CART Precision Racing

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CART Precision Racing
CART Precision Racing cover.jpg
Developer(s) Terminal Reality
Publisher(s) Microsoft Game Studios
Producer(s) Mark Randel
Greg Seehusen
Platform(s) Windows 95
Release date(s)
  • NA November, 1997
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer

CART Precision Racing is a racing video game developed by Terminal Reality and published by Microsoft Game Studios for Windows 95. It was based on the defunct Champ Car World Series (Formerly called CART, merged with the Indy Racing League). It was released in 1997 containing the cars and tracks from the 1997 CART season. During development its codename was "IndyCar", and it was probably renamed to CART Precision Racing when CART agreed with the Indy Racing League to give up the use of the "IndyCar" mark following the 1996 season.


Non-tobacco/alcohol changes[edit]

  • Al Unser Jr.'s and Paul Tracy's cars have the red section colored white (same thing happened to Uner Jr.'s helmet) and the Marlboro logos replaced by PENSKE
  • Adrian Fernandez' car has the Tecate logo replaced by the natural color of the car.
  • Bobby Rahal's car has the Miller Lite logo replaced by the natural color of the car.
  • Mauricio Gugelmin's car has its Hollywood logo replaced by the natural color of the car.
  • Patric Racing's cars have their Brahma logos replaced by the natural color of the cars.


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