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CA-Realizer was a BASIC-language software development product originally developed by Within Technologies, but first commercially released by Computer Associates, as CA-Realizer 1.0 in 1992. Several versions were released, that provided a version of the BASIC programming language, a Rapid application development tool, including forms building and some powerful built-in components, that was comparable to, and competitive with Microsoft Visual Basic, in its early days. It offered some functionality (like a fairly useful spreadsheet) and cross-platform capability. There were versions for 16-bit Windows 3.1, 32-bit Windows 95, and 32-bit IBM OS/2. The final version was CA-Realizer 3.0, released around 1996.

As MS Visual Basic 4.0, and later continued to advance in functionality, CA-Realizer was left behind, and was quietly retired from CA's product offerings in the late 1990s.