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1º de Agosto
CD Primeiro de Agosto (logo).png
Full name Clube Desportivo Primeiro de Agosto
Nickname(s) D'Agosto
Os Rubro e Negros
Os Militares
O Glorioso
Founded 1 August 1977; 41 years ago (1977-08-01)
Ground Estádio 11 de Novembro
Luanda, Angola
Ground Capacity 48,500
Ground Coordinates Coordinates: 8°58′12″S 13°17′01″E / 8.9699473°S 13.2836723°E / -8.9699473; 13.2836723
President Carlos Hendrick (Aug 2011–)
Manager Zoran Manojlović (Dec 2017–)
League 11× Girabola
Angola Cup
Angola Super Cup
2017 Girabola, 1st
Website Club website
Current season

Clube Desportivo 1º de Agosto is a multisports club from Luanda, Angola. The club, founded August 1, 1977, is attached to the Angolan armed forces, which is its main sponsor. Its main team competes in men's football, and its professional basketball team is also noteworthy within the club. The club's colors are red and black. The club won its first title in football, the Angolan League, in 1979.[1] and in basketball in 1980. Handball and Volleyball have also won many titles to the club.

The Primeiro de Agosto Sports Club has its football team competing at the local level, in the events organized by the Angolan Football Federation, namely the Angolan National Football Championship a.k.a. Girabola, the Angola Cup and the Angola Super Cup as well as at continental level, at the annual competitions organized by the African Football Confederation (CAF), including the CAF Champions League and the CAF Confederation Cup.


Runner-up: (6) 1992, 1997, 1998, 2004, 2011, 2017
Runner-up: (2) 1993, 2007

Recent seasons[edit]

C.D. Primeiro de Agosto's season-by-season performance since 2001:
As of 11 November 2017

  • PR = Preliminary round, 1R = First round, GS = Group stage, R32 = Round of 32, R16 = Round of 16, QF = Quarter-finals, SF = Semi-finals, RU = Runner-Up, W = Winner


Primeiro de Agosto is in the process of building its own football stadium. Named after Gen. França Ndalu, the 20,000-seat stadium whose works began in 2012 and are scheduled to be completed in 2019, is part of a sports complex that includes a youth academy with boarding facilities and two football courts for training purposes, a secondary school, a university, a tennis court, office buildings, an olympic swimming pool and a 2,500-seat indoor sports arena. The stadium is located at the Cassequel neighborhood in Luanda.[9]

League & Cup Positions[edit]

Performance in CAF competitions[edit]

 1º Agosto 3-0 FC Platinum

Players and staff[edit]



As of February 2018

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Angola GK Julião
3 Angola DF Natael
4 Democratic Republic of the Congo DF Bobo
5 Angola DF Dani (c)
6 Angola DF Bonifácio
7 Angola MF Mingo Bile
8 Angola MF Gogoró
9 Angola DF Buá
10 Nigeria MF Ibukun
11 Angola MF Geraldo
12 Angola GK Tony Cabaça
13 Democratic Republic of the Congo FW Mongo
14 Angola MF Nélson
15 Nigeria DF Yisa
No. Position Player
16 Angola MF Macaia
17 Angola FW Guelor
18 Angola FW Vado
19 Angola DF Paizo
20 Democratic Republic of the Congo FW Jacques
21 Angola DF Isaac
22 Angola GK Neblú
23 Angola MF Show
24 Angola MF Vanilson
25 Angola MF Catraio
26 Angola FW Fofó
27 Nigeria FW Razaq
28 Angola FW Meda
30 Angola MF Cirilo


Name Nat Position(s)
Technical staff
Zoran Manojlović Serbia Head Coach
Filipe Nzanza Angola Assistant Coach
Ivo Traça Angola Assistant Coach
Napoleão Brandão Angola Goalkeeper Coach
Abel Sanz Cuba Physician
Leonilde Ferreira Angola Psychotherapist
Jorge Nabais Angola Fitness Coach
Feliciano Madalena Angola Physio
Andrade Mendes Angola Physio
Carlos Hendrick Angola Chairman
Paulo Magueijo Angola Vice-Chairman
José Marcelino Angola Head of Foot Dept
Carlos Alves Angola Spokesman

Manager history[edit]

Season Coach S L C Coach S L C
1979 Angola Nicola Berardinelli 1979 Girabola
1980 Angola Ferreira Pinto Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Ivan Ridanović 1980 Girabola
1981 Angola Joaquim Dinis 1981 Girabola
1982 Argentina Mário Imbelloni
1984 Angola Napoleão Brandão 1984 Angola Cup
1985 Angola Nicola Berardinelli Brazil Paulo Roberto
1990 Serbia Dušan Condić 1990 Angola Cup
1991 1991 Angola SuperCup 1991 Girabola 1991 Angola Cup
1992 1992 Angola SuperCup 1992 Girabola
1993 Brazil Djalma Cavalcante
1994 Brazil Djalma Cavalcante
1996 Angola Calado / Ndunguidi Angola Ndunguidi 1996 Girabola
1997 Serbia Dušan Condić Angola Mário Calado
1998 Angola Ndunguidi Daniel 1998 Angola SuperCup 1998 Girabola
1999 1999 Angola SuperCup 1999 Girabola
2000 2000 Angola SuperCup Angola Mário Calado
2001 Brazil Waldemar Cerdeira
2002 Angola Jaime Chimalanga
2003 Angola Jaime Chimalanga Serbia Dušan Condić
2004 Serbia Dušan Condić Angola Ndunguidi Daniel Netherlands Jan Brouwer
2005 Netherlands Jan Brouwer
2006 2006 Girabola 2006 Angola Cup
2007 2007 Angola SuperCup Portugal Vítor Manuel
2008 Portugal Vítor Manuel
2009 Russia Viktor Bondarenko Angola Humberto Chaves 2009 Angola Cup
2010 Serbia Ljubinko Drulović 2010 Angola SuperCup
2011 Portugal Carlos Manuel Angola Romeu Filemón
2012 Angola Romeu Filemón
2013 Mozambique Daúto Faquirá
2014 Mozambique Daúto Faquirá Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Jović
2015 Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Jović
2016 2016 Girabola
2017 2017 Angola SuperCup 2017 Girabola
2018 Serbia Zoran Manojlović

Chairman history[edit]

Santana André Pitra Petroff 1977  – 1979
Pedro de Castro Van-Dúnem Loy 1979  – 1982
Iko Carreira 1982  – 1988
Justino Fernandes 1988  – 1993
Mello Xavier 1993  – 1997
Pedro Neto * 1997  – Dec 2006
Raúl Hendrick Dec 2006  – Aug 2011
Carlos Hendrick * Aug 2011  – present

* Served two consecutive terms


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