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The Information Society and Cultural Diversity at the Caribbean (CARDICIS) is a response to the Caribbean's demonstrated lag in activities and outcomes linked with policies and application of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for development (ICT4D) as compared with Latin America and Africa. The presence and the influence of this region in the discussions of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) have been below expectations of regional governments, non-governmental organization (NGOs), and activists. The Caribbean has a particular difficulty in speaking with one voice in this and other contexts.

Eighteen months prior to the CARDICIS meeting of August 30 to September 1, 2004, there was an intensification of activities (in particular a meeting in Barbados organised by Institute for Connectivity in the Americas (ICA), and thanks to the electronic discussion group CIVIC which came out of that meeting). The European Union was also involved. ICA Caribbean was putting in place projects generated by its preceding call for proposals; Funredes is involved in one of these which is to support the process of virtual integration in CIVIC.

CARDICIS 2004[edit]

The CARDICIS meeting of 2004 was held in Castries, St. Lucia, and brought together a diverse group of people involved in ICT throughout the Caribbean together. Translation and interpreters were provided by APEC University, of the Dominican Republic, Université Quisqueya of Haiti and SALCC and Education Ministry of St. Lucia.

Agence Intergouvernementale de la Francophonie sponsored the conference, while Funredes designed and implemented the meeting itself with the support of the Latin Union and the Acceso Foundation.

The lecturers were:

The Wikipedia entry on CARDICIS is considered an output document of CARDICIS 2004, and a bridge to CARDICIS 2005, which is in development.

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