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Orphaned articles
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Please add articles to this category by using {{Orphan}}.

These articles have very few or no incoming links. They are placed in this category by the {{Orphan}} template, with the optional parameter of the date, e.g. {{Orphan|date=February 2018}}. Using the att= parameter places the article instead in Category:Attempted de-orphan, which is included in this category as a sub-category.

For how to properly de-orphan an article, and for the orphan criteria, see Wikipedia:Orphan, as well as the Orphanage WikiProject.

This category is for orphaned articles only. For orphaned images, please see:

Note that the bot Addbot started tagging orphans in February 2009, which accounts for the large number of orphans tagged that month.
As of January 2013 Addbot resumed untagging pages that were no longer orphaned so this category is up to date. BattyBot and Yobot also untag pages that are no longer orphaned.



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