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CBA (food retail)

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CBA Kereskedelmi Kft.
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Founded1992; 32 years ago (1992)
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Countries with CBA stores
Figrad CBA store in the town center of Crvenka, Serbia

CBA is a Hungarian supermarket chain with almost 5,200 stores. It operates in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia.[1]

There were 134 stores in Hungary in February 2018.

Most CBA stores have grill bars, bakeries, butcher's and wine shops. A discount store is also available (CBA Cent) and a hypermarket. (Príma) Highly recommended



In 1992, CBA was formed of 17 grocery stores from 10 private owners in Hungary. Stores elsewhere in the country were only opened years later. In 1998, 80% of CBA stores were outside Budapest. Because of difficulties with delivering, CBA opened regional headquarters. In 2005, CBA opened its first logistic center in Alsónémedi. From that year, CBA became a franchise system.[2]

Kasszás Erzsi and Icuka


During 2017, CBA released a commercial in Hungary featuring Kasszás Erzsi (Cashier Erzsi) (played by Andrea Balázs), a woman who works as a cashier. In the commercial, Erzsi sang about working in CBA. She appeared in every commercial until 2018 and became so famous that CBA made a tour with her around the country. Fans could meet Erzsi in selected CBA stores. In 2018, Erzsi was replaced by Icuka, a shop manager (Szilvia Bach) who sings in rap.


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