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Vista Hermosa
Vista Hermosa logo.png
Full name Club Deportivo Vista Hermosa
Nickname(s) Los Correcaminos
Founded 17 April 1999
Ground Estadio Correcaminos,
San Francisco Gotera, Morazán, El Salvador
Ground Capacity 12,000
Chairman Francisco Benítez
Manager José Efraín Núñez
League Liga Media Salvadoreña
Liga Media Liga Media Salvadoreña, 10th

Club Deportivo Vista Hermosa, was a Salvadoran professional football club, based in San Francisco Gotera, Morazán, playing in the regional league football, which represents the Fourth Division of the Salvadoran football.[1]

C.D. Vista Hermosa, represents El Salvador when playing in international competitions CONCACAF or FIFA.

Vista Hermosa, from its foundation in 1999, have played their home games at the stadium Estadio Luis Amílcar Moreno in San Francisco Gotera, Morazán, El Salvador, until 2009 where the board and the association of the Benítez family received the inauguration of their new house, the Estadio Correcaminos.[2]


Early years (17 April 1999)[edit]

The club was founded on April 17, 1999, by Mr. José Gilberto Flores. Popularly known as Paquito Flores.

From entoces Mr. Jose Gilberto, is the first president in the history of D.C. Vista Hermosa, a position he held since its founding in 1999 until 2000, that health problems leaves the administrative seat of the team beautiful view at an administrative meeting, with most who were part of the executive team announced the output of the founder of the team for some time was the founder and only president of Vista Hermosa and the new candidate is elected, to hold the presidency and total charge of the team at that, time had acendido from the fourth division Asia third division of profecional soccer of El salvador, I met all administrative team officials aspirants to the presidential throne team, beautiful view where anucia announced the only candidate Pedro Hernandez, who by logic resulted with the backing of the board and not have competition for the presidency is elected new president of the CD Vista Hermosa, the day December 28, 2000, subsequent mind the Jan. 2, 2001, hand Mr. Jose Gilberto outgoing president presented the new team president Mr. Pedro Hernandez, who won the endorsement and support of all managers, staff and fans of Vista Hermosa.

Second stage (Jan. 2, 2001)[edit]

And with the new Chairman according to Mr. Pedro Hernandez the C.D. Vista Hermosa, comiensa, your adventure for the first time in their footballing history, in the third Cadre division Salvadoran soccer.

In the first year of management Mr. Pedro Hernandez, the team went well, being about to achieve the final third division, and so to aspiration, even coveted dream of the ascent to second division the Salvadoran Cadre football, but these were dreams they were interrupted by a universitaro heard over that ropio the dream of fans, celestial on aggregate 3-2 in favor of team Gerardo Barrios University.

After the season and having an excellent sporting level in the third division, it has encircle a new investor name, Francisco Benitez, to show the interest, the person on the purchase and acquisition, total equipment, beautiful view and having such interest the board, meets and hopes the offer, young, Francisco Benitez, which is presented, the March 1, 2000, for the Total # of 5,000 five thousand Salvadoran colones, about 560.85 US dollars, which caused mockery, for the policy was rejected, so I notify, team president Mr. Pedro Hernandez to the Lord, Benitez.

For the following season in third division under the management of Mr. Pedro Hernandez, the beautiful view lacks more fans and sponsors resulting in an increase in debts organization event Salvadoran $2.000 billion. which the board and the president is not willing to assume mainly by the poor performance of the blue team having it last in the overall standings, almost relieved to third division Salvadoran Cadre football to the fourth division, so seeing the mismanagement of the club, the throughout Disclaimer directive leaving only the president, acting at that moment, looking at the situation President Hernandez, who clearly broke the team and relist, at that time Repárese, an old interest, from year ago of Mr. Francisco Benitez who buys the beautiful view team for the Total # of $3.000 Salvadoran three thousand dollars.

On December 1, 2001, the sale is formalized, C.D. Vista Hermosa for next year Mr. Francisco Benitez by the Salvadoran 3,000mil Total # of dollars so the president in function, Mr. Pedro Hernandez also reported, said even economic mismanagement, had saved the team from being relegated to the fourth division Cadre Salvadoran soccer.

Senior management with new freeholder (Jan. 5, 2002)[edit]

The staff of C.D. Vista Hermosa, welcomed, the new president and team owner day January 3, 2002, with high expectations, give him welcome Mr. Francisco Benitez, new owner of C.D. Vista Hermosa.

With the investment of the new president Mr., benitez, economic problems, the team dissolve and start a new phase of growth for the C.D. Vista Hermosa sports.

For the 2003-2004 season, C.D. Vista Hermosa, under the management of Mr. Francisco Benitez, buy the, category ascent to the second division Salvadoran soccer, amounting to approximately 2,000 thousand Salvadoran dollars, the team Gerardo Barrios University, December 15, 2003 becomes official the purchase, to attend the tournament, second division the Salvadoran football.

The first major tournament of national football[edit]

The new season 2003/2004 League second division Plata[edit]

The first match of second division of Salvadoran football ended with positive results for the C.D. Vista Hermosa.

All the effort for 33 dates in the Second Division, has left as a result of eight teams, who play today begin the second phase of classification, to the path of ascent first season for the first ascent of 2005.

This has been one of the most disputed in the Silver League championships, because the performance has been evidenced in the number of goals scored and every game player; specifically on computers that have been reinforced with a view to seeking promotion to the First Division.

In Group "A" to qualify Fort (Fuerte San Francisco, Juventud Indep., Telecom and Inca Súper Flat). The coup leader Fort took him 12 points and finished the Independent Youth classifying first with 81 points.

While in Group "B", the walk of the classified equipment (Vista Hermosa, Dragon, Chalatenango and Coca-Cola) was a similar level to that of "A".

Estubo the surprises of the tournament in group "B"

In the case of Vista Hermosa unbelievers left open mouth as it was the team that kept its rhythm and its permanence; He was placed in the first position not to release it. The other team Gotera obtained at the end of the three dates 68 points and 13 on his pursuer, the Dragon.

Thus culminated the second tournament of professional soccer division El Salvador, with eight classified.

In Group "A", to qualify Fort (Fuerte San Francisco, Juventud Indep., Telecom and Inca Súper Flat)was a similar level to that of "B".

While in Group "B", the walk of the classified equipment (Vista Hermosa, Dragon, Chalatenango and Coca-Cola) was a similar level to that of "A".

For the next round two groups of four teams eight teams divided into two groups formed by each group total immunity.

Second round way Cadre first Salvadoran soccer division 2005.

Group "A" Fuerte San Francisco, Dragon, Coca-Cola, Telecom.

Group "B" Vista Hermosa, Chalatenango, Juventud Indep., Inca Súper Flat.

For the next stage to play the semifinals, they classified two per group total will come out four teams.

Once this face of elimination disputed finalist gave the following computer for the ascent to first division promotion 2005.

Team qualified for semi finals of the tournament second division.

Nota: para la face de semi finales no cuenta la serie ni los goles lo que cuenta son los puntos, hay seis puntos en juego, en cada serie.

Road Semifinal 1 Vista Hermosa 2 vs 3 Telecom

series penalty Vista Hermosa 4 vs 3 Telecom Global final score 4 to 3 in favor of Vista Hermos

It should be emphasized that the Vista Hermos tied the series to six goals but won the penalty shootout which is what happens to the leda fine for the first ascent promotion division 2005

Road Semifinal 2 Juventud Indep. 1 vs 6Coca-Cola Global final score 6 to 1 in favor of Coca-Cola

Final match of second division professional soccer Salvadoran season 2004/2005[edit]

Vista Hermos vs Coca-Cola

Take a team to win a championship is not easy, win once is touching the sky with your hands and is often be forgotten.

Many technicians have been immortalized by the fact achieve a feat to which we aspire in any competition, winning the championship.

So the technician Mr. Mario Martínez, hours before the final was expressed.

Final Score Vista Hermosa 5-4 Coca-Cola

The football game dreamed for goterese a final of great power, second division Salvadoran football where overtime where René Domingo Alvarez was necessary, glared dream of the capital thus ensuring the championship second division and the right to form part in the new tournament next season division first Salvadoran football for the 2005 season.

Data soccer match (Herbert Márquez Time Goal 36, 39, 86, Eider Mosquera Time Goal 59, René Domingo AlvarezTime Goal 119).

(Elías "Chilena" Montes Time Goal 21, 24, 82, Ramírez Time Goal 43).

Alignment of the final

  Vista Hermosa:  González, Sánchez, Torres, Chinchilla, Romero, Campos
     Quiñónez, Portillo, Márquez, Ávila,Mosquera,Substitutions final, (Álvarez 31),
    (Sosa 46), (Hernández 104);
  Coca-Cola: Trinidad; A. González, Martínez, Amaya; F. González, Granado
     W. González, Escalante, Alvarado, Montes, Ramírez,Substitutions final, (Alfaro 46),
    (Pérez 60),(Pasadi 65);

First season in First Division of the Salvadoran football season 2005[edit]

In 2005, the club achieved its first major honor by winning the Salvadoran Primera División, the 2005 Apertura championship.

Club Deportivo Vista Hermosa is one of the revelations of the new century. 2005 proved to be perhaps their most successful year so far, by winning both championships, the Segunda División which got them promoted for the very first time and the Primera division Apertura 2005 championship. They created history as well by becoming the youngest team to win both treble since 1974. The correcaminos were actually created to help remove youth from the gangs and the violence and drugs associated with them.

Until this remarkable period not many had heard a mention of this club, however they were able to overcome the obstacle of the big five of the Segunda División, which at the time were Fuerte San Francisco, Chalatenago,C.D Telecom, Dragón and C.D. Coca-Cola. For the Apertura 2005, which was their very first tournament in the top flight, they were able to finish second place on the table with a record of 10 wins, 7 losses, and one draw. After defeating Luis Ángel Firpo in the semi-finals of the post-season, they were up against Isidro Metapán in the final, who had the best defense statistics in the whole tournament. Both sides had never achieved winning the title. However, in the end, the Correcaminos won thanks to Mario Deras, who scored twice in extra time. Club Deportivo Vista Hermosa's main rival is Fuerte San Francisco, due to its close proximity and their fierce clashes to qualify to the Primera División. However, Vista Hermosa recently has been more dominant over their crosstown rivals having stayed in the first division ever since they first got promoted back in 2005. Despite several good campaigns including making the semi finals on several occasions and producing several players into the national team including Salvador Coreas, Leonel Guevara, Osael Romero, they never were able to reclaim a second title. During the 2011 season, several issues plagued the club, including lack of funds, three members of the owner consortuim accused of drug trafficking and having their new stadium confiscated, making the team play in various other stadiums. With those problems, the onfield and off field performance deteriorated until the relegated in 2012 from the primera division after seven seasons. Further Bad results and financial difficulty resulted in the club almost being relegated, however a deal was done with club Nueva Guadalupe to merge both club forming C.D. Guadalupano which would be based in San Miguel and making both clubs defunct [1].

National Championship Salvadoran Soccer League[edit]

The Dream of a Final 2005[edit]

The Dream of a Final[edit]

In the end, neither Metapan nor the Vista Hermosa had never played a final in the Salvadoran football, in an unprecedented meeting by the highest national football crown. Favoritism was clearly on the side of the cement, which sported the best defense of the tournament (only 13 goals in 18 dates), with keeper Dago Portillo in great shape and very experienced players in the end, as former fasistas William Reyes, Guillermo Rivera and William Osorio. But the hunger for glory Runner was stronger. Behind the offensive activity of the terrible parejita Barroche-Mosquera was another pair of fear, Colombian Luis Chicho Elder Figueroa and Torres, who handcuffed any offensive attempt Jaguars. The match ended goalless in the first 90 official minutes and in overtime, when everything pointed to define the title on penalties, appeared a character that nobody would have thought as a figure: Mario Deras. Mr. Martinez took it out of the bank at 118 and he shot himself perfect, as Deras scored seconds after entering 121 and put the icing on the victory Runner, the first to the very short story of a neighborhood team was born in 2000 with the ideal of bringing to youth from drugs, violence and gangs.

The dream fulfilled[edit]

The celestial glory in 2005 was memorable for the Vista Hermosa, humble and noble San Francisco Gotera team. The same year the team was champion in the second division, won his first title in Major League Salvadoran. For Runner heart, a review of the historical crown.

Team of Champions[edit]

Squad Champion: Manuel González, Giovanny Romero, Luis Torres (Colombia), Juan Carlos Chinchilla, René Domingo Álvarez, José Eduardo Campos, Elder Figueroa (Colombia), Manfredi Portillo, Herbert Márquez, Patricio Gómez Barroche (Argentina), Cristian Gil Mosquera (Colombia), Mario Deras, Pablo Hernández, Nelson Flores, Danilo Martinez, Mario Chévez Rene Escobar, Marlon Avila, Carlos Aparicio, Alfonso Perla, René Domingo Álvarez. Sporting Director: Mario Martinez (El Salvador).

The first nightmare of relegation to the second division of Salvadoran soccer[edit]

Team salvation of the repechage 2006-2007

For the 2006-2007 season the first division national football El Salvador, CD Vista Hermosa, the misstep in the national league, as only he could add two short matches, the Total # of 44 points, which I feel, in the ninth position in the overall standings accumulated in national league, and also crediting the repechage of the 2006-2007 season, to keep the category with the second sub champion division, which would be the Juventud Independiente, which would be played over two legs, the first serious game at the sports complex of San Juan Opico , home Juventud Independiente and return at the Estadio Municipal Luis Amilcar Moreno, home CD Vista Hermosa.

The first game of the playoff won it the C.D Vista Hermosa his adversary, the Juventud Independiente, with a score of 5 by 2. In the sports complex of San Juan Opico a good result for vuenta celestial home of leak.

The goals were scored by the side of the sport, Patricio Barroche surprised the 30 seconds of the first half by scoring the first goal 13 weather Manfredi Portillo would give the 2-0, did not fully celebrate the second goal when Gil Mosquera put the score 3-0 after 14 minutes, then come again Patricio Barroche to score the fourth goal of the game after 25 weather, after 27 weather Luis Torres put the 5-0.

In the second half, it was those of Opico who sought goal.

Proof of this is that after 53 minutes the Argentine, Carlos "nene" Escalante to score the first by a penalty would.

Then 70, again the "baby" Escalante score the 2-5. Thus would end the meeting.

With this result of 5 to 2, Independent Youth wrath home from Vista Hermosa try to change history for the second playoff game, which will define who will or will rise to the Major League Soccer of El Salvador.

For the party back, the beautiful view pike full house, and he won with a resounding 2-0 with goals from Gil Mosquera 35 weather and Patricio Barroche 75 weather in his farewell as player Juventud Independiente marking, so what would be his last goal with Vista Hermosa, the Juventud Independiente home of Juventud Independiente.

Ending cycle of C.D. Vista Hermosa in Major League Soccer El Salvador[edit]

The Vista Hermosa, San Francisco Gotera, was one of the revelations of national football in 2005, the year he won two championships. With the first title he managed to climb the league and became the second youngest champion in the first short matches, equaled only by the title of Águila 1959 and Platense in 1974.

The Vista Hermosa became one of the most consistent teams in the Apertura 2005 tournament first division: always scored goals, won 10 games, lost seven and drew just one (1-1 against Alliance).

Thus Gotera team finished in second place in the table, which allowed him to reach the semifinals; Firpo faced there.

On December 4, 2005, the Bulls won 1-0 at home in the first leg.

In the game back on the stadium field Stadium Of Luis Amilcar Moreno, the Vista won 2-1 and forced penalties, game instance in which he won 4-2 and advanced to the final against Metapan.

In an unprecedented meeting, favoritism was in favor of the cement, having the best defense of the tournament (only 13 goals in 18 dates), with players like goalkeeper Dagoberto Portillo and other experience in the end as former fasistas Williams Reyes, Guillermo Rivera and William Osorio.

The Vista Hermosa had a good time players like Argentine Pato Barroche and Colombian Gil Mosquera, Elder Figueroa and "Chicho" Torres.

When everything suggests that the title would be defined on penalties, appeared a character that no one would have thought as a figure: Mario Deras, who after entering the 118 minute, scored seconds after entering and 121 'put the seal to win roadrunners, the first of its very short history in first division.

Roadrunners got back into the semifinals in the Clausura 2006, but lost the semifinal series against FAS.

Opening in 2006, the Roadrunners finished in eighth place with 22 points.

In the Clausura 2007, the team saw Gotera closely the possibility of descent, when it stood at 44 points in the penultimate position in the accumulated table.

This forced the celestial to play a "repechage" against Juventud Independiente, the runner-up Second Division, whom they defeated 5-2 and 2-0 to stay in first division.

Gotera team claimed its partial opening in 2007 to have an outstanding performance at the end of the 18 qualifying days as it forced an extra game against Firpo to define the fourth-placed team semifinals.

However, the weight was too pampero box and left on the road to the heavenly with a clear 3-0. In the Clausura 2008 Vista Hermosa followed the trail of good tournaments, he stood in fourth place and got to the semifinals, with Firpo rival who won 1-0 at home but on lap fell 3-0.

The Apertura 2008, saw the Vista Hermosa remained a point of qualifying for the semifinals, giving way to Chalatenango (28 pts.).

In the Clausura 2009 goterense team he had a discreet performance and finished seventh.

In the Apertura 2009, Vista Hermosa is again in an extra series to qualify for the semifinals, this time against Metapan who won 1-0. Already in semifinals, celestial could not overcome the FAS that the end was the champion.

The Clausura 2010 was another great tournament for the roadrunner to get into third place to the semifinals, but this series was surpassed by the Águila for a goal in the first leg at home.

For the Apertura 2010, Vista Hermosa stood in sixth place, down one notch to the Clausura 2011 with what had no problems in the cumulative table.

For the Apertura 2011 Vista Hermosa had to suffer problems outside of football that caused the closure of its stadium with the economic crisis worsened. The team finished in last place with just 10 points in 18 games.

Clausura 2012 tournament came, the team was the last to arm themselves, suffered an exodus of players and could not withstand the pressure of competition that forced him to reach the UES that was four points up on the accumulated table.

In his fifteenth game of the tournament (when he played the game late in the day 12), the Vista Hermosa needed to win to get closer to the UES, but a loss to the visiting Metapan (1-3) began writing the story of his farewell .

The Vista Hermosa reached the day 16 with the pressing need to win visiting Atlético Marte to lengthen their chances in the remainder of the championship.

However, the picture is not andubo Marte with considerations and defeated him 4-1 to send it directly to the second division with two games to finish the 2011-2012 season.

The decline was the fault of bad management manager, who used dirty tricks football for money and drugs comersialisar to retain the eye of justice from the president of the blue team Mr. Cristobal benitez.

The return to the second division league Salvadoran soccer[edit]

In the 2011-2012 season the team finished in last place in the cumulative table (Apertura 2011 and Clausura 2012) so it descended to the Second Division.

From the Apertura 2012 was renamed Club Deportivo Vista Hermosa Guadalupe as the mayor of New guadalupe took the team on loan with option to buy, based in the city of Nueva Guadalupe in the department of San Miguel is why step C.D. Vista Hermosa Guadalupe, called for the next tournament in second division the Salvadoran football.

For the following season the administrative leader Mr. Marvin Hernandez reached an agreement with the municipality of Nueva Guadalupe for the sale of equipment in this way the commune of new guadalupe exercised the option to buy the team going into oblivion former C.D. Vista Hermosa, of any national copetencia the Salvadoran football.

In this way the C.D. Vista Hermosa cease to exist in the Salvadoran football to give the ball New Guadalupano a young team eager to be successful and so the Sony would say goodbye in an outrageous way because of the mafia leaders and footballer, leak was indignant with this shameful national football goodbye.

Around half the champion in Salvadoran soccer leagues[edit]


Club Deportivo Vista Hermosa play their home games at Estadio Correcaminos with a capacity of 12,000. They had previously played all their home games at the Estadio Luis Amílcar Moreno, which had a capacity of 2,000. On April 2008, it was announced that plans had been drawn up for a new football stadium with a capacity for 12,000. The newly built stadium of Estadio Correcaminos was debuted in a game against Juventud Independiente on 5 April 2009.

International football match[edit]

Date Local VS Visita Stadium Final score
24/08/2006 Costa Rica Alajuelense vs El Salvador Vista Hermosa Estadio Alejandro 5-0
30/08/2006 El Salvador Vista Hermosa vs Costa Rica Alajuelense Estadio Barraza 0-0
30/08/2007 El Salvador Vista Hermosa vs Costa Rica Herediano Estadio Amílcar 1-1
22/09/2010 El Salvador Vista Hermosa vs United States Union City New City 1-0


Current squad[edit]

As of Clausura 2012:
Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 El Salvador GK victor Peña
No. Position Player
17 El Salvador DF Milton Perez

Squad Changes for the Clausura 2012[edit]




Current technical staff[edit]

Head Coach El Salvador Rose Galdamez
Assistant Coach El Salvador Víctor Perez
Physical El Salvador José Perez
striker coach El Salvador Javier Hernández
Medical trainer El Salvador Vacante El Salvador Vacante
knesliogiocal El Salvador Vacante
Utility El Salvador Vacante El Salvador Vacante


Name From To
El Salvador Silverio Hernández. 1999 2002
El Salvador José Efraín Núñez 2003 2004
El Salvador Mario Martínez 2004 2007
Argentina Jorge Alberto García 2007 2008
El Salvador Víctor Coreas 2008 1 Mar 2009
El Salvador Armando Contreras 2 Mar 2009 12 Oct 2009
El Salvador Mario Martínez 13 Oct 2009 29 Nov 2010
Argentina Jorge Alberto García 1 Dec 2010 26 Dec 2010
El Salvador Víctor Coreas 27 Dec 2010 3 Nov 2011
El Salvador José Rolando Perez 4 Nov 2011 11 December 2011
El Salvador Carlos Romero 13 December 2011 5 February 2012
El Salvador Honduras José Efraín Núñez 6 February 2012 Present

Vista Hermosa chairmen[edit]

Name From To
El Salvador Jose Gilberto Flores 1999 2000
El Salvador Pedro Hernández 2001 2002
El Salvador Francisco Benitez 2003 Present



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