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Club Baloncesto Salamanca
Club Baloncesto Salamanca logo
ArenaPabellón de Wurzburg
(capacity: 5,000)
Castile and Lion
Team colorsOrange and navy

Club Baloncesto Salamanca was a professional basketball club based in Salamanca, Spain.


CB Salamanca was founded in 1993 after buying the spot in 1ª División (Spanish second league) to Askatuak SBT. On its first year, the team promoted to Liga ACB as runner-up of the league.

Salamanca played two season in Liga ACB. In the first one, 1994–95, the team finished in the 16th position and in the second one was 9th and qualified to play the Korać Cup. Due to financial problems, in summer 1996 CB Salamanca sold its berths of Liga ACB and Korać Cup to CB Granada and the team was dissolved.

Season by season[edit]

Season Tier Division Pos. W–L
1993–94 2 1ª División 2nd 26–15
1994–95 1 Liga ACB 16th 17–21
1995–96 1 Liga ACB 9th[a] 19–19
  1. ^ Sold the ACB and the Korać Cup berths to CB Granada.

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