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C3 Policing or Counter Criminal Continuum Policing is a modification of counter-insurgency ("COIN") methods used by U.S. Army Special Forces and adapted for use by civilian law enforcement agencies. The C3 Policing model was created and developed by Michael M. Cutone. This model is currently being implemented through a partnership between the Springfield, Massachusetts Police Department[1] and a team of Massachusetts State Police (MSP) troopers (designated as the Massachusetts State Police Special Projects Team) to implement C3 Policing methods in order to control criminal street gangs and illicit drug networks in the North End section of Springfield. The MSP Special Projects Team personnel includes two veteran Special Forces soldiers, Trooper Cutone (a master sergeant with the 19th SFG) and Trooper Thomas Sarrouf (a lieutenant colonel with the 19th SFG).[2]


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The C3 Policing model was created and developed by Michael M. Cutone, a senior NCO with the US Army Special Forces who served with 10th, 19th, and 5th SFG(A), totaling 25 years with Army Special Forces.[2] Cutone is also a Massachusetts State Trooper. In 2006, Cutone returned from a deployment in Avghani, Iraq, where his unit had used the principles of COIN to defeat insurgent networks. In October 2009, during the course of his patrol duties in Springfield, he determined that the principals of COIN utilized in Iraq[2] might also be implemented to detect, disrupt, degrade, and dismantle gang activity in the city's high-crime North End section.[3] After implementing the concept, the initiative received accolades from the citizens of the North End section as well as local public officials.[4][5] C3 policing also received the support of the Superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police.[6]

In April 2012, journalist Sharon Weinberger was embedded with the Special Projects Team and wrote an article detailing her observations in Nature.[7] On May 1, 2012, by an article on the model by Erica Goode appeared in The New York Times.[8] With Green Beret Tactics, Combating Gang Warfare

On February 12, 2013 BusinessWest awarded C3 Policing The Difference Makers. There are many needs within our society, and therefore many ways that individuals and groups can impact overall quality of life for the people in this region, said BusinessWest Associate Publisher Kate Campiti. And this year’s class of Difference Makers drives this point home." "The individuals who directed the implementation of the C3 Policing program in Springfield’s Brightwood section have succeeded in challenging the culture in that area of the city, she went on. People who were once afraid and apathetic now have a stake in their neighborhood. That’s making a major difference.

C3 Policing covered by 60 Minutes / CBS news: Counter Insurgency Cops: Military tactics fight street crime August 4, 2013. Tactics used overseas in the war on terror are helping law enforcement take back the streets of Springfield, Mass., from criminal gangs. Lesley Stahl reports.


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