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Role UAV
National origin China
Manufacturer CASIC
Designer CASIC
First flight early 2010s
Introduction early 2010s
Status In service
Primary user China

CASIC HW series UAVs are Chinese UAVs developed by 3rd Academy Hiwing (or HW for short, 海鹰in Chinese) of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), and this academy is also more commonly known as HiWING Mechanical and Electrical Technology Corp, (海鹰机电技术研究院, the exact literal translation of its Chinese name is actually Sea Eagle Mechanical and Electrical Technology Research Academy) or HiWING for short.

HW-100 series[edit]

HW-200 series[edit]

HW-300 series[edit]


HW-510 is a fixed wing UAV in twin boom layout with high wing configuration and winglets. Propulsion is provided by a two-blade propeller driven pusher engine mounted at the rea end of the fuselage, to which the tricycle landing gear is installed. Specification:[1]

  • Length (m): 5.6
  • Wingspan (m): 8
  • Take-off weight (kg): 350
  • Payload (kg): 70
  • Propulsion: piston engine
  • Speed (km/hr): 140 – 180
  • Endurance *hr): 12
  • Radius control radius (km): 150
  • Ceiling (km): 5
  • Launch: taxiing
  • Recovery: taxiing or parachute
  • Max wind scale allowed for operation: 7

HW-600 series[edit]


CASIC HW-800 is a very little known UAV currently under development by CASIC. Very little information about this UAV is released, and the only information about HW-800 confirmed by CASIC is that it is a fixed wing UAV according to CASIC website.[2]

HW-X100 series[edit]


HW-X200 is another very little known UAV currently under development by HiWING. Like HW-X100 Soar Cloud, HW-X200 is also jointly developed by HiWING and other Chinese establishments, but as with HW-X100, exactly which one is not revealed, and neither do the parameters of HW-X200. The existence of HW-X200 is revealed to public at the end of 2012 when CASIC announced it was one of the six UAVs under development by CASIC.[3]

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