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CASAR Drahtseilwerk Saar GmbH is a Wire rope producing company based in Kirkel, Germany. CASAR develops, produces and distributes Special Wire Ropes for cranes and other lifting devices. CASAR has 380 employees. The production capacity is 18.000ts (2007).


The company CASAR Drahtseilwerk Saar was founded in 1948 by consul Joseph Verreet . CASAR is an abbreviation for the French term ’Câblerie Sarroise’. CASAR produced the first 8-strand ropes already in 1949 - in a time, where six-strand-ropes have been usual. CASAR became one of the leading manufacturer of Special Wire Ropes. The ’Space Mountain’ at EuroDisney for example works with a special designed wire rope from CASAR.

On the OIPEEC mining conference in Athens, 2006, CASAR presented a new solution to decrease the weight of wire ropes, by using composite ropes.[1] In 2007, again on the OIPEEC, CASAR presented their results of this new developed rope, which shows interesting results.

Since 2007 CASAR is part of WireCo WorldGroup, former WRCA.[2][3]

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