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CCI Europe is a software company based in Aarhus, Denmark that publishes newspaper production suites such as CCI Newsdesk, CCI NewsGate, CCI AdDesk Sales and CCI AdDesk Production. Its products are used around the world. Clients in the United States include The Oklahoman, the San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today and other Gannett newspapers, the Chicago Tribune, The Columbus Dispatch, The New York Times, among many others. In Denmark, it is used by the Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten. In Canada, it is used by The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star and The Chronicle Herald. In India, the venerable English daily, The Hindu has been using the software for several years. Another leading newspaper, The Times of India has also implemented the software and is soon to run fully in CCI. In Latin America it is also used by the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio. In Australia the regional newspaper publisher APN News & Media uses CCI products for most of their papers.

CCI NewsDesk and CCI NewsGate uses an Oracle database to allow reporters, editors and graphic designers to work on content at the same time. NewsDesk combines elements of Microsoft Word and a proprietary pagination program called CCI Layout Champ, although newer versions of the software can work with Adobe InDesign. Newsdesk also integrates with programs for tracking and formatting advertisements. NewsDesk runs in a client-server based environment. Both PC and Macintosh is supported as clients and the servers either run Solaris, AIX or Linux.

NewsGate is an XML-based content management system that allows content to be created for, and reused in a number of products and media.

The company was founded by Stibo A/S, a Danish printing company in 1979.[1]


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