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Launched September 10, 2009
Country People's Republic of China
Language Russian language
Headquarters Beijing, China
Website CCTV-Pусский
Streaming media

CCTV International Russian (Chinese: 中国中央电视台俄语国际频道 Zhōngguó zhōngyāng diànshìtái Éyǔ guójì píndào; often shorted as CCTV-Pусский) is a Russian language international news, entertainment, and education television channel which is owned by China Central Television.


The Russian-language channel was launched on September 10, 2009 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Beijing and Moscow. CCTV Russian is broadcast through Chinasat 6B and EB-9A, which cover the Asian-Pacific Region, Middle East and Europe. The channel is aimed about 300 million viewers in 12 Commonwealth of Independent States members, Eastern Europe and three Baltic Sea nations.[1]


The channel broadcasts entirely in Russian, with 16 programs in the form of news, feature stories, entertainment and educational programs. Its daily schedule consists of 6-hour blocks. News broadcasts will be updated more often, while all feature programs air four times daily.[1]

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