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CAI Networks, Inc.
Industry Telecommunications hardware
Founded 1998
Headquarters Santa Ana, California
Products WebSpray, WebControl, Firesafe

CAI Networks, Inc. is a privately held company providing network products for e-commerce, government, and IT industries. It was established in 1998 and since January 2000 is based in Santa Ana, California. It has engineering offices in the USA, UK, Taiwan, and China.


CAI Networks makes hardware and software: WebSpray, WebControl and Firesafe. CAI Networks first introduced the BAM (burst activity management), MAP (multiple address and port) feature in their products. CAI Networks also made and marketed WebMux and DNSMux load balancers before selling them to AVANU, LLC in August 2012.[1]

BAM feature is a special function allowing the inrush of DNS requests to be distributed to different devices. MAP feature binds multiple addresses and ports as a single service, thus one client will be sent to the same server across all those addresses and ports. MAP feature is useful for making audio or video calls, or in complex database configurations.

In 1999, CAI Networks sponsored open source URL and cookie-based load balancing, also known as KTCPVS.

In 2005, Microsoft selected WebMux to support LCS Local Communication Servers software.

In 2007, Oracle certified WebMux for Application Server 10G.

In 2010, CAI Networks's WebMux provided games contents delivery for Asia Games. During the games, WebMux was able to deliver peak 9 GB/s network traffic.


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