C90-CR (M3)

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Bottom: Top: longer range C90-CR cutaway to show antitank rocket projectile inside tube
Early C90-C
Type Anti-tank
Place of origin Spain
Service history
Used by See Users
Production history
Manufacturer Instalaza
Weight 4.8kg
Length 940mm[1]

Cartridge Tandem HE[2]
Caliber 90mm
Effective firing range 300 m moving target
Sights fixed 2X optical sight standard

The Instalaza C90 is a 90 mm disposable, shoulder-fired and one-man operated grenade launcher (RPG) which can be fitted with a VN38-C night vision device for full night combat capability.[3] It is being used as an infantry-type weapon.[4]


The following are variants produced by Instalaza:[3]

  • C-90-CR (M3) and the C-90-CR-RB (M3) - equipped with hollow-charge warhead of different types. Has armor penetration of 400mm.[2]
  • C-90-CR-AM (M3) - also has a head shaped charge, but with a special body that provides mines.
  • C-90-CR-FIM (M3) - contains more than 1.3 kg of red phosphorus composition, producing incendiary effects and smoke.
  • C-90-CR-BK (M3) - has a tandem warhead precursor for anti-bunker/building fortifications. The warhead pierces the walls and goes through the wall before it explodes inside the interior.
  • C-90-CR-IN (M3) - is a training model with inert warhead.


 El Salvador
  • Indonesian Army. In use with the infantry units and Special Forces. Versions C-90CR antiarmor, C-90-CR-RB (M3), C-90AM antipersonnel and C-90BK bunker buster.
  • Indian Army. In use with the infantry units. C-90-CR-RB (M3) only.
  • Italian Army. In use with Special Forces. Versions C-90CR antiarmor, C-90AM antipersonnel and C-90BK bunker buster.
 Saudi Arabia


  1. ^ the first C90-C and C90-C-AM were 840mm in length; the C90-CR versions increased to 940mm for the larger rocket motor; and the C90-CR(M3) increased the length to 983mm - i.e. showing the increase length with addition of shock-bumpers on the front and rear of the launcher
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