pigeon Mambo and Civic Beauties, a parody of politics in the United States, which follows the lives of teenage twin girls whose father is campaigning to be Vice President. He has also published a play titled, Queen of America: A Royal Comedy in Three Acts. Frisco Pigeon Mambo was bought by Fox Animation, but was never made into a film.

Youth in Revolt was developed and distributed by Dimension Films in January 2010.

Personal life[edit]

Payne was born in Akron, Ohio in 1949 (July 5). He graduated from Harvard College in 1971. He then moved to California and lived in a trailer in Santa Monica.[1] He has worked as a newspaper editor, cartoonist, typesetter, graphic artist, proofreader, photographer, advertising copywriter, trailer park handyman, and carpenter.

He is married and lives with his pet in Sonoma County, California.[1]

Payne is an avid collector of campers, mobile homes, and trailers. His most prized possession is a 1964 Airstream trailer.[1]

Selected bibliography[edit]

Nick Twisp series[edit]

  1. Youth in Revolt: The Journals of Nick Twisp (contains books 1–3) (Aivia Press, 1993). Contains:
  • Book 1: Youth in Revolt
  • Book 2: Youth in Bondage
  • Book 3: Youth in Exile
NOTE: All subsequent reprints are also titled Youth in Revolt: The Journals of Nick Twisp (Doubleday, 1995: ISBN 0-385-47693-0) (Main Street Books, 1996: ISBN 0-385-48196-9) (published by Quartet in the UK), but they contain edited versions of books 1–3.
  • Cut to the Twisp: The Lost Parts of Youth in Revolt and Other Stories (Contains the content that was edited out of the Main Street Books and Doubleday editions of Youth in Revolt, and it also contains an additional dozen short humor pieces) (Aivia Press, 2001: ISBN 1-882647-03-3)
  1. Revolting Youth: The Further Journals of Nick Twisp (a.k.a. Book 4: Revolting Youth) (Aivia Press, 2000: ISBN 1-882647-15-7)
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  6. Licensed To Revolt: The Journals of Twisps on the Move (a.k.a. Book 9: Licensed To Revolt) (Aivia Press, 2018: ISBN 9781882647309)


Other books[edit]


  • Queen of America: A Royal Comedy in Three Acts (Aivia Press, 2001: ISBN 1-882647-10-6)
The inaugural performance was by the City Lights Theater Company in San Jose, CA.

Television and film[edit]

  • Episode #2A of Disney's Recess; titled "Mama's Girl" (3rd episode of the second season). Aired on September 19, 1998. Teleplay was based on a story that C. D. Payne wrote for the show.
  • Frisco Pigeon Mambo. The film rights to this novel are currently owned by the now defunct Fox Animation Studios. It is unknown what the status is or plans are with these rights.
  • Youth in Revolt was released January 8, 2010.


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