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C1, C01, C.I or C-1 may refer to:

Arts and media[edit]

Biology and medicine[edit]



Other uses in biology and medicine[edit]

  • C1 and P1 (neuroscience), a component of the visual evoked potential
  • ATC code C01, a subgroup of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System
  • C01, the ICD-10 code for "malignant neoplasm of base of tongue", a form of oral cancer
  • C1, the short name for a microfluidic single-cell analysis system sold by Fluidigm


  • C1 Chemistry, study of methane, methanol, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide



  • C-One, a single-board microcomputer
  • C1 NES TV, a family of Nintendo-television-set hybrids manufactured by Sharp Corporation in 1983
  • ATI C1, codename of the Xbox 360 GPU Xenos

Other uses in computing[edit]




  • C-1 Trader, a cargo-version of the S-2 Tracker anti-submarine warfare aircraft of the United States Navy
  • AEG C.I, a German World War I reconnaissance aircraft
  • AGO C.I, a 1915 German reconnaissance biplane
  • Albatros C.I, a 1915 German two-seat general-purpose biplane
  • Aviatik C.I, a 1915 German observation plane
  • Cierva C.1, a 1920 Spanish experimental autogyro
  • DFW C.I, a WWI German reconnaissance aircraft
  • Douglas C-1, a cargo/transport airplane produced by Douglas Aircraft for the U.S. Army Air Service starting in 1925
  • Fokker C.I, a 1918 German reconnaissance biplane
  • Friedrichshafen C.I, a 1914 German single-engined amphibious reconnaissance biplane
  • Hansa-Brandenburg C.I, a 1916 German 2-seater armed single-engine reconnaissance biplane
  • Kawasaki C-1, an indigenous transport aircraft of the Japanese Air Self-Defense Forces
  • Otto C.I, a 1915 German reconnaissance biplane
  • Rumpler C.I, a 1915 German two-seater single-engine reconnaissance biplane
  • Southern Cross Airport (New Jersey) (FAA LID: C01)



Land vehicles[edit]

Other uses in land transport[edit]



  • HMS C1, a C-class submarine of the Royal Navy
  • USS C-1 (SS-9), a C-class submarine of the United States Navy
  • USS Newark (C-1), a protected cruiser of the United States Navy
  • Type C1 ship, a small cargo vessel built by the United States in large numbers before and during World War II
  • Isaac Peral (C-1), a Spanish submarine


  • Cluster 1, also known as Rumba, an ESA satellite


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