C.F. Os Belenenses (rugby union)

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Os Belenenses.png
Full name Clube de Futebol
«Os Belenenses»
Founded December 30, 1928
Ground(s) Restelo 2
Coach(es) Ricardo Sequeira
League(s) Campeonato Nacional Honra/Super Bock
2011-12 5th
Team kit

Belenenses is a Portuguese rugby union team. Apart from winning several titles as a team, they have also provided five players to the National Team that played at the 2007 Rugby World Cup finals. Their most recent title was the victory in the National Championship of the 2007/2008 season.


Current squad[edit]

  • Portugal Fernando Murteira
  • Argentina Facundo Borelli
  • New Zealand Hamish Haika
  • Portugal Hugo Valente
  • Tonga William Hafu
  • Portugal José Fraga
  • Portugal Pedro Jorge
  • Argentina Julio Farías
  • Argentina Ariel Berriño
  • Portugal Francisco Nogueira
  • Portugal Sebastião da Cunha
  • Portugal André da Cunha
  • Portugal Diogo Jorge Ferreira
  • Portugal Mateus Souza
  • Portugal Francisco Cabral
  • Portugal João Uva
  • Portugal Miguel Fernandes
  • Portugal Salvador da Cunha
  • New Zealand Christopher McLean
  • Portugal Valter Jorge Ferreira
  • Portugal Manuel Machado
  • Portugal António Vieira de Almeida
  • Portugal Henrique Morato
  • Portugal Bruno Nifo
  • Portugal Manuel Costa
  • Portugal Tomás Toulson
  • Portugal Diogo Pinheiro
  • Portugal Pedro Silva
  • Portugal João Mirra
  • Portugal Diogo Miranda
  • Portugal Francisco Moreira
  • Portugal David Mateus
  • Argentina Marcos Vallejo
  • Portugal Duarte Bravo
  • Portugal Pedro Rocha e Melo
  • Portugal Miguel Onofre
  • Portugal Diogo Castro
  • Portugal Diogo Mateus (captain)
  • Portugal Duarte Moreira
  • Portugal Tiago Cabral

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