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IndustryBusiness software and publishing
Headquarters2700 Lake Cook Road, Riverwoods, Illinois, United States
Key people
Karen Abramson (CEO)
Number of employees
ParentWolters Kluwer

CCH, formerly Commerce Clearing House, is a provider of software and information services for tax, accounting and audit workers. Since 1995 it is a subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer.


CCH has been publishing materials on U.S. tax law and tax compliance since the inception of the modern U.S. federal income tax in 1913.[1] Wolters Kluwer bought the company in 1995.[2]

Today, the company is also recognized[3] for its software and integrated workflow tools. CCH operates on a global scale and includes operations in the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Canada.

Case law reporters[edit]

The following is a list of case law reporters published by CCH:

  • Bankruptcy Law Reporter (Bankr. L. Rep.)
  • Copyright Law Reporter (Copy. L. Rep.)
  • Employment Practice Decisions (Empl. Prac. Dec.)
  • Federal Contracting Cases (Cont. Cas. Fed.)
  • Federal Securities Law Reporter (Fed. Sec. L. Rep.)
  • Labor Cases (Lab. Cas.)
  • Products Liability Reporter (Prod. Liab. Rep.)
  • Trade Cases (Trade Cas.)
  • U.S. Tax Cases (U.S. Tax Cas.)
  • Unemployment Insurance Reporter (Unemployment Ins. Rep.)


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