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CBC Radio Overnight is a Canadian radio program, which airs nightly on CBC Radio One from 1 a.m. to 5:30 or 6 a.m. (depending on the station).[1] The program airs only on CBC Radio One's regional outlets; it does not air on the nationwide Sirius XM Satellite Radio service.

The program, hosted by Jeff Goodes, presents a variety of information programs from international broadcasters around the world. At the top of each hour, a regular CBC news update is aired, lasting four and a half minutes. Previous hosts of the program included Cathy Haag, Bernie MacNamee and Pep Philpott.


The program premiered on May 1, 1995, with its programs sourced from the new World Radio Network.[2] Prior to the program's launch, CBC Radio One signed off during the overnight hours.[3] It had briefly experimented with a 24-hour schedule beginning in January 1991, with overnight programming consisting of repeats of its daytime programming, but this was discontinued by June of that year.[4]

CBC Radio Overnight may however be preempted in some markets when the CBC needs to temporarily shut down a local transmitter for maintenance, as overnight transmitter repairs are less disruptive than a daytime shutdown.[5]


Broadcasters whose programming has aired on Overnight included Radio Netherlands, Radio Sweden, Radio Australia, Radio Prague, BBC World Service, Deutsche Welle, Polish Radio External Service, Radio Romania International, and KBS World Radio.[1]

On October 27, 2009, CBC changed the program's schedule, with all programming on weeknights coming from the BBC World Service and Radio Canada International; with the dissolution of Radio Canada International in 2012, The Link was replaced with Public Radio International's The World and a repeat airing of the previous day's edition of CBC Radio's morning show The Current; beginning in 2013, the program added content from Monocle 24. The remainder of the evening is filled with programs from Australia's ABC Radio National and the BBC World Service; some programming from RTÉ Radio 1 and Deutsche Welle also airs on weekends.


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