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The CBF Rankings are football rankings produced by the CBF, the Brazilian Football Confederation. The Ranking Nacional de Federações determines how many berths each state federation receives in Copa do Brasil, Campeonato Brasileiro Série D, Copa do Nordeste and Copa Verde.[1][2][3][4][5] The Ranking Nacional de Clubes is a ranking of clubs and is used to determine the extra participants of Copa do Brasil as well as the allocation of clubs in the pots for the draws of Copa do Brasil and Copa do Nordeste.[6][7][8]

Criteria for awarding points[edit]

The current criteria were introduced in 2012 and only consider results from the last five years. The obtained points from the current year were multiplied by 5, from last year by 4 and so on.[9]

Points for Campeonato Brasileiro[edit]

Place Points
1 100
2 80
3 75
4 70
5 69
... ..
23 51
24-... 51
Division Coefficient
A 8
B 4
C 2
D 1

Points for Copa do Brasil[edit]

Phase Points
champions 600
runners-up 480
semi-finalists 450
quarter-finalists 400
Round of 16 200
3rd round 100
2nd round 50
1st round 25
preliminary round 10

Note: A preliminary round was played in 2013 and 2014 editions and will be played for the last time in the 2015 edition of Copa do Brasil.

Points for participants of Copa Libertadores up to 2012[edit]

Phase Points
participants 400

Note: Up to 2012 clubs taking part of Copa Libertadores could not participate of Copa do Brasil of the same year.

Points for the champion of Copa Sudamericana from 2013[edit]

Phase Points
champions 280

Note: The Copa Sudamericana champions automatically qualifies to the next year edition of the competition, being unable to take part of the next edition of Copa do Brasil.

Current Ranking[edit]

Last uptadate: December 2014[10]

Current State Ranking[edit]

Last uptadate: December 2014[11]