C. J. Strike Dam

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C.J. Strike Dam
LocationElmore / Owyhee counties, Idaho
Coordinates42°56′54″N 115°58′30″W / 42.94833°N 115.97500°W / 42.94833; -115.97500Coordinates: 42°56′54″N 115°58′30″W / 42.94833°N 115.97500°W / 42.94833; -115.97500
Construction began1950[1]
Opening date1952[2]
Operator(s)Idaho Power Company[2]
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsSnake River
Height115 feet (35 m)[2]
Length3,220 feet (981 m)[2]
CreatesC. J. Strike Reservoir
Total capacity247,000 acre feet (305,000,000 m3)[2]
Catchment area40,800 sq mi (105,672 km²)[2]
Surface area7,500 acres (30 km²)[2]

C. J. Strike Dam is an earth-fill type hydroelectric dam on the Snake River, just below the Bruneau River confluence, in the U.S. state of Idaho. Its location is near Grand View, Idaho. Its impoundment extends 36 miles (58 km) up the Snake River and 12 miles (19 km²) up the Bruneau River.[3]

The dam's powerplant has a nameplate capacity of 82.8 MW.[1]

The dam was named after Clifford J. Strike, the general manager of Idaho Power Company from 1938 to 1948.[1]

Due to the poor fish passage performance of Swan Falls Dam, the C.J. Strike Dam, upriver from Swan Falls, was built without fish passage facilities. Thus the two dams combined became the first artificial barrier to anadromous fish migration up the Snake River. Today Hells Canyon Dam is the first total barrier to fish migration on the Snake.[4]

Surrounding the dam and its reservoir are a number of campgrounds, boat launches, docks, and hiking trails. It is a popular destination for fishermen. Trout, Small and Large Mouth Bass, Crappie, Perch, Bluegill, Sturgeon and many other kinds of fish can be caught in the waters around the dam. Fishing tournaments are held there during the season.

As of 2008/2009 many of the campgrounds surrounding the dam have been improved, adding designated RV camp sites, docks, improving accessibility, parking, and the restrooms in the many campgrounds.

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