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CAE Phoenix
Main Entrance CAE Global Academy Phoenix.jpg
Motto in English
Your Worldwide Training Partner of Choice
TypeAviation school
Established1991 (1991)[1]
Students400 (in 2011)[2]
Location, ,
United States

33°27′36.48″N 111°43′20.07″W / 33.4601333°N 111.7222417°W / 33.4601333; -111.7222417Coordinates: 33°27′36.48″N 111°43′20.07″W / 33.4601333°N 111.7222417°W / 33.4601333; -111.7222417
CampusFalcon Field Airport
ColoursBlue and Grey   

CAE Phoenix (formerly CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Phoenix, CAE Global Academy Phoenix and Sabena Airline Training Center) (CAE SATC) is an aviation school owned by CAE[3] and located in Mesa[4] at Falcon Field Airport. A former subsidiary of Sabena Flight Academy, the school trains students including those of Air Algérie, SFA, Nationale Luchtvaartschool (NLS), Turkish Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, EVA Air, British Airways, Southwest Airlines, Japan Airlines, jetBlue, American Airlines, Emirates, EasyJet, CityJet, IndiGo, Aeromexico and AirAsia.[5]


In 1991, the Belgian government contracted the École d'aviation civile (aviation civil school) created in 1953 to Sabena. It was first called Belgian Aviation School[6] and then Sabena Air Training Center as a subsidiary of Sabena Flight Academy. The same year, it was decided to carry out practical training in flight in Phoenix because the weather in Arizona allows for flights throughout the year in a high and complex air traffic environment.[1] In 2008, the Phoenix location of the school was acquired by CAE.


The school has a fleet of more than 60 aircraft[7] including 2 Diamond DA20-C1, 21 Diamond DA40, 4 Diamond DA42-L360,[8] 8 Piper Seminole, 60 Piper Archer,[9] 1 Beechcraft 90 and 2 Cessna Citation CJ1-CE525. In addition, the school has 7 simulators: FNPT2, 2 Diamond DA40, 3 Piper Archer, 1 Piper Seminole, and 1 Diamond DA42.


In 2011, the school trained 400 pilots per year and offers European (EASA) and American (FAA) courses. The European students are from the CAE Oxford Aviation Academy schools of Oxford, Brussels, and Amsterdam. The European (EASA) courses train British Airways, Air Algérie, Emirates, EasyJet and self-sponsored cadets. The students of the FAA program are from airline customers like Shenzhen Airlines, Air China Airlines,[10] IndiGo and other private customers. The courses approved by the Federal Aviation Administration enable students to obtain the US licenses of Private pilot, Commercial pilot, instrument rating and flight instructor. Also do they allow FAA cadets to get their 14 CFR High-Altitude and High-performance endorsements. The Multi Crew Pilots License (MPL) Program is currently used by Japan Airlines.[11]

In February 2017, CAE was voted the best Aviation Training Center in Europe.[12]


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