CB Ciudad de Huelva

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Ciudad de Huelva
Ciudad de Huelva logo
ArenaPalacio de los Deportes de Huelva
LocationHuelva, Andalucia
Team colorsWhite
PresidentFrancisco Bayo
Vice-president(s)Manuel Dávila
Championships1 LEB Championship

Club Baloncesto Ciudad de Huelva was a professional basketball team based in Huelva, Andalucia. The last season, (2007–08) the team played in LEB Oro.


CB Ciudad de Huelva was founded in 1996. In their first season, they win the LEB League and they are promoted to the 1996-97 ACB League. They only play one year and they are relegated in they play-out.

Ciudad de Huelva continues playing in LEB until 2008, year where they disappear due to the enormous debts.[1] The club was immediately replaced by the new creation CD Huelva Baloncesto.

Season by season[edit]

Season Tier Division Pos. W–L Other cups
1996–97 2 LEB 1st 24–13 Copa Príncipe 3rd
1997–98 1 Liga ACB 17th 11–28
1998–99 2 LEB 9th 12–17
1999–00 2 LEB 14th 9–21
2000–01 2 LEB 7th 17–17
2001–02 2 LEB 6th 18–17
2002–03 2 LEB 15th[a] 13–22
2003–04 2 LEB 8th 19–20
2004–05 2 LEB 4th 27–16 Copa Príncipe SF
2005–06 2 LEB 16th 16–21
2006–07 2 LEB 4th 21–20
2007–08 2 LEB Oro 12th 14–20
  1. ^ Remained in the league after achieving a vacant berth.

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