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CCG Profiles
Developer(s) CCG
Stable release
Operating system Windows
Type CAD
License Proprietary

CCG Profiles is software for designing joinery constructions for windows and doors industry.


The first version was released in 1995 – named Alumin, as a software for design and calculation of aluminium constructions for Windows. In 1999 the software was renamed Profiles and it was redesigned, in order to calculate PVC and timber constructions.


Profiles covers a large part of the activity of companies engaged in manufacturing of aluminium, PVC and timber joinery. Basic components: drawing, offering, optimization, materials, store.


With Profiles, constructions with varying levels of complexity can be designed: windows, doors, balcony doors, hanging facades, commercial shop fronts, constructions with unlimited number of wings, sliding constructions, arches, trapezoids etc.

At every stage of the working process, CCG Profiles allows change of the construction parameters: dimensions, roundings, bevels, beams position, width of the wings.


The software automatically calculates all materials required for the manufacturing process: profiles, accessories, hardware, glazing; window-sills, rolling blinds, insect screens; length of the arc and bending radius of arches.

CCG Profiles generates a wide range of reports, including: cost price, specification, Bill Of Materials, cutting scheme, glass-packs, arcs, hardware, accessories.


CCG Profiles uses user-defined formulae to calculate the total cost, discounts, services.

Data Bases[edit]

The software works with all systems aluminium, PVC, timber profiles, and has no limits to its scope in the use of databases. Profiles has built-in sample databases of some profile systems — Altest, Blick, Etem, Europa, Exalco, Kommerling, Profilink, Thyssen, Trocal, Veka, Winhouse etc.


Settings and restrictions for the work with Profiles are included in the separate programming module - Admin. They allow the users to select a working language, select a database system, select export to automatic circular-saws, Import/Export capabilities.

Reviews and awards[edit]

At the 62nd International Fair Plovdiv, 2006, the program CCG Profiles was awarded a golden medal.[1] Articles for the program were published in the Bulgarian magazine AMS Aspects[2] and the Serbian one Aluminium & PVC magazin.[3] According to an unofficial data, CCG Profiles is one of the most popular software for windows & doors industry in Bulgaria, and a large number of companies – manufacturers and suppliers of profile systems (Etem, Blick, Veka, Weiss Profil, Exalco, Profilink, Altest, Profilko, Roplasto) offer the software product to its customers.


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