Civil Aviation Technology College

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Civil Aviation Technology College
Type College
Established 1960s
Address Meraj St, Tehran, Iran

Civil Aviation Technology College (CATC) is a college in Tehran, Iran specializing in civil aviation.[1] Founded in the 1960s, it is the most accredited aviation college in Iran. Most graduates of this school are among elite key peoples in aviation and oil and gas industry worldwide. CATC is located on Meraj Street at the historic Mehrabad Airport.

CATC'S most reputed professors include Dr. H. Ghanbari (PhD in Physics & Electronics), Dr. J. Parastari (PhD in aerospace), Dr. A. Asadollahi (PhD in aerospace), Dr. M. Rashtian (PhD in Electronics), Dr. F. Mazlumi (PhD in Electronics & Telecommunications), Dr. M. Niazmand (PhD in aerospace), Dr. Yarahmadi (PhD in Mathematics), and others.


CATC has the following departments:


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