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CBM Bethel Hospital Vuyyuru
Bethel Hospital
Motto With love serve one another.
Established 1906
President Dr. Sheila Thangaraj (Chairperson of the COCH)
Director Dr. P.David Suvarna Raju
Location Vuyyuru 521 165,
Krishna District
Andhra Pradesh
, India
16°21′48″N 80°50′57″E / 16.36333°N 80.84917°E / 16.36333; 80.84917
Campus Rural
Website Canadian Baptist Ministries

CBM Bethel Hospital in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India, was founded in 1906[1] by missionaries of the Canadian Baptist Mission. It is perhaps the oldest in the region.[2] The hospital is a participating member of the Council of Christian Hospitals, a regulatory body in India for the medical mission of the Canadian Baptist Mission.

The CBM Bethel Hospital is located in Vuyyuru, a town between Vijayawada and Machilipatnam on NH-9.


Missionaries of the Canadian Baptist Mission led by Rev. A. V. Timpany and Rev. John McLaurin began arriving in India in 1868.[3]

In 1904, Dr. Gertrude Hulet[4] arrived in Vuyyuru and opened a dispensary[5] in 1906.[3] The foundation of the present hospital structure was laid by the Krishna district collector in 1923.[6]



What started as a clinic in 1904[clarification needed] soon developed into a large hospital, taking care of the ailing in coastal parts of Krishna district. A number of wards, case rooms and operating rooms were built.[7] By 1955 the hospital became a general hospital.[6]


Evelyn Eaton started a midwifery training course in 1941 and, by 1956, it became an Auxiliary Nurse Midwives course.[6] More than 500 nurses have graduated from this school.[citation needed]


The Chapel was built in memory of Dr. Hulet in 1957.


The Hospital also networks with the Christian Medical College, Vellore[9]

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