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Exploring the databases, one discovers that there are more species than the model round worm Caenorhabditis elegans that have a species Latin name that can be abbreviated as C. elegans. Following is a list of species sorted by taxonomy (including synonyms). There is also a section of species names sorted in alphabetical order at the end of this document.


Domain Eukaryota (Eukaryotes), unranked Unikonta (Unikonts)[edit]

Unranked Amoebozoa[edit]

Subphylum Lobosa, Class Tubulinea, Order Arcellinida[edit]

Phylum Mycetozoa[edit]

Class Myxogastria[edit]
Order Stemonitida[edit]
Order Liceida[edit]
  • Cribraria elegans, a slime mold (Cribrariaceae) found in the United States, Europe and Japan
Class Dictyosteliomycetes / Dictyostelea[edit]
Order Dictyosteliales[edit]

Unranked Opisthokonta (Opisthokonts), unranked Holozoa[edit]

Phylum Choanozoa[edit]

Class Choanoflagellatea[edit]
Order Craspedida[edit]
Family Codonosigidae

Eukaryotes, Unikonts, Opisthokonts, unranked Holozoa, Kingdom Animalia (Animals)[edit]

Subkingdom Parazoa[edit]

Phylum Porifera (Sponges)[edit]

Class Demospongiae (Demosponges)[edit]
Order Poecilosclerida[edit]
  • Clathria elegans, a species (Microcionidae) found in the United States part of the North Atlantic Ocean
  • Clathrissa elegans, a synonym for Tedania elegans, a species (Tedaniidae) found in Australia
  • Crella elegans (syn. Cribrella elegans), a marine species (Crellidae) found in the Adriatic
Order Haplosclerida[edit]
Family Callyspongiidae
Family Chalinidae
  • Chalinodendron elegans , a synonym for Haliclona elegans, a species found in South East Australia
Order Dictyoceratida[edit]
Order Hadromerida[edit]
Order Spirophorida[edit]
  • Craniella elegans, a marine species (Tetillidae) found in South India and Sri Lanka
Class Hexactinellida (Glass sponges)[edit]
Order Lyssacinosa[edit]
  • Caulophacus elegans, a species (Rossellidae, Lanuginellinae) found in Central Kuroshio Current, near Japan
  • Corbitella elegans, a species (Euplectellidae) found in the Banda Sea in the Maluku Islands of Indonesia

Subkingdom Eumetazoa, unranked Radiata[edit]

Phylum Cnidaria (Cnidarians), Class Anthozoa (Corals, sea pens and gorgonians)[edit]

Subclass Hexacorallia (Hexacorals)[edit]
Order Scleractinia (Stony corals)[edit]
Order Tabulata (Tabulate corals)[edit]
  • Caliapora elegans an extinct species (†Favositidae) from the Devonian of the Urals
  • Catenipora elegans, an extinct species (Halysitidae) known from the Silurian of Estonia
Subclass Octocorallia (Octocorals)[edit]
Order Alcyonacea (Soft corals)[edit]
  • Callogorgia elegans (syn. Callicella elegans), a species (Primnoidae) found in the West North Pacific
  • Chrysogorgia elegans, a species (Chrysogorgiidae) found in the Gulf of Mexico, the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean
  • Cyathopodium elegans, a species (Clavulariidae) found in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean
Order Pennatulacea (Sea pens)[edit]
Subclass Myxozoa (Myxozoans)[edit]
Order Bivalvulida[edit]
  • Ceratomyxa elegans, a species (Ceratomyxidae) found in the Mediterranean and the Argentinian Seas where it is a parasite of toadfishes

Eumetazoa, clade Bilateria (Bilaterians), Superphylum Deuterostomia (Deuterostomes)[edit]

Phylum Echinodermata (Echinoderms)[edit]

Class Echinoidea (Sea urchins)[edit]
Order Cassiduloida[edit]
  • Catopygus elegans, a synonym for Studeria elegans, an extinct species (Neolampadidae)
Order Cidaroida[edit]
  • Cidaris elegans Münster, 1826, a fossil species (Cidaridae) from the Jurassic of France
  • Cidaris elegans (A. Agassiz, 1879), a synonym for Histocidaris elegans, an extant species (Histocidaridae)
Class Crinoidea (Crinoids)[edit]
Order Cladida[edit]
  • Calceolispongia elegans, an extinct species (Calceolispongiidae) that lived along the shores of what corresponds to Timor and Western Australia today
Order Disparida[edit]
  • Cicerocrinus elegans, an extinct species (Pisocrinidae) known from the Silurian of the United Kingdom
Order Comatulida[edit]
  • Clarkometra elegans, a feather star (Colobometridae) found from South West Mindanao in the Philippines to the Bonin Islands, Japan
Class Asteroidea (Sea stars)[edit]
Order Valvatida[edit]

Phylum Chordata (Chordates), Subphylum Tunicata (Tunicates)[edit]

Class Ascidiacea (Ascidians or sea squirts)[edit]
Order Aplousobranchia[edit]
Order Stolidobranchia (Stolidobranchian sea squirts)[edit]
  • Chorizocarpa elegans, a synonym for Botryllus elegans, a species (Styelidae) found in Mozambique and South Africa
  • Culeolus elegans, a species (Pyuridae) found in New Caledonia

Chordates, Subphylum Vertebrata (Vertebrates)[edit]

(informal group Jawless fishes) Class Osteostraci[edit]
(Subclass †Cornuata) Order †Cephalaspidida[edit]
  • Cephalaspis elegans, a synonym for †Zychaspis elegans, an extinct species (†Scolenaspididae) from the Devonian of Ukraine
Class Chondrichthyes (Cartilaginous fishes), Subclass Holocephali[edit]
Order Petalodontiformes[edit]
Cartilaginous fishes, Elasmobranchs (Subclass Elasmobranchii)[edit]
Order Carcharhiniformes[edit]
  • Carcharias elegans, a synonym for Carcharhinus melanopterus, the blacktip reef shark, a requiem shark (Carcharhinidae) inhabiting the tropical coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific Oceans
Order Cladoselachiformes[edit]
Family Cladoselachidae
Order Ctenacanthiformes[edit]
Superclass Osteichthyes (Bony fishes), Class Actinopterygii (Ray-finned fishes)[edit]
Order Perciformes[edit]
  • Callionymus elegans, a synonym for Callionymus lyra, the common dragonet, a species (Callionymidae) widespread in the Eastern Atlantic
  • Clinus elegans, a synonym for Calliclinus geniguttatus, a marine species (Labrisomidae) native to the Pacific coast of Chile and the Atlantic coast of Argentina
  • Coryphaena elegans, a synonym for Luvaris imperialis, the louvar, a marine species (Luvaridae) found in surface waters of temperate and tropical oceans throughout the world
  • Cybiosarda elegans, a marine scombrid (Scombridae) found in coastal and oceanic waters of northern Australia and southern New Guinea
Cichlids (Family Cichlidae)
  • Crenicara elegans, a synonym for Crenicara punctulatum, the checkerboard cichlid, a species (Geophaginae) native to creeks and rivers in the Amazon and Essequibo basins in South America
  • Crenicichla elegans, a synonym for Crenicichla reticulata, a species (Cichlinae) native to South America
Order Cyprinodontiformes[edit]
Pupfishes (Family Cyprinodontidae)
Rivulids or South American killifish (Family Rivulidae)
Stone loaches (Family Nemacheilidae)
  • Cobitis elegans, a synonym for Triplophysa stolickai, the Tibetan stone loach, a species found in southern and central Asia
Order Siluriformes (Catfishes)[edit]
  • Corydoras elegans (syn. Corydorus elegans), the elegant corydoras or elegant catfish, a freshwater armored catfish (Callichthyidae) found in the Upper Amazon River basin
Order Cypriniformes[edit]
Order Characiformes[edit]
Toothless characins (Family Curimatidae)
  • Curimata elegans or Curimatus elegans, synonyms for Steindachnerina elegans, a species found in rivers in Bahia and Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Curimatus elegans paraguayensis, a synonym for Curimatella dorsalis, a species from the Orinoco, Amazon, Tocantins and Paraguay-lower Paraná River basins
Order Scorpaeniformes[edit]
  • Centridermichthys elegans, a synonym for Bero elegans, a sculpin (Cottidae) native to the northwestern Pacific Ocean
Order Salmoniformes[edit]
  • Coregonus elegans, a synonym for Coregonus pollan, the pollan, a freshwater whitefish (salmonidae) known only from five Irish lakes
Bony fishes, Class Sarcopterygii (Lobe-finned fishes)[edit]
  • Ceratodus elegans, an extinct lungfish (Ceratodontiformes, Ptychoceratodontidae) from the Triassic of Germany
  • Coelacanthus elegans, a synonym for Rhabdoderma elegans, an extinct coelacanth fish (Rhabdodermatidae) that lived in the Carboniferous

Chordates, Vertebrates, Superclass Tetrapoda (Tetrapods)[edit]

Class Amphibia (Amphibians)[edit]
Order Anura (Frogs)[edit]
Class Aves (Birds)[edit]
Order Apodiformes[edit]
  • Chlorostilbon elegans, Gould's emerald, a presumed extinct hummingbird (Trochilidae) likely from Jamaica or the Bahamas
Order Passeriformes[edit]
  • Calocitta elegans, a synonym for Calocitta colliei, the black-throated magpie-jay, a species (Corvidae) found in northwestern Mexico
Order Piciformes[edit]
  • Celeus elegans, the chestnut woodpecker, a species (Picidae) found in South America
Order Tinamiformes[edit]
  • Calodromas elegans, a synonym for Eudromia elegans, the elegant crested tinamou or martineta tinamou, a species (Tinamidae) found in southern Chile and Argentina
Class Reptilia (Reptiles)[edit]
Order Squamata[edit]
Suborder Serpentes (Snakes)
Family Colubridae (Colubrid snakes)
  • Calamaria elegans, a synonym for Calamaria modesta, a species (Calamariinae) found in Java
  • Coronella elegans Günther, 1858, a synonym for Taeniophallus occipitalis, a species (Dipsadinae) found in South America
  • Coronella elegans Jan, 1863, a synonym for Meizodon regularis, the Eastern crowned smooth snake, a species (Colubrinae) found in Africa
Family Lamprophiidae (Lamprophiids)
  • Coluber elegans, a synonym for Psammophis elegans, the elegant sand racer, a species (Psammophiinae) found in tropical Africa
Family Viperidae (Vipers)
  • Craspedocephalus elegans, a synonym for Trimeresurus elegans, the elegant pitviper, a species (Crotalinae) endemic to Japan
Family Boidae (Boas)
  • Cursoria elegans or Cusoria elegans, synonyms for Eryx elegans, a species (Erycinae) found in western Central Asia
Suborder Lacertilia (Lizards)
Family Gekkonidae (Geckos)
  • Coleonyx elegans, the Yucatán banded gecko, an eyelid gecko (Eublepharinae) found in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize
  • Cyrtopodion elegans, a synonym for Cyrtopodion elongatum, the Yangihissar gecko, a species (Gekkoninae) found in northwest China and Mongolia
Order Testudines (Turtles)[edit]
Clade Suchia, Clade Paracrocodylomorpha[edit]
  • Chatterjeea elegans, a synonym for †Shuvosaurus inexpectatus, an extinct species of beaked reptiles (†Shuvosauridae) from the Late Triassic of Texas
Clade Dinosauria (Dinosaurs), Order Saurischia[edit]
  • Chirostenotes elegans, a synonym for Leptorhynchos elegans, an extinct species of oviraptorosaurian dinosaur (†Caenagnathidae) from the late Cretaceous of Alberta, Montana and South Dakota
Unranked Mesoeucrocodylia[edit]
  • Cricosaurus elegans, an extinct marine crocodyliform (Metriorhynchidae) from the Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous
Order †Pterosauria[edit]
  • Ctenochasma elegans, an extinct species of pterosaurs (†Ctenochasmatidae) of the Late Jurassic of Germany and France
Class Mammalia (Mammals)[edit]
Order Carnivora (Carnivorans)[edit]
  • Cynodictis elegans, an extinct species of bear dog (†Amphicyonidae) from the Eocene–Oligocene of Eurasia
Order Artiodactyla (Even-toed ungulates)[edit]
  • Caenotherium elegans or Cainotherium elegans, synonyms for Cainotherium laticurvatum, an extinct species of rabbit-sized herbivores (†Cainotheriidae) from the Eocene-Miocene of Europe
Order Afrosoricida[edit]
  • Chrysochloris elegans, a synonym for Chrysochloris asiatica, the Cape golden mole, a small insectivorous (Chrysochloridae) found in South Africa
Order Erinaceomorpha[edit]
  • Cayluxotherium elegans, a synonym for †Neurogymnurus cayluxi, an extinct species of hedgehogs (Erinaceidae) from the Oligocene of France
  • Camphotherium elegans or †Comphotherium elegans, synonyms for †Tetracus nanus, an extinct species of hedgehogs (Erinaceidae) from the Oligocene of Belgium, France and southern England

Phylum Hemichordata (Hemichordates)[edit]

Graptolites (Class †Graptolithina)[edit]
Order †Dendroidea[edit]

Phylum Xenacoelomorpha, Class Acoela (Acoels)[edit]

Eumetazoa, Bilaterians, unranked Protostomia (Protostomes)[edit]

Superphylum Ecdysozoa, Phylum Nematoda (Nematodes or roundworms)[edit]

Class Chromadorea[edit]
Order Araeolaimida[edit]
Order Rhabditida[edit]
Order Strongylida[edit]
Strongyloidea, Family Chabertiidae
Order Monhysterida[edit]
Class Enoplea[edit]
Order Dorylaimida[edit]
Class Secernentea[edit]
Order Tylenchida[edit]

Ecdysozoa, Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods)[edit]

Subphylum Hexapoda (Hexapods), Class Insecta (Insects)[edit]
Order Blattodea (Cockroaches)[edit]
  • Calolampra elegans, a giant cockroach (Blaberidae) found in Queensland, Australia
  • Corydia elegans, a synonym for Eucorydia aenea, a species (Corydiidae) found in Asia
Order Coleoptera (Beetles and weevils)[edit]
Suborder Polyphaga
Infraorder Cucujiformia
Superfamily Chrysomeloidea
Family Cerambycidae (Longhorn beetles)
Subfamily Cerambycinae
Tribe Elaphidiini
Tribe Callichromatini
  • Callichroma elegans, Cerambix elegans or Cerambyx elegans, synonyms for Mionochroma elegans, a species found in Guadeloupe, Grenada, Dominica and St. Lucia
  • Callichroma elegans Haldeman, 1847 nec Olivier, 1790, a synonym for Plinthocoelium suaveolens
other tribes
Subfamily Lamiinae (Flat-faced longhorns)
Family Chrysomelidae (Leaf beetles)
Subfamily Chrysomelinae
Subfamily Cassidinae (Tortoise beetles)
Subfamily Galerucinae
Superfamily Cucujoidea
Family Endomychidae (Handsome fungus beetles)
Family Latridiidae (Minute brown scavenger beetle)
Superfamily Cleroidea
Family Cleridae (Checkered beetles)
Family Melyridae (Soft-winged flower beetles)
Superfamily Curculionoidea (Weevils)
Family Curculionidae (True weevils)
Subfamily Dryophthorinae
Subfamily Scolytinae (Bark beetles)
Family Attelabidae (Leaf-rolling weevils)
Family Brentidae (Straight-snouted weevils)
Superfamily Tenebrionoidea, Family Tenebrionidae (Darkling beetles)
Infraorder Scarabaeiformia
Superfamily Scarabaeoidea
Family Scarabaeidae (Scarab beetles)
  • Ceraspis elegans, a species (Melolonthinae, Macrodactylini) found in Brazil and Central America (Honduras)
  • Choeridium elegans, a synonym for Canthon quadriguttatus, a species (Scarabaeinae, Canthonini) found in Brazil
  • Cyclocephala elegans, a synonym for Cyclocephala melanocephala, a species (Dynastinae) found in North and Central America
Subfamily Cetoniinae (Flower chafers)
Family Lucanidae (Stag beetles)
Infraorder Elateriformia
Superfamily Elateroidea
Family Elateridae (Click beetles)
Family Cantharidae (Soldier beetles)
Family Lycidae (Net-winged beetles)
Superfamily Buprestoidea, Family Buprestidae (Jewel beetles)
Superfamily Byrrhoidea, Family Elmidae (Riffle beetles)
Infraorder Staphyliniformia (Staphyliniforms)
Superfamily Staphylinoidea (Staphylinoids)
Family Staphylinidae (Rove beetles)
Suborder Adephaga
Superfamily Caraboidea, Family Carabidae (Ground beetles)
Subfamily Cicindelinae (Tiger beetles)
Subfamily Lebiinae
Subfamily Licininae
Subfamily Scaritinae
other ground beetles
Family Coptoclavidae
Superfamily Dytiscoidea
Family Dytiscidae (Diving beetles)
Order Dermaptera (Earwigs)[edit]
  • Chelisoches elegans, a synonym for Euenkrates elegans, a species (Chelisochidae) found in Sumatra and Java
Order Diptera (Flies, mosquitoes, midges and gnats)[edit]
Suborder Brachycera (Brachyceran flies)
Infraorder Asilomorpha (Asilomorphs)
Infraorder Muscomorpha (Muscomorphs)
Family Syrphidae (Hoverflies)
Subfamily Eristalinae
Subfamily Syrphinae
Family Chloropidae (Frit flies)
other muscomorphs
Infraorder Tabanomorpha (Tabanomorphs)
Family Rhagionidae (Snipe flies)
Stratiomyidae (Soldier flies)
  • Cyphomyia elegans, a synonym for Euparyphus elegans, a species (Stratiomyinae, Oxycerini) found in Mexico
Suborder Nematocera (Mosquitoes, midges and gnats)
Infrorder Bibionomorpha (Bibionomorphs)
Infrorder Tipulomorpha
Infraorder Culicomorpha
Family Chironomidae (Nonbiting midges)
Order Hemiptera (Bugs)[edit]
Suborder Heteroptera
Infraorder Pentatomomorpha
Superfamily Pentatomoidea, Family Pentatomidae (Shield bugs), Subfamily Pentatominae
Superfamily Coreoidea
  • Cercinthus elegans (syn. Coreus elegans), a species (Coreidae) found in the Canary Islands
Infraorder Cimicomorpha
  • Closterocoris elegans, extinct species (Miridae, Mirinae) found in the Eocene Florissant Formation of Colorado
  • Coranus elegans, an assassin bug (Reduviidae, Harpactorinae) found in Africa
  • Corythucha elegans, the willow lace bug, a lace bug (Tingidae) found on willows in North America
Suborder Auchenorrhyncha
Superfamily Fulgoroidea (Fulgoroids)
  • Calyptoproctus elegans, a lanternfly (Fulgoridae) found in Surinam, Brazil, French Guiana and Honduras
  • Cromna elegans, a synonym for Siphanta acuta, the green planthopper or the torpedo bug, a species (Flatidae)
Infraorder Cicadomorpha, Superfamily Membracoidea
  • Callistrophia elegans , a synonym for Taurotettix elegans, a hopper (Cicadellidae, Deltocephalinae, Cicadulini) found in Asia
Suborder Sternorrhyncha (Aphids, whiteflies and scale insects)
Order Hymenoptera (Ants, bees, wasps and sawflies)[edit]
Suborder Apocrita (Ants, bees and wasps)
Superfamily Vespoidea
Family Pompilidae (Spider wasps)
Family Formicidae (Ants)
Superfamily Apoidea
Clade Anthophila (Bees)
Family Apidae
Family Colletidae (Plasterer bees)
Family Crabronidae
Superfamily Ichneumonoidea
Family Braconidae
Family Ichneumonidae
  • Campodorus elegans, a parasitic wasp (Ctenopelmatinae, Mesoleiini) found in England
  • Campoplex elegans, a synonym for Dusona elegans, a parasitic wasp (Campopleginae, Limneriini) found in Tanzania
Superfamily Platygastroidea
  • Calliscelio elegans (syn. Caloteleia elegans), a parasitoid wasp (Platygastridae) found on the Hawaiian island of Oʻahu
Superfamily Chalcidoidea (Chalcid wasps)
  • Cerachalcis elegans or Cratocentrus elegans, synonyms for Cratocentrus ruficornis, a species (Chalcididae) found in Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe
  • Chaetospila elegans or Choetospila elegans, synonyms for Theocolax elegans, a parasitic wasp (Pteromalidae) of immature stages of stored grain pest insects
  • Cheiloneurus elegans (syn. Cleonymus elegans), a parasitic wasp (Encyrtidae)
  • Chrysolampus elegans, a species (Perilampidae) with a Nearctic distribution
  • Cosmocoma elegans, a synonym for Polynema howardii, a species of fairyflies or fairy wasps (Mymaridae) with a Nearctic distribution
Superfamily Chrysidoidea
Order Lepidoptera (Butterflies and moths)[edit]
Suborder Rhopalocera (Butterflies)
Superfamily Papilionoidea
Family Lycaenidae (Gossamer-winged butterflies)
Family Nymphalidae (Brush-footed butterflies)
Family Pieridae
Superfamily Hesperioidea
Family Hesperiidae (Skipper butterflies)
  • Callimormus elegans, a synonym for Callimormus radiola elegans, a subspecies of the radiant skipper (Hesperiinae) found in southern Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina
  • Cobalopsis elegans, a species (Hesperiinae) found in Ecuador
Division Ditrysia
Superfamily Pyraloidea (Pyraloid moths)
Family Pyralidae (Snout moths)
Family Crambidae (Grass moths)
Superfamily Gelechioidea (Curved-horn moths)
Superfamily Zygaenoidea
Family Limacodidae (Slug moths)
Superfamily Lasiocampoidea
Section Cossina
Subsection Cossina
Superfamily Cossoidea
Family Cossidae (Carpenter millers)
  • Callocossus elegans, a synonym for Eulophonotus elegans, a species (Zeuzerinae) found in Sierra Leone, Cameroon, the Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Tanzania
  • Costria elegans, a species (Cossinae) found in South America
Superfamily Tortricoidea, Family Tortricidae (Tortrix moths)
Subsection Bombycina
Superfamily Bombycoidea (Bombycoid moths)
Family Sphingidae (Hawk moths)
Superfamily Geometroidea
Family Geometridae (Geometer moths)
Superfamily Noctuoidea
Family Noctuidae (Owlet moths)
Family Erebidae, Subfamily Arctiinae (Tiger moths)
Family Nolidae (Tuft moths)
Order Mantodea (Mantises)[edit]
Order Neuroptera (Net-winged insects)[edit]
Family Ascalaphidae (Owlflies)
Family Chrysopidae (Green lacewings)
Order Odonata (Dragonflies and damselflies)[edit]
Suborder Zygoptera (Damselflies)
  • Chlorolestes elegans, a sylph (Synlestidae) found in Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe
  • Calopteryx elegans, a synonym for Calopteryx angustipennis, the Appalachian jewelwing, a species (Calopterygidae) endemic to the United States
Order Orthoptera (Crickets and grasshoppers)[edit]
Suborder Caelifera (Grasshoppers)
Family Acrididae
Subfamily Acridinae
  • Calephorus elegans, a synonym for Calephorus compressicornis, French name: Criquet des dunes, a species found in France, Spain and Africa
Subfamily Oxyinae
Subfamily Catantopinae (Spur-throated grasshoppers)
Subfamily Gomphocerinae (Slant-faced grasshoppers)
Subfamily Oedipodinae
Family Pyrgomorphidae (Gaudy grasshoppers)
Subfamily Eyprepocnemidinae
  • Cataloipus elegans, a synonym for Cataloipus cognatus, a species found in Asia (India, Pakistan) and Africa (Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa)
Family Euschmidtiidae
  • Chloromastax elegans , a synonym for Apteropeoedes elegans, a species (Pseudoschmidtiinae) found in Madagascar
Suborder Ensifera
Family Tettigoniidae (Long-horned grasshoppers)
  • Clonia elegans, a synonym for Clonia melanoptera, the giant black-winged clonia, a predatory katydid (Saginae) found in South Africa
  • Coptaspis elegans, a species (Conocephalinae)
Order Phthiraptera (Lice)[edit]
  • Campanulotes elegans, a species parasite on the brush bronzewing, a bird in the pigeon family endemic to Australia
Order Psocoptera (Booklice and barklice)[edit]
  • Caecilius elegans, a synonym for Valenzuela elegans, a species of lizard barklice (Psocomorpha, Caeciliusidae) found in Haiti and the Hispaniola island
  • Compsocus elegans, a species (Troctomorpha, Compsocidae) found in Central America
Hexapods, Class Entognatha[edit]
Order Collembola[edit]
Arthropods, Subphylum Crustacea (Crustaceans), Class Maxillopoda (Maxillopodans), Subclass Copepoda (Copepods)[edit]
Order Calanoida (Calanoids)[edit]
  • Calanus elegans, a synonym for Calanus finmarchicus, a species (Calanidae) part of zooplankton found in enormous amounts in the northern Atlantic Ocean
  • Calocalanus elegans, a marine species (Calocalanidae) found in the Canaries, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea and sub-Antarctic waters
  • Centropages elegans, a marine species (Centropagidae)
Order Cyclopoida (Cyclopoids)[edit]
Order Siphonostomatoida[edit]
  • Caligus elegans or Caligulus elegans, synonyms for Caligus curtus, a sea louse (Caligidae) parasite of the Atlantic cod
  • Collocheres elegans, a species (Asterocheridae) found in the British Isles and West Norway infesting the black brittle star
Arthropods, Crustaceans, Class Malacostraca (Malacostracans)[edit]
Order Isopoda (Isopods)[edit]
  • Cancricepon elegans (syn. Cepon elegans), a species that parasitises the crab Pilumnus hirtellus from French and Great Britain's waters
  • Clianella elegans, a synonym for Dynoides elegans, a species found in California
  • Cymothoa elegans, a parasitic species found in the Java Sea
Order Cumacea (Cumaceans)[edit]
Order Decapoda (Decapods)[edit]
Order Amphipoda (Amphipods)[edit]
Arthropods, Crustaceans, Class Ostracoda (Ostracods)[edit]
Order Halocyprida[edit]
Order †Palaeocopida[edit]
  • Cystomatochilina elegans, an extinct species (†Eurychilinidae) from the Silurian of central Bohemia, Czech Republic
Arthropods, unranked Arachnomorphs (Arachnomorpha), Subphylum Chelicerata (Chelicerates), Class Arachnida (Arachnids)[edit]
Order Araneae (Spiders)[edit]
Infraorder Mygalomorphae (Mygalomorphs)
Family Dipluridae (Funnel-web tarantulas)
Family Theraphosidae (Tarantulas)
Infraorder Araneomorphae (Araneomorphs)
Family Gnaphosidae (Ground spiders)
Family Stiphidiidae (Sheetweb spiders)
Family Eutichuridae
Order Pseudoscorpiones (Pseudoscorpions)[edit]
Superfamily Cheliferoidea, Family Chernetidae
Superfamily Cheiridioidea
Superfamily Chthonioidea
Superfamily Garypoidea
Order Opiliones (Harvestmen)[edit]
Order Scorpiones (Scorpions)[edit]
Arthropods, Arachnomorpha, Chelicerates, Arachnids, Subclass Acari (Mites)[edit]
Order Trombidiformes[edit]
Arthropods, unranked Arachnomorphs (Arachnomorpha), Subphylum †Trilobitomorpha, Class †Trilobita (Trilobites)[edit]
Order †Ptychopariida[edit]
  • Conocephalites elegans, a synonym for Bailiaspis elegans, a species (†Conocoryphidae) from the Cambrian
Arthropods, Subphylum Myriapoda (Myriapods), Class Chilopoda (Centipedes)[edit]
Order Scolopendromorpha[edit]

Superphylum Lophotrochozoa, Phylum Mollusca (Molluscs)[edit]

Class Gastropoda (Gastropods)[edit]
  • Caecum elegans, a synonym for Caecum trachea, a minute sea snail (Caecidae) found on rocky shores in European waters
  • Caloria elegans, a colorful sea slug (Facelinidae) found in European waters
  • Cancellaria elegans, a synonym for Merica elegans, the elegant nutmeg, a sea snail (Cancellariidae) found off the Philippines, Indonesia, Western Thailand and Queensland
  • Capulus elegans, a sea snail (Capulidae)
  • Chilina elegans, an air-breathing freshwater snail (Chilinidae) found in Chile
  • Choristes elegans var. tenera, a synonym for Choristella tenera, a sea snail (Lepetellidae) found in the Atlantic Ocean off New Jersey and North Carolina, United States
  • Chromodoris elegans, a synonym for Felimare picta, a sea slug (Chromodorididae) found throughout the Mediterranean Sea and the Eastern North Atlantic Ocean
  • Chrysallida elegans, a synonym for Liamorpha elegans, a sea snail (Pyramidellidae) found in the European waters
  • Cochlespira elegans, a sea snail (Cochlespiridae) found in the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the Greater Antilles
  • Cochlostoma elegans, a land snail (Cochlostomatidae) found on the island of Pag in Croatia
  • Coenocharopa elegans, the elegant pinwheel snail, an air-breathing land snail (Charopidae) found in Queensland, Australia
  • Comitas elegans, a sea snail (Turridae)
  • Constantia elegans, a sea snail (Vanikoridae) found in Japan
  • Coronium elegans, a sea snail (Muricidae) found off the southeastern coast of Brazil
  • Cryptospira elegans, a sea snail (Marginellidae) found in Asia
  • Cyclostoma elegans, a synonym for Pomatias elegans, the round-mouthed snail, a land snail (Pomatiidae) common in Southern Europe
  • Cyclostrema elegans, a synonym for Adeorbis elegans, a sea snail (Tornidae)
  • Cyerce elegans, a sacoglossan sea slug (Caliphyllidae)
  • Cypraedia elegans (syn. Cypraea elegans or Cypraeovula elegans), a sea snail (Pediculariidae) from the Eocene Europe
Clade Caenogastropoda
Clade Hypsogastropoda
Clade Littorinimorpha
Superfamily Naticoidea
  • Choristes elegans, a synonym for Amauropsis islandica, the Iceland moonsnail, a predatory sea snail (Naticidae)
Superfamily Stromboidea
  • Chenopus elegans, a synonym for †Digitolabrum elegans, an extinct species (Aporrhaidae) from the Eocene of Egypt
Clade Neogastropoda, Superfamily Buccinoidea
  • Cantharus elegans, a true whelk (Buccinidae) found in Panama and Mexico
  • Columbella elegans, a synonym for Cotonopsis turrita, a sea snail (Columbellidae) found in West America
Clade Neogastropoda, Superfamily Conoidea
  • Conasprella elegans (syn. Conus elegans G. B. Sowerby III, 1895), a sea snail (Conidae) found from Somalia to Pakistan and off Western Australia
  • Conus elegans Schepman, 1913, a synonym for Conasprella comatosa, a sea snail (Conidae) found in the Pacific Ocean off Japan, the Philippines, Northwest Australia, New Caledonia and the Solomon Islands
Informal group Ptenoglossa, Superfamily Triphoroidea
  • Cerithiopsida elegans (syn. Cerithiopsis elegans), a sea snail (Newtoniellidae) found in the Kuril Islands
Clade Sorbeoconcha, Superfamily Cerithioidea
Clade Heterobranchia, Clade Euthyneura
Clade Euopisthobranchia, Clade Cephalaspidea
Superfamily Philinoidea
  • Chelidonura elegans, a synonym for Chelidonura hirundinina, a sea slug (Aglajidae) found in the western Indo-Pacific and the Caribbean Sea
Clade Panpulmonata, Clade Eupulmonata, Clade Stylommatophora
Informal group Sigmurethra; Superfamily Clausilioidea
Clade Vetigastropoda
Superfamily Seguenzioidea
Superfamly Trochoidea
  • Calliostoma elegans , a synonym for Laetifautor elegans, a sea snail (Calliostomatidae) found in Japan
  • Chunula elegans, a synonym for Liotella elegans, a marine species (Skeneidae) found off the Northern Territory, Australia
Class Bivalvia (Bivalves)[edit]
Subclass Pteriomorphia
Order Arcoida[edit]
  • Cucullaea elegans, an extinct species of false ark shells (Cucullaeidae) from the North of Germany
Order Ostreoida[edit]
  • Crassostrea elegans (syn. †Cubitostrea elegans), an extinct species of true oysters (Ostreidae)
Order Pterioida[edit]
  • Crenatula elegans, a synonym for Crenatula picta, a marine species (Pteriidae) known from Madagascar and the Red Sea
Subclass Heterodonta
Order Myoida[edit]
Family Corbulidae
Order Carditoida[edit]
  • Chama elegans or Cardita elegans (Requien, 1848), synonyms for Centrocardita aculeata, a marine clam (Carditidae) found in the Mediterranean Sea and the European part of the North Atlantic Ocean
  • Cyclocardia elegans (syn. Cardita elegans (Lamarck, 1806)), an extinct clam (Carditidae) from the Eocene of France
Order Veneroida (Veneroids)[edit]
Superfamily Lucinoidea
Order Pholadomyoida[edit]
  • Cetoconcha elegans (syn. Cribrosoconcha elegans), a saltwater clam (Poromyidae)
  • Clavagella elegans, an extinct marine species (Clavagellidae) from the Cretaceous of Algeria
  • Cuspidaria elegans, a species (Cuspidariidae) found in Indonesia, Philippines and South China Sea
Class Cephalopoda (Cephalopods), Subclass †Ammonoidea (Ammonites)[edit]
Order †Ceratitida (Ceratitids)[edit]
Order †Ammonitida[edit]
Nautiloids (Subclass Nautiloidea)[edit]
Order Nautilida[edit]
  • Cymatoceras elegans, a species (Cymatoceratidae) from the Cretaceous of Switzerland and the United Kingdom
Class Aplacophora[edit]
Order Chaetodermatida[edit]
Class Scaphopoda (Scaphopods)[edit]
Order Gadilida[edit]
Class Polyplacophora (Chitons)[edit]
Order Chitonida[edit]
Mollusca incertae sedis (Gastropods or Monoplacophorans)[edit]
Not yet assigned to an order, Superfamily †Bellerophontoidea[edit]
  • Conradella elegans or †Cyrtolites elegans, synonyms for †Phragmolites elegans, an extinct species (†Bucaniidae) from the Ordovician of Ohio

Lophotrochozoa, Phylum Bryozoa (Bryozoans)[edit]

Class Gymnolaemata[edit]
Order Cheilostomata[edit]
Class Stenolaemata[edit]
Order Cyclostomatida[edit]

Lophotrochozoa, Phylum Brachiopoda (Brachiopods)[edit]

Class Rhynchonellata[edit]
Order Athyridida[edit]
Order Rhynchonellida[edit]
Class Craniata, Order Craniopsida[edit]
  • Craniops elegans, an extinct species (Craniopsidae) from the Ordovician of Estonia

Lophotrochozoa, Phylum Nemertea (Nemertean worms)[edit]

Class Enopla[edit]
Order Hoplonemertea[edit]

Lophotrochozoa, Phylum Annelida (Annelids)[edit]

Class Polychaeta (Polychaete worms)[edit]
Order Phyllodocida[edit]
  • Chrysopetalum elegans, a synonym for Bhawania goodei, a species (Chrysopetalidae) found in tropical waters around the world
Order Canalipalpata[edit]

Superphylum Platyzoa[edit]

Phylum Rotifera (Rotifers), Class Eurotifera[edit]
Order Ploima[edit]
  • Cephalodella elegans, a species (Notommatidae) found on Mount Desert Island, in Hancock County, Maine, United States
Order Bdelloidea[edit]

Platyzoa, Phylum Platyhelminthes (Flatworms)[edit]

Class Monogenea[edit]
Order Dactylogyridea[edit]
  • Calceostoma elegans, a synonym for Calceostoma calceostoma, a species (Calceostomatidae) parasite of the brown meagre (Sciaena umbra) in the Mediterranean
Class Rhabditophora[edit]
Order Rhabdocoela[edit]
  • Cicerina elegans, a species (Cicerinidae) from the bay of Great Peter of the Sea of Japan
Class Trematoda[edit]
Order Plagiorchiida[edit]
Class Turbellaria[edit]
Order Prolecithophosra[edit]
  • Cylindrostoma elegans, a synonym for Pseudostomum klostermanni, a marine species (Pseudostomidae) found in the Black and Mediterranean Seas and in the European waters of the North Atlantic Ocean

Platyzoa, Phylum Gastrotricha (Gastrotrichs)[edit]

Order Chaetonotida[edit]

Animals incertae sedis[edit]

Class Chitinozoa (Chitinozoans)[edit]

Order Prosomatifera[edit]
  • Conochitina elegans, an extinct species (Conochitinidae) of the Silurian of the Baltic Sea

Eukaryotes, Unikonts, Opisthokonts, Kingdom Fungi[edit]

Subkingdom Dikarya (Higher fungi), Phylum Ascomycota (Ascomycetes or sac fungi)[edit]

Subphylum Pezizomycotina[edit]

Class Arthoniomycetes[edit]
Order Arthoniales[edit]
Class Dothideomycetes[edit]
Order Capnodiales[edit]
  • Capnodium elegans, a synonym for Acrogenotheca elegans, a fungus (Capnodiaceae) found in Australia and New Zealand
  • Cladosporium elegans, a plant pathogen (Davidiellaceae) found on leaves of oranges in Italy
Order Microthyriales[edit]
Order Pleosporales[edit]
Class Laboulbeniomycetes[edit]
Order Laboulbeniales[edit]
Family Laboulbeniaceae
Class Lecanoromycetes[edit]
Order Teloschistales[edit]
  • Caloplaca elegans or Callopisma elegans, synonyms for Xanthoria elegans, a species of lychenized fungi (Teloschistaceae) with a circumpolar and alpine distribution
Order Lecanorales[edit]
Order Acarosporales[edit]
  • Chiliospora elegans, a synonym for Myriospora elegans, a species of lichenized fungi (Acarosporaceae)
Order Peltigerales[edit]
Class Leotiomycetes[edit]
Order Helotiales[edit]
Class Orbiliomycetes[edit]
Order Orbiliales[edit]
Class Sordariomycetes[edit]
Order Chaetosphaeriales[edit]
Order Diaporthales[edit]
Order Microascales[edit]
Order Hypocreales[edit]
Family Hypocreaceae
Family Nectriaceae
Ascomycota incertae sedis[edit]

Higher fungi, Phylum Basidiomycota (Basidiomycetes)[edit]

Subdivision Agaricomycotina[edit]

Class Agaricomycetes[edit]
Order Agaricales (Gilled mushrooms)[edit]
  • Clitocybe elegans, a synonym for Armillaria heimii, a species (Physalacriaceae) that causes root rot on tea trees in East Africa
  • Collybia elegans a synonym for Marasmius elegans, the velvet parachute, a species (Marasmiaceae) found in eucalypt forests in Australia
  • Conocybe elegans, a species (Bolbitiaceae) found in Denmark
  • Cortinarius elegans, a species (Cortinariaceae)
  • Cyathus elegans, a synonym for Cyathus stercoreus, the dung-loving bird's nest, a species (Nidulariaceae)
  • Cystodermella elegans (syn. Cystoderma elegans), a species (Agaricaceae) found in Congo
  • Cyphella elegans (syn. Chaetocypha elegans), a species (Cyphellaceae), possibly an unavailable name
Order Boletales[edit]
  • Coniophora elegans, a species (Coniophoraceae)
  • Cricunopus elegans, a synonym for Suillus grevillei, Greville's bolete or larch bolete, a species (Suillaceae) found in Europe and Asia
Order Cantharellales[edit]
Family Cantharellaceae
Family Clavulinaceae
Order Phallales[edit]
  • Caromyxa elegans, Caryomyxa elegans or Corynites elegans, synonyms for Mutinus elegans, the elegant stinkhorn, the dog stinkhorn, the headless stinkhorn or the devil's dipstick, a species (Phallaceae) found in Japan, Europe and eastern North America
  • Colus elegans, a synonym for Pseudocolus fusiformis, the stinky squid, a species (Phallaceae) found in the United States, Australia, Japan, Java and the Philippines
Order Polyporales[edit]

Subphyllum Pucciniomycotina[edit]

Class Cystobasidiomycetes[edit]
Class Pucciniomycetes[edit]
Order Pucciniales (Rusts)[edit]
  • Caeoma elegans, a species (not yet assigned to a family)
  • Caeomurus elegans or Coeomurus elegans, synonyms for Uromyces elegans, a species (Pucciniaceae)

Other fungi[edit]

Phylum Blastocladiomycota[edit]

Class Blastocladiomycetes[edit]
Order Blastocladiales[edit]

Phylum Chytridiomycota[edit]

Class Chytridiomycetes[edit]
Order Chytridiales[edit]
Order Cladochytriales[edit]

Phylum Zygomycota (Zygote fungi)[edit]

Class Zygomycetes, Order Mucorales[edit]
Family Mucoraceae
Family Cunninghamellaceae
  • Cunninghamella elegans, a species found in soil and also used as a model of mammalian xenobiotics metabolism

Eukaryotes, unranked Bikonta (Bikonts), Kingdom Archaeplastida[edit]

Division Rhodophyta (Red algae)[edit]

Class Stylonematophyceae[edit]

Order Stylonematales[edit]
  • Callonema elegans, a synonym for Stylonema alsidii (Stylonemataceae), a marine species with a worldwide distribution

Class Florideophyceae[edit]

Order Bonnemaisoniales[edit]
  • Calocladia elegans, a synonym for Delisea elegans, a species (Bonnemaisoniaceae)
Order Ceramiales[edit]
  • Callithamnion elegans, a synonym for Gymnothamnion elegans, a species (Wrangeliaceae) found in South Africa
  • Capraella elegans, a synonym for Martensia elegans, a species (Delesseriaceae) found in South Africa
  • Ceramium elegans or Conferva elegans, synonyms for Ceramium diaphanum var. elegans, a red alga (Ceramiaceae)
Order Colaconematales[edit]
  • Colaconema elegans, a marine species (Colaconemataceae) found in Korea, California and Brazil
Order Gigartinales[edit]
Order Peyssonneliales[edit]

Class Rhodophyceae[edit]

Order Corallinales[edit]
Family Corallinaceae (Coralline algae)
  • Cheilosporum elegans, a synonym for Jania cultrata, a species (Corallinoideae)
  • Corallina elegans, a species (Corallinoideae) from the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean
  • Corallina elegans Lenormand ex Areschoug, 1852, a synonym for Jania rubens var. corniculata, a subspecies (Corallinoideae)

Subkingdom Plantae (Plants)[edit]

(informal group Green algae), Division Chlorophyta (Chlorophytes)[edit]

Class Chlorophyceae[edit]
Order Chaetophorales[edit]
Order Charales[edit]
Order Chlorosarcinales[edit]
Order Cladophorales[edit]
  • Cladophora elegans f. major, a synonym for Cladophora vagabunda, a marine species (Cladophoraceae) with a worldwide ditribution
Order Volvocales[edit]

Unranked Streptophyta (Streptophytes), (Green algae,) Division Charophyta (Charophytes)[edit]

Class Zygnematophyceae[edit]
Order Desmidiales[edit]
  • Closterium elegans, a synonym for Closterium setaceum, a species (Closteriaceae) with a worldwide distribution
  • Cosmarium elegans, a synonym for Cosmarium tetragonum var. elegans, a subspecies (Desmidiaceae)
Order Zygnematales[edit]

Streptophytes, Unranked Embryophyta (Embryophytes) (, Non-vascular plants or Bryophytes)[edit]

Division Marchantiophyta (Liverworts)[edit]
Class Jungermanniopsida, Order Jungermanniales[edit]
Division Bryophyta (Mosses)[edit]
Class Bryopsida, Order Hypnales[edit]

Streptophytes, Embryophytes, Unranked Tracheophyta (Vascular plants)[edit]

Spermatophyta (Spermatophytes), Basal angiosperms[edit]
Order Nymphaeales[edit]
  • Castalia elegans, a synonym for Nymphaea elegans, the tropical royalblue water-lily, an aquatic plant (Nymphaeaceae) found in Louisiana, Florida and Texas, in the United States, in Oaxaca in Mexico and in Antioquia in Colombia
Spermatophytes, Angiosperms (Flowering plants), Dicotyledons[edit]
Eudicots, Asterids, Order Asterales[edit]
Family Asteraceae
Superfamily Carduoideae
  • Centaurea elegans, a synonym for Centaurea cineraria, the velvet centaurea, a species (Cynareae) found in Italy
Superfamily Mutisioideae
Subfamily Cichorioideae
  • Cacalia elegans, a synonym for Lessingianthus elegans, a species (Vernonieae) found in Bolivia
  • Crepis elegans, a synonym for Askellia elegans, the elegant hawksbeard, a species (Cichorieae) found in North America
Subfamily Asteroideae
  • Calea elegans, a synonym for Perymenium acuminatum, a species (Heliantheae) found in Mexico
  • Calostelma elegans, a synonym for Liatris elegans, the pinkscale gayfeather, pinkscale blazingstar or elegant blazingstar, a species (Eupatorieae) native to the southeastern United States
  • Calycadenia elegans, a synonym for Calycadenia pauciflora,the smallflower western rosinweed, a plant (Madieae) found in California
  • Chevreulia elegans, a synonym for Chevreulia acuminata, a species (Gnaphalieae) found in South America
  • Coreopsis elegans or Calliopsis elegans, two synonyms for Coreopsis tinctoria, the plains coreopsis, an annual plant (Coreopsideae) common to much of the United States
  • Crassina elegans, a synonym for Zinnia elegans, a species (Heliantheae) native to Mexico
Family Campanulaceae
  • Campanula elegans, a species (Campanuloideae)
  • Clintonia elegans, a synonym for Downingia elegans, the elegant calicoflower or Californian lobelia, a species (Lobelioideae) native to western North America from California to British Columbia
Eudicots, Asterids, Order Lamiales[edit]
  • Caldenbachia elegans, a synonym for Stenandrium pohlii, Portuguese names Caiapiá or Carapiá, a species (Acanthaceae) native to the Cerrado and Pantanal vegetation of Brazil
  • Castilleja elegans, the elegant Indian paintbrush, a herbaceous plant (Orobanchaceae) found in Canada
  • Clytostoma elegans, a plant (Bignoniaceae)
  • Codonanthe elegans, a plant (Gesneriaceae) found in Belize
Family Lamiaceae
Eudicots, Asterids, Order Gentianales[edit]
Family Apocynaceae
  • Centrostemma elegans or Cyrtoceras elegans, synonyms for Hoya celebica, a species (Asclepiadoideae) found in Indonesia
  • Ceropegia elegans, a species found in India and Sri Lanka
  • Conopharyngia elegans, a synonym for Tabernaemontana elegans, the toad tree, a species (Rauvolfioideae) found eastern Africa
  • Cryptolepis elegans, a synonym for Cryptolepis sinensis, a species
  • Cynanchum elegans, the white-flowered wax plant, a species found in New South Wales in Australia
Family Rubiaceae
Eudicots, Asterids, Order Solanales[edit]
Nightshades (Family Solanaceae)
Family Convolvulaceae
  • Convolvulus elegans, a synonym for Bonamia elegans, a plant found in Myanmar
Eudicots, Asterids, Order Apiales[edit]
Family Apiaceae
  • Carum elegans, a synonym for Bunium elegans, a species (Apioideae, Pyramidoptereae) found in Syria
  • Chaerophyllum elegans, a species (Apioideae, Scandiceae, Scandicinae) found in the Alps from Switzerland, France and Italy
  • Cryptotaenia elegans, also known in Spanish as perejil de Monteverde (Parsley of Monteverde), a species (Apioideae, Oenantheae) endemic to the Canary Islands
Eudicots, Asterids, Order Ericales[edit]
  • Chrysophyllum elegans Raunk. ex Warm., a synonym for Chrysophyllum flexuosum, a tree (Sapotaceae) found in Brazil
  • Chrysophyllum elegans (Vink) Baehni, a synonym for Pycnandra elegans, a tree (Sapotaceae) found in New Caledonia
  • Cyclamen elegans, a plant (Primulaceae) found in northern Iran and southeastern Azerbaijan
Eudicots, Rosids, Order Myrtales[edit]
Family Myrtaceae
Family Melastomataceae
  • Carionia elegans, a species
  • Clidemia elegans, a synonym for Clidemia hirta, the soapbush or Koster's curse, an invasive species found in many tropical regions of the world
other families
Eudicots, Rosids, Order Fabales[edit]
Legumes (Family Fabaceae)
Eudicots, Rosids, Order Malpighiales[edit]
Family Salicaceae
Family Euphorbiaceae
  • Chamaesyce elegans, a synonym for Euphorbia elegans, a species (Euphorbioideae)
  • Claoxylon elegans, a synonym for Claoxylon longifolium, a species (Acalyphoideae) found in Assam, South-East Asia, New Guinea and Caroline Islands
Crotonoids (Subfamily Crotonoideae)
  • Codiaeum elegans, a synonym for Codiaeum variegatum, the garden croton or variegated croton, a plant (Codiaeae) native to Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and the western Pacific Ocean islands
  • Croton elegans, a shrub (Crotoneae) endemic to the Ecuadorean Andes
Family Calophyllaceae
Eudicots, Rosids, Order Brassicales[edit]
  • Capparis elegans (syn. Capparidastrum elegans), a plant (Capparaceae) found in Brazil
Crucifers (Family Brassicaceae)
Eudicots, Rosids, Order Rosales[edit]
Family Rosaceae
Eudicots, Rosids, Order Malvales[edit]
Family Malvaceae
Eudicots, Rosids, Order Sapindales[edit]
  • Cardiospermum elegans, a synonym for Cardiospermum grandiflorum, the balloon vine, heart pea or heart seed, a climbing plant (Sapindaceae) found in Argentina and Brazil
  • Conchocarpus elegans (syn. Cusparia elegans), a plant (Rutaceae) found in Brazil
Eudicots, Rosids, Order Geraniales[edit]
Family Vivianiaceae
Eudicots, Rosids, Order Vitales[edit]
Family Vitaceae
Eudicots, Rosids, Order Cucurbitales[edit]
Family Cucurbitaceae
Eudicots, Order Ranunculales[edit]
Family Menispermaceae
  • Cocculus elegans, a synonym for Cocculus orbiculatus, the Queen coralbead, a woody vine found from India east to Java
  • Cyclea elegans, a species found in Sumatra, Malaya, Borneo
Family Papaveraceae
  • Corydalis elegans (syn. Capnoides elegans), a species (Fumarioideae) found in India, China and the West Himalayas
Eudicots, Core eudicots, Order Caryophyllales[edit]
Family Cactaceae (Cacti)
Eudicots, Core eudicots, Order Santalales[edit]
  • Comandra elegans, a synonym for Comandra umbellata, the bastard toadflax, umbellate bastard toadflax or common comandra, a species found in North America and the Mediterranean
Eudicots, Core eudicots, Order Saxifragales[edit]
Magnoliids, Order Laurales[edit]
Family Lauraceae
Flowering plants, Monocotyledons[edit]
Commelinids, Order Arecales[edit]
Family Arecaceae (Palms)
Family Dasypogonaceae
Commelinids, Order Poales[edit]
Family Cyperaceae (Sedges)
  • Carex elegans, a synonym for Carex limosa, the mud sedge and shore sedge, a species found across North America and Eurasia
  • Cyperus elegans,the Royal flatsedge, a species from Central and South America
Family Eriocaulaceae
Family Poaceae (Bamboos and grasses)
  • Calamagrostis elegans, a synonym for Calamagrostis eminens, a species (Pooideae) found in South America
  • Callichloea elegans, a synonym for Elionurus elegans, a species (Panicoideae, Andropogoneae) found in Nigeria and Senegal
  • Ceresia elegans, a synonym for Paspalum ceresia, a species (Panicoideae) found in South America
  • Chloris elegans, a synonym for Chloris virgata, the feather fingergrass or feather windmillgrass, a species (Chloridoideae) native to many of the warmer temperate, subtropical and tropical regions of the world
  • Ctenium elegans, a species (Chloridoideae) found from Senegal to the Sudan
  • Cymbopogon elegans, a species (Panicoideae)
  • Cynosurus elegans, a species (Pooideae) found in southern Europe, north Africa, Middle East and Turkmenistan
Commelinids, Order Commelinales[edit]
Family Commelinaceae
  • Callisia elegans, a synonym for Callisia gentlei var. elegans, a subspecies (Commelinoideae) found in Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guatemala and Honduras
  • Commelina elegans, a synonym for Commelina erecta, the white mouth dayflower or slender dayflower, a perennial herb native throughout the Americas, Africa and western Asia
Commelinids, Order Zingiberales[edit]
Order Asparagales[edit]
Family Iridaceae
Orchids (Family Orchidaceae)
Orchidoid orchids (Subfamily Orchidoideae)
Epidendroid orchids (Subfamily Epidendroideae)
Lady's-slippers (Subfamily Cypripedioideae)
Order Liliales[edit]
Family Liliaceae
Vascular plants, Division Pteridophyta (Ferns), Class Polypodiopsida[edit]
Order Hymenophyllales[edit]
Order Polypodiales (Polypod ferns)[edit]
Vascular plants, Division Pteridophyta (Ferns), Class Pteridopsida[edit]
Order Cyatheales (Tree ferns)[edit]
Vascular plants, Division Pinophyta (Conifers)[edit]
Order Pinales[edit]
  • Cunninghamites elegans (syn. Cunninghamia elegans), an extinct species (Cupressaceae) from the Late Cretaceous of Europe

Plants, awating allocation[edit]

Eukaryotes, unranked SAR (SAR supergroup)[edit]

Unranked Rhizaria[edit]

Phylum Retaria[edit]

Class Foraminifera[edit]
Order Lagenida[edit]
Order Rotaliida[edit]
  • Cassidulina elegans, a synonym for Globocassidulina elegans, a marine species (Cassidulinidae) found in the Japanese and New Zealand Exclusive Economic Zones
  • Cibusoides elegans, a benthonic species (Heterolepidae) from the Pacific Ocean
  • Cyclammina elegans, an extinct species (Cyclamminidae) from the Cretaceous of Trinidad and from New Zealand

Phylum Cercozoa[edit]

Class Granofilosea[edit]
Order Desmothoracida[edit]

Superphylum Alveolata (Alveolates)[edit]

Phylum Ciliophora (Ciliates)[edit]

Class Oligohymenophorea[edit]
Order Apostomatida[edit]
  • Chromidina elegans, a species (Opalinopsidae) parasite of the cuttlefish Sepia elegans described from Naples, Italy

Phylum Dinoflagellata (Dinoglagellates)[edit]

Class Dinophyceae[edit]
Order Peridiniales[edit]
  • Centrodinium elegans , a synonym for Oxytoxum elegans, a species (Oxytoxaceae) found in the Gulf of Mexico, the Lebanese Exclusive Economic Zone waters and the North Atlantic Ocean
  • Corythodinium elegans, a species (Oxytoxaceae) with a worldwide distribution
Order Gonyaulacales[edit]
  • Ceratium elegans Schröder, 1906, a synonym for Tripos elegans, a species (Ceratiaceae)
Class Noctiluciphyceae[edit]
Order Noctilucales[edit]

Unranked Chromalveolata (Chromalveolates), Superphylum Heterokonta or Heterokontophyta (Heterokonts)[edit]

Phylum Ochrophyta[edit]

Class Xanthophyceae (Yellow-green algae)[edit]
Order Mischococcales[edit]
  • Characiopsis elegans, a freshwater species (Characiopsidaceae) described from Arkansas, North America and Brazil, South America
Class Chrysophyceae (Golden-brown algae)[edit]
Order Chromulinales[edit]
  • Chromulina elegans, a freshwater species (Chromulinaceae) found in Europe, South America and Asia
  • Chrysococcus elegans (syn. Chrysococcocystis elegans), a freshwater species (Dinobryaceae) found in North America
Class Bacillariophyceae (Diatoms)[edit]
Order Surirellales[edit]
Order Fragilariophyceae[edit]
Order Achnanthales[edit]
Order Cymbellales[edit]
Order Incertae sedis[edit]
Class Coscinodiscophyceae[edit]
Order Coscinodiscales[edit]
Family Coscinodiscaceae

Eukaryotes, Unranked Hacrobia (Cryptomonads-haptophytes assemblage)[edit]

Phylum Haptophyta (Haptophytes)[edit]

Class Prymnesiophyceae[edit]

Order Prymnesiales[edit]

Phylum Cryptophyta (Cryptomonads or cryptophytes)[edit]

Class Cryptophyceae[edit]

Order Pyrenomonadales[edit]
  • Chroomonas elegans, a species (Chroomonadaceae) found in Lake Neusiedl, at the Austria-Hungarian border
Order Cryptomonadales[edit]

Eukaryotes incertae sedis, Unranked Acritarcha (Acritarchs)[edit]

(Prokaryota or Prokaryotes) Domain Bacteria (Bacteria)[edit]

Phylum Cyanobacteria (Blue-green algae)[edit]

Order Synechococcales[edit]

  • Cyanonephron elegans, a freshwater species (Synechococcaceae) described in the Netherlands, Russia and Australia

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  • "C. elegans is a valid abbreviation for 41 different species in the NCBI taxonomy." LINNAEUS: A species name identification system for biomedical literature. Martin Gerner, Goran Nenadic and Casey M Bergman, BMC Bioinformatics, 2010, volume 11, page 85, doi:10.1186/1471-2105-11-85

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