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Vista Hermosa
Vista Hermosa logo.png
Full nameClub Deportivo Vista Hermosa
Nickname(s)Los Correcaminos
Founded17 April 1999
GroundEstadio Correcaminos,
San Francisco Gotera, Morazán, El Salvador
ChairmanEdgar Reyes
ManagerJosé Cordon
LeagueLiga Media Salvadoreña
Liga MediaLiga Media Salvadoreña, 10th

Club Deportivo Vista Hermosa (1999 – 2012) was a Salvadoran professional football club, based in San Francisco Gotera, Morazán. The team known as the Los Correcaminos ("Roadrunners") gradually worked their way upwards to win the El Salvador first division football championship of 2005.[1] Vista Hermosa represented El Salvador in the CONCACAF and FIFA international competitions. The team's initial home stadium was the Estadio Luis Amílcar Moreno in San Francisco Gotera, Morazán. In 2009, the club moved to the Estadio Correcaminos.[2] In 2012, the club was sold to the city of Nueva Guadalupe and was renamed "Club Deportivo Vista Hermosa Guadalupe". In the history of the club, the top scoring players were Osael Romero (60); Nicolas Munoz (21); Salvador Coreas (20); Gil Mosquera (7); and Mario Deras (2).

Third division[edit]

C.D. Vista Hermosa was founded on April 17, 1999, by José Gilberto Flores (Paquito Flores). The club's first president was José Gilberto Montoya. He retired for health reasons on December 28, 2000. Pedro Hernandez became the next president who was supported by the club's staff and supporters.

When Hernandez became president, the club was in the third division of Salvadoran soccer. The team was contending for a place in the finals game but lost to Gerardo Barrios University, three points to two. In light of the club's good performance in the third division, Francisco Benitez made an offer to purchase the club for 5,000 Salvadoran colon, approximately 560.85 US dollars. The offer was rejected as being too low. However, in the following season, the club performed poorly and finances were mismanaged. Lacking patrons and sponsors, the club was left in debt to an amount of two billion colon. The club was relegated to the fourth division. On December 1, 2001, Benitez purchased the club for 3,000 colon and became the new president.

A payment of 2,000 colon by Benitez in December, 2003 secured the club a place in the second division in the 2003 – 2004 season.

Second division[edit]

The team won its first match in the second division league of 2004 – 2005. There was much competition in the second division league to advance to the first division with computerised scores scrutinized in detail by the teams and judges.

In the first round of games, Group A drew Fuerte San Francisco, Juventud Independiente, Telecom and Inca Súper Flat. Group B drew Vista Hermosa, C.D. Dragón, C.D. Chalatenango and Independiente Nacional 1906. In the second round, Group A drew Fuerte San Francisco, C.D. Dragón, Independiente Nacional 1906, and Telecom. Group B drew Vista Hermosa, C.D. Chalatenango, Juventud Independiente, and Inca Súper Flat.

In semi-final 1 the competitors were Vista Hermosa and Telecom. Vista Hermosa won 3 points to 2 and after penalties were considered, won four points to three. In semi-final 2, Independiente Nacional 1906 defeated Juventud Independiente, six points to one.

In the final, Vista Hermos played Independiente Nacional 1906. For Vista Hermos, José Mario Martínez was a key player and the team won five points to four. René Domingo Alvarez was effective in the overtime.

The players for Vista Hermosa were: González, Sánchez, Torres, Chinchilla, Romero, Campos, Quiñónez, Portillo, Márquez, Ávila, and Mosquera. The substituting players were Álvarez (31), Sosa (46) and Hernández (104). the players for Independiente Nacional 1906 (Coca-Cola) were Trinidad, González, Martínez, González, Granado, González, Escalante, Alvarado, Montes, and Ramirez. The substituting players were Alfaro (46), Pérez (60) and Pasadi (65).

Data: Herbert Marquez, time goal 36, 39, 86, Eider Mosquera, time goal 59, René Domingo Alvarez, time goal 119, Elías "Chilena" Montes, time goal 21, 24, 82, Ramirez, time goal 43.

First division[edit]

The team was the youngest to win both the second and first division competitions since 1974. At this time, the club created the Correcaminos (roadrunners) brand dedicated to assisting disadvantaged youth.

The team finished second on the Apertura 2005 series table with ten wins, seven losses and one draw. In the semi-finals, the team defeated C.D. Luis Ángel Firpo. In the final, the team played A.D. Isidro Metapán, a strong side that was the favourite. During the season, Metapan had allowed only 13 goals against them in 18 games and had strong players such as Dago Portillo (keeper), William Reyes, Guillermo Rivera and William Osorio. Their strong offensive teams included Barroche-Mosquera and Luis Chicho Elder Figueroa and Torres.

Vista Hermosa's championship squad included Manuel González, Giovanny Romero, Luis Torres (Colombia), Juan Carlos Chinchilla, René Domingo Álvarez, José Eduardo Campos, Elder Figueroa (Colombia), Manfredi Portillo, Herbert Márquez, Patricio Gómez Barroche (Argentina), Cristian Gil Mosquera (Colombia), Mario Deras, Pablo Hernández, Nelson Flores, Danilo Martinez, Mario Chévez Rene Escobar, Marlon Avila, Carlos Aparicio, Alfonso Perla, and René Domingo Álvarez. The coach was Mario Martinez (El Salvador).

No goals were scored by either team in the official 90 minutes of the game. The game may have been decided on penalties but then Mario Deras entered (121) and scored (181). When Mario Deras scored twice in extra time, Vista Hermosa won the championship. This was the club's only title in the first division. The club produced players who went on to play in the El Salvador national team. They included Salvador Coreas, Leonel Guevara, and Osael Romero.[3]

Vista Hermosa finished the 2006 – 2007 season in ninth place with 44 points and entered a repechage. It was played against Juventud Independiente in two parts. In the first game at San Juan Opico, Vista Hermosa won five points to two. In the first half, Patricio Barroche scored the first goal, Manfredi Portillo the second, Gil Mosquera the third and Patricio Barroche again the fourth. Luis Torres scored to make the score five points to nil. In the second half, the Juventud Independiente player, Carlos "Nene" Escalante scored at 53 minutes and 70 minutes. In the second game of the repechage at Estadio Municipal Luis Amilcar Moreno, Vista Hermosa's home grounds, the club defeated Juventud Independiente two points to nil. Gil Mosquera and Patricio Barroche scored one goal each for Vista Hermosa.

In the 2006 Clausura series, Patricio Barroche was the player with the most goals (14).

In the 2007 Clausura series, Vista Hermosa came first in the table with 44 points. The team then defeated Juventud Independiente five points to nil and two points to nil to remain in the first division. The team played an extra game against C. D. Luis Angel Firpo to define the fourth placed semi-finalist. Firpo won three points to nil. In the 2007 Apertura series, Vista Hermosa reached the semi-finals but was defeated three points to nil by Firpo.

In the 2008 Clausura series, the team came fourth on the table and entered the semi-finals but was defeated by Firpo. In the 2008 Apertura series, missed out on the semi-finals by one point lost to C. D. Chalatenango.

In the 2009 Clausura series, the team finished seventh on the table. Nico Muñoz was named as the player with the most goals (10). In the 2009 Apertura series, Vista Hermosa again entered a repechage. The team played Metapan who won one point to nil. Nico Muñoz was named the player with the most goals (11).

In the 2010 Clausura series, the tem lost in the semi-finals to Aguila. In the 2010 Apertura series, the team reached sixth place in the table.

Decline and ending[edit]

During the 2011 season, the club suffered financial which caused them to lose ownership of their new stadium. Three members of the owner consortium were accused of drug trafficking. The team's performance fell and after seven seasons, the club was relegated. Following this, the club merged with Nueva Guadalupe to form a new club, "Club Deportivo Vista Hermosa Guadalupe" based in San Miguel.[4] However after one season, the mayor of Nueva Guadalupe purchased the license outright,the licence then reverted to Nuevo Guadalpue, leaving Vista hermosa to disband as a club after 12 years of existence.

Table of results (2005 – 2012)[edit]

Apertura 2005 – Clausura 2012

Season Position GP W D L GF GA PTS Playoffs Pl. W D L GS GA PTS
Apertura 2005 2nd 18 10 1 7 28 26 31 Champions 3 2 0 1 4 2 6
Clausura 2006 3rd 18 8 2 8 27 22 26 Semi-finals 2 0 1 1 0 1 1
Apertura 2006 8th 18 5 7 6 24 26 22 Did not qualify
Clausura 2007 8th 18 6 4 8 23 28 22 Did not qualify
Apertura 2007 5th 18 8 3 7 24 25 27 Did not qualify
Clausura 2008 4th 18 8 6 4 20 15 30 Semi-finals 2 1 0 1 1 3 3
Apertura 2008 5th 18 7 6 5 20 18 27 Did not qualify
Clausura 2009 7th 18 6 3 9 23 28 21 Did not qualify
Apertura 2009 3rd 19 7 8 4 31 21 29 Semi-finals 2 0 1 1 1 2 1
Clausura 2010 3rd 18 7 8 3 25 17 29 Semi-finals 2 0 1 1 0 1 1
Apertura 2010 6th 18 3 9 6 20 25 18 Did not qualify
Clausura 2011 7th 18 6 8 4 19 15 26 Did not qualify
Apertura 2011 10th 18 1 7 10 11 25 10 Did not qualify
Clausura 2012 10th 18 3 6 9 17 34 15 Did not qualify

International games[edit]

Date Local VS Visitor Stadium Final score
24/08/2006 Costa Rica Alajuelense vs El Salvador Vista Hermosa Estadio Alejandro 5–0
30/08/2006 El Salvador Vista Hermosa vs Costa Rica Alajuelense Estadio Barraza 0–0
30/08/2007 El Salvador Vista Hermosa vs Costa Rica Herediano Estadio Amílcar 1–1
22/09/2010 El Salvador Vista Hermosa vs United States Union City New City 1–0

Team coaches[edit]

Name From To
El Salvador Silverio Hernández. 1999 2002
El Salvador José Efraín Núñez 2003 2004
El Salvador Mario Martínez 2004 2007
Argentina Jorge Alberto García 2007 2008
El Salvador Víctor Coreas 2008 1 Mar 2009
El Salvador Armando Contreras 2 Mar 2009 12 Oct 2009
El Salvador Mario Martínez 13 Oct 2009 29 Nov 2010
Argentina Jorge Alberto García 1 Dec 2010 26 Dec 2010
El Salvador Víctor Coreas 27 Dec 2010 3 Nov 2011
El Salvador José Rolando Perez 4 Nov 2011 11 December 2011
El Salvador Carlos Romero 13 December 2011 5 February 2012
El Salvador Honduras José Efraín Núñez 6 February 2012 Present

Board of directors[edit]

Role Name
President El Salvador Edgar Reyes
Vice-Presidents United States Manuel Viscayan
board members El Salvador Manu Ortiz
Team Manager Argentina Franco Jara
Delegate Honduras Togo Mono
Press Officer Russia Victor Pibyha
Photographer Chile He Song Min

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Period Kit manufacturer Shirt partner
1998–1999 Mikasa Argueta Express/La Casa del Deporte/Farmacias del Ahorro
1999–2000 Atletica Argueta Express/La Casa del Deporte/Farmacias del Ahorro
2000–2004 Galaxia Chavarria Express/La Casa del Deporte/Farmacias del Ahorro
2004–2005 Aviva Medicamentos MK/La Casa del Deporte/Farmacias del Ahorro
2005–2007 Aviva Pollo Campestre/La Casa del Deporte/Farmacias del Ahorro/Medicamentos MK/TCS
2007–2008 Aviva TCSPailot/Tigo/Pollo Campestre
2008–2009 Aviva TCSTigo/Sol TV/Poli Clinica limeña
2010–11 Milan Sport Constructora Benites/Comercial Renè/Ferreteria Ferro Mundo
2011–12 Milan Sport CetroneTigo/Comercial Renè/Constructora Benites
2012–12 Milan Sport MobillaTigo/Comercial Renè/Constructora Benites
2013–13 Milan Sport Alba PetroleoTigo/Partido FMLN/Alcaldia de Nueva Guadalupe
Preceded by
Clausura 2005


Primera Division
Apertura 2005
(1st title)
Succeeded by
Clausura 2006



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