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C2Call GmbH
Industry Computer software
Online services
Founded Werl, Germany (May 2008 (2008-05))
Founder Martin Feuerhahn, Michael Knecht
Headquarters Werl, Germany
Area served
Key people
  • Martin Feuerhahn (CEO)
  • Michael Knecht (CTO)
Products See listing
Services See listing
Number of employees
50+ (2012)
Website C2Call.com
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C2Call /ˈstkl/ GmbH, German startup, which provides an array of Web calling applications, offers a browser-based, Java [2] Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution .[3] C2Call extends the possibilities of connectivity apps for smartphones, Internet browsers and SIP clients.[4] A peer-to-peer VoIP service provider based in Germany, C2Call GmbH offer users a simple solution to communication .[5]


C2Call was founded in 2008 by CEO, Martin Feuerhahn and CTO, Michael Knecht.[6] Prior to establishing C2Call, Martin and Michael founded Actai in 2004.[7] The purpose of Actai was to develop mobile content solutions for Mobile Network Operators and Internet Media companies.[8] Actai’s customers included Germany’s largest MVNO, Aldi Talk and one of Germany’s largest ISPs, the Freenet AG.

In May 2008, they spun off C2Call to incorporate C2Call GmbH in Werl, Germany. Transferring all related IP to C2Call GmbH to prepare it for external funding and international expansion.

In February 2009, C2Call introduced FriendCaller[9] into the digital communications marketplace, earning instant recognition for its innovative contribution to the ever-changing social networking industry.


C2Call works on the principles of Java applet temporarily loading a Java widget into browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and other browsers that support JavaScript.[10] The widget adds VoIP functions to the web page.[11] and is compatible with leading operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Macintosh

Unlike other VoIP-based telephony services, there is no software to download, install and configure.[12] The browser-based Internet phone, FriendCaller WebPhone,[13] lets the user experience next generation VoIP technology with Group Video Calling, without having the need for any pre-requisite software installation.[14] C2Call is a venture-backed company that has generated more than $2 million in revenue since April 2010.[15]

C2Call GmbH applied a great deal of time and resources toward constructing ensured network compatibility with a wide array of standard and mobile computing devices. Individuals who own Apple Inc products such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch can enjoy the same connective perks which are built into FriendCaller’s browser-based version.

C2Call's Products and Services[edit]

For those who prefer to place the bulk of their phone calls from home or work computers, C2Call GmbH’s WebPhone version assists them with all the browser-powered VoIP protocol. FriendCaller’s WebPhone can be permanently saved on almost any desktop computer free of charge. Users can have 7-Way Cross-platform Mobile Video Chat in real time with up to 27 people.[16][17]

C2Call GmbH’s FriendCaller for Android operating systems and iOS Operating System allow users to experience Mobile Group Video Calling.[18] Manufactured by companies like Motorola and HTC, Google-supported Android smart phones can easily download FriendCaller in the form of a free application, facilitating cost-effective calling to contacts across the country and around the world.[19]

Users of Android, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad earn free calling credits by watching a short video or downloading their favorite apps with "OfferWall" feature available for all iOS[20] and Android devices.[21]

People who own a Nokia S40 device can make the most of FriendCaller as well.[22] The Nokia Series 40 provides users with a set-up wizard for navigating the installation process,[23] although C2Call gives users the choice of foregoing set-up wizard assistance prior to making calls with FriendCaller SIP.[24]

C2Call GmbH’s FriendCaller is also compatible with Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site.[25] Clients can use this app directly from their Facebook account without downloading and installation hazard. FriendCaller Facebook App shows compatibility with Facebook Connect.[26] Users can login to FriendCaller using their Facebook credentials. FriendCaller's Facebook VoIP app takes the hassle out of inviting friends to join C2Call’s VoIP network, offering a host of benefits beyond FriendCaller’s highly affordable communication solutions.

The unique CallMe-Link,[27] allow others to make instant calls to FriendCaller users within their Internet browsers. The link can be embedded into emails, shared via social networks and can be sent as an instant message by copying the HTML or BBCode. Users can also integrate as a badge in Outlook Signature. To start the conversation with FriendCaller users, non-FriendCaller users only have to click this link.[28]

Available either free or at a cost of as low as only two cents per minute for overseas connection. C2Call’s VoIP platform allows users to place local and international phone calls from their homes or offices, saving 80 to 90 percent in comparison to fees charged by traditional phone companies.[29]

Funding and Financial Services[edit]

Draper Investment Company has contributed in providing financial capital for Germany-based startup C2Call GmbH,[30] whose FriendCaller service provides an accessible way to communicate between subscribers, as well as those with landlines and mobile devices.[31]

The Draper Investment Company portfolio has followed VoIP since near its inception, demonstrating the company’s enthusiasm for IT ventures. Draper Investment Company invested in C2Call GmbH and various other VoIP-savvy companies due to the investor’s belief that VoIP will likely one day eclipse the more traditional telephony methods.[32] To foster growth of C2Call’s FriendCaller service, the company raised more than $2 million[33] in funding during the early months of 2010 - A funding from Original Skype investor Bill Draper of Draper Investment Company[34] High-Tech Grunderfonds and Klaus Wecken, co-founder of KHK Software (now taken over by Sage Group)

C2Call's Environmental Record[edit]

C2Call has been making efforts to minify their impact on the environment and has all its working operated under green technology powered servers. C2Call hopes to manufacture products that will better protect the environment and save energy.

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