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MacApp's novelette "A Guest of Ganymede" took the cover of the June 1963 issue of Worlds of Tomorrow

C. C. MacApp, pseudonym of Carroll Mather Capps (27 November 1917 – 15 January 1971)[1] was an American science fiction author. He was also a long-time benefactor of San Francisco chess. MacApp was a former president of the San Francisco Bay Area Chess League, and won the Northern California and San Francisco chess championship several times.[2] He also wrote as Carroll J. Clem.[3]



As listed in Fantastic Fiction [4]

  • Omha Abides (1968)
  • Prisoners of the Sky (1969)
  • Secret of the Sunless World (as Carroll M. Capps, 1969)
  • Worlds of the Wall (1969)
  • Recall Not Earth (1970)
  • SUBB (1971)
  • Bumsider (1972)

Short stories[edit]

Published in Galaxy Science Fiction:

Published in Worlds of If:

Gree series[edit]

This space opera series ran in Worlds of If alongside Fred Saberhagen's Berserker series and Keith Laumer's tales of Retief, the galactic diplomat.


His novella The Mercurymen was a nominee for the 1965 Nebula Award for Best Novella.


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