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This article is about the film production company. For the former television syndication firm, CBS Films Inc., see Viacom (original).
CBS Films Inc.
Division of CBS Corporation[1]
Industry Motion Pictures
Predecessor CBS Theatrical Films
Founded March 2007[2]
Founder Leslie Moonves[1]
Headquarters Brentwood, Los Angeles[1], United States
Key people
Terry Press (President)
Products Films
Owner National Amusements
Number of employees
26 (2014)[3]
Parent CBS Corporation

CBS Films is an American film production and distribution company founded in 2007 as a division of CBS Corporation[3] and is considered a mini-major studio.[4]

CBS Films will distribute, develop and produce four to six $50 million budget movies a year.[2]


CBS made a brief move into film production in 1967, creating Cinema Center Films[5] and closed in 1972 as an unprofitable unit.[6] In 1979 CBS launched a new theatrical films division, which was officially named CBS Theatrical Films the following year.[7] While this was in operation, CBS entered into a joint venture with Columbia Pictures and HBO called Tri-Star Pictures.[8] CBS eventually dropped out of the venture in 1985,[9] and CBS Theatrical Films came to an end that same year.[10] In 2000, CBS was bought by Viacom, which also owned Paramount Pictures.[citation needed]

Company history[edit]

In March 2007, following the 2006 split from Viacom and Paramount, CBS Corp. launched CBS Films with the hiring of Bruce Tobey as head of business affairs, legal, finance and video distribution. Amy Baer was hired in September 2007 as president and CEO for CBS Films.[2] With CBS owning a cable movie channel, this division was created to make content for the channel.[3] On November 17, 2009, CBS signed with Sony Pictures for a three-year deal for international distribution.[11][12]

The studio's launch seemed to well timed to its executives with the closure or restructuring of many film studios including the formerly prominent Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Miramax Films and Warner Independent Pictures. Also that CBS will be able to well market its films with all its parent corporation's advertising channels from broadcast to billboards.[1]

The studio released its first film, Extraordinary Measures, on January 22, 2010[1] and flopped. CBS Films released its second film, a romantic comedy The Back-up Plan, in April 2010 with so-so results. Opening over the five-day Thanksgiving weekend, Faster, its third film and the Dwayne Johnson action flick, was weak at the box office with a $12 million start.[13] In August, the company purchased distribution rights for the first time for the remake movie, The Mechanic.[14] CBS moved to replace Bruce Tobey, chief operations officer, with Wolfgang Hammer in November 2010.[13]

After releasing five films and only one gross over $30 million, CBS Films's revenue are lower than expected. Effectively after its March 2011 release, CBS halts its film slate and moves to acquire films at film festivals. Baer also is released after the ended of her contract in October with a trio of senior executives left to head up the division.[15]

On April 23, 2012, CBS Films named Hammer and Terry Press Co-Presidents. Press, who had been consulting for the studio since 2010, oversees creative, distribution, marketing and physical production. Hammer will oversees all business, finance, legal affairs and acquisitions, including financed, co-financed and completed projects for the division.[16] Hammer moved CBS Films into becoming a major film acquisition mover thus allowing internal projects to development more. CBS's highest profile purchase was $4 million for Inside Llewyn Davis which won Cannes' Grand Prix and nominations for two Academy and 3 Golden Globe awards.[17]

In July 2014, Hammer moved from being co-president to being a consultant for digital.[17]

In 2015, Lionsgate will take over CBS Films' distribution functions.[18]


The pay-cable rights to the new CBS Films' library are held by CBS's premium cable networks Showtime and The Movie Channel.[2] Sony Pictures also has foreign theatrical and home entertainment distribution rights for all CBS Films products.[11]

Release Date Title Notes Budget Gross (worldwide)
January 22, 2010 Extraordinary Measures $30 million $15,134,168
April 23, 2010 The Back-up Plan $35 million $77,477,008
November 24, 2010 Faster co-production with TriStar Pictures and Castle Rock Entertainment $24 million $35,542,923
January 28, 2011 The Mechanic co-production with Millennium Films $40 million $51,070,807
March 4, 2011 Beastly $17 million $28,834,009
February 3, 2012 The Woman in Black US distribution only, produced by Hammer Pictures, UK Film Council, Alliance Films, Exclusive Media Group and Cross Creek Pictures $13 million $127,730,736
March 9, 2012 Salmon Fishing in the Yemen US distribution only, produced by Lionsgate Films, UK Film Council and BBC Films $14.5 million $34,564,651
September 7, 2012 The Words $6 million $13,231,461
October 12, 2012 Seven Psychopaths co-production with the British Film Institute, Blueprint Pictures and Film4 Productions $15 million $23,492,318
March 1, 2013 The Last Exorcism Part II co-production with StudioCanal and Strike Entertainment $5 million $15,179,302
May 31, 2013 The Kings of Summer co-production with Big Beach Films n/a $1,315,590
July 26, 2013 The To Do List $1.5 million $3,883,704
November 1, 2013 Last Vegas co-production with Good Universe; international distribution was held by Universal Studios $28 million $134,402,450
December 6, 2013 Inside Llewyn Davis US distribution only, produced by StudioCanal $11 million $13+ million[17]
April 4, 2014 Afflicted co-production with Entertainment One and IM Global
April 25, 2014 Gambit US home video distribution only[19]
August 15, 2014 What If US distribution only, produced by Entertainment One and Telefilm Canada
September 26, 2014 Pride US distribution only, co-production with 20th Century Fox, BBC Films, British Film Institute, Canal+, Ciné+, Ingenious Media and Pathé
February 20, 2015 The Duff Co-production with Wonderland Sound and Vision
November 13, 2015 Love the Coopers Co-production with Lionsgate Films, Imagine Entertainment, Groundswell Productions, and Handwritten Films


Title Release Date Notes Budget Gross (worldwide)
Get a Job March 25, 2016 co-production and distribution with Lionsgate Premiere
Flight 7500[20] April 12, 2016 co-distribution with Lionsgate
Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life October 7, 2016 co-production and distribution
Comancheria TBA
The Sense of an Ending TBA
The Keep[21] TBA
Who Gets Bob?[22][23] TBA
Freaky Monday[24] TBA Co-production with Gunn Films
Sleeper Spy[25] TBA
Gunsmoke TBA
It Takes a Village[26] TBA Co-production with TriStar Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures
Consent to Kill[27] TBA
Ends of the Earth TBA Co-production with Automatik Entertainment and Téléfilm Canada
Deus Ex: Human Revolution[28] TBA Co-production with Square Enix and Eidos Montreal
Legend TBA

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