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Current leaders[edit]

CARICOM past leaders[edit]

Only those persons who have been leaders since their country became a member of CARICOM are listed. The leaders are listed in order of their terms, with leaders serving twice only being listed in order of their first term:


Each of the regional leaders have been relegated to a specific task to oversee, in the capacity of a CARICOM quasi-cabinet. Once work on a specific subject area is completed, that information is transmitted to the other CARICOM Heads of Government and then a process of implementation is carried out by the governments in other member states.

These are some of the areas which have been assigned: (both officially and by national special interest.)

  •  Antigua and Barbuda ... Lead Head of Government for Services (including Information Technology and Telecommunications)
  •  Bahamas ... Lead Head of Government for Tourism
  •  Barbados ... Lead Head of Government for the CSME (including Monetary Union)
  •  Belize ... Lead Head of Government for Sustainable Development (including Environment and Disaster Management)
  •  Dominica ... Lead Head of Government for Labour (including intra-Community movement of skills)
  •  Grenada ... Lead Head of Government for Science and Technology
  •  Guyana ... Lead Head of Government for Agriculture
  •  Haiti ... Lead Head of Government for Transport (Maritime and Aviation)
  •  Jamaica ... Lead Head of Government for External Negotiations/Foreign Relations
  •  Montserrat ... Will work closely with Belize in Disaster Management
  •  Saint Kitts and Nevis ... Head of Government for Health, Human Resources and HIV/AIDS
  •  Saint Lucia ... Lead Head of Government for Justice and Governance
  •  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines ... Lead Head of Government for Air Transportation; and Banana trade issues
  •  Suriname ... Lead Head of Government for Community Development and Cultural Cooperation
  •  Trinidad and Tobago ... Lead Head of Government for Crime and Security; and Energy Policy


  1. ^ Staff writer. "URGENT-BARBADOS-DEATH-Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson is dead". Caribbean News Agency (CANA). Retrieved 23 October 2010. Deputy Prime Minister Freundel Stuart notified members of the Cabinet of the prime minister’s death during the early hours of Saturday. 


  1. Note that for Guyana only the past Presidents are listed. In most instances the past Presidents of Guyana since it joined CARICOM were also past Prime Ministers at some point. Only Arthur Chung and Cheddi Jagan have never been Prime Ministers. Prime Ministers of Guyana (since it joined CARICOM) that were never Presidents at some point were Ptolemy Reid and Hamilton Green.
  2. The head of the interim government in Haiti, which was installed under controversial circumstances had been suspended, (as of 2004) from the councils of the Caribbean Community and was not recognized as the legitimate government, hence its leaders aren't listed.

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