C. Jane Kendrick

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C. Jane Kendrick
Born Courtney Jane Clark[1]
March 14, 1977[2]
Denver, Colorado[2]
Residence Provo, Utah
Nationality American
Other names C. Jane
Education Utah Valley State College, B.S., behavioral science[2]
Occupation Homemakerblogger and columnist
Children 4
Awards 2008 Best Major Blog, Weblog Awards[3]
Website C. Jane, Enjoy It

Courtney Jane Kendrick (née Clark, born 1977) is a blogger, Salt Lake City, Utah, Deseret News newspaper columnist[2] and humorist who writes about her life and family on her blog, C Jane Enjoy It. Kendrick chose the title of her blog because she and her husband had struggled to conceive a child—it was her "response to well-meaning people who told her to enjoy her years of being childless."[4]

Seeking partial anonymity, she goes by the name of "C. Jane" on her blog and calls her husband "Chup", her son "The Chief," but refers to her daughters by their real names: Ever, Erin, and Iris. Garnering a wide readership[5] for her interesting and engaging writing style,[citation needed] the Phoenix New Times terms the personal nature of her writing poignant and earnest,[6] while Halogen TV terms her writing "sarcastic and irreverent, but...honest."[5]

Kendrick's sister, Stephanie Nielson, known as "Nie Nie" by followers of her blog, is also a well-known blogger.[7][8][9] After she and her husband Christian were injured in a small plane crash,[10] Kendrick cared for three of the Nielson children, Claire, Jane and Ollie.

Kendrick sponsored downtown Provo's Rooftop Concert Series and announced the goal of posting on her blog every day until December 25, 2010.[11]

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