C. Herschel (crater)

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C. Herschel
C. Herschel crater 4139 h1.jpg
Coordinates 34°30′N 31°12′W / 34.5°N 31.2°W / 34.5; -31.2Coordinates: 34°30′N 31°12′W / 34.5°N 31.2°W / 34.5; -31.2
Diameter 13.4 km
Depth 1.9 km
Colongitude 31° at sunrise
Eponym Caroline Herschel

C. Herschel is a small lunar crater that lies on the western part of Mare Imbrium. It is a circular, bowl-shaped formation that has not undergone significant erosion. The interior floor has the same low albedo as the surrounding lunar mare. To the south-southwest is the similar crater Heis. C. Herschel lies on a wrinkle ridge of the lunar mare named the Dorsum Heim. It is named after Caroline Herschel.

Satellite craters[edit]

Satellite craters of C. Herschel

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to C. Herschel.

C. Herschel Latitude Longitude Diameter
C 37.2° N 32.5° W 7 km
E 34.2° N 34.7° W 5 km
U 36.2° N 31.5° W 3 km
V 36.4° N 33.5° W 4 km